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Halloween Costume Ideas for the Whole Family


April 1, 2021

With September in our rearview and summer merely a distant memory, only one thing is on our minds…Halloween! 

Halloween is a great holiday at all stages of life. As a kid, it’s all about the costumes and candy. As a young adult, it’s all about the college parties and bar crawls. But the holiday is also really a special time for young families, as they get to dress up the whole squad in coordinated costumes before the kids are too old to think it’s corny. It’s a sacred time when dads can dress up as a zombie without the kids worrying about being embarrassed in front of their friends. 

Let’s take a look at some group costumes perfect for parents and young kids:

Super Hero Teams

Family Superhero costume

Comic book superheroes have dominated the pop-culture landscape for over a decade, and it is clear now that it’s not a fad–the geeks have indeed won. Rather than fighting this battle, Halloween is the perfect time to join in on the fun. Dress up your family like the Avengers, Justice League, X-Men or Fantastic Four for some great costumes that will be instantly recognizable to people of all ages. 

If you want to go a little deeper and really impress “comic book people” you can do costumes based on TV shows like Arrow (who wouldn’t love a mini-Oliver Queen?), or use more obscure characters, like Doom Patrol or Guardians of the Galaxy. 


TMNT family costume

Between Cartoon Network, Adult Swim, Fox’s Animation Sunday, Comedy Central, and the constant stream of animation available online, cartoons have far outgrown their traditional Saturday morning time slots. Cartoons are now regular viewing for people of all ages. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, The Simpsons, Family Guy, Teen Titans, and Doc McStuffins are all shows with ensemble casts and characters that make great costumes for both parents and kids. 

If current cartoons aren’t your thing, dress up as characters from the classics, such as Looney Toons, Rugrats, or GI Joe. This will be a fun way to introduce something from your childhood into your kid’s life.


The Incredibles Family costume

We are living in the era of team-up movies–The Avengers, The Expendables, Batman vs. Superman, Ocean’s 11, Suicide Squad, the list goes on. Dressing up as one of these great ensemble casts is a great way to commemorate a family favorite movie. You’ll also get to take pictures everyone will look back upon fondly. 

Sport Costumes

Family sports costumes

If rooting for the home team runs in the family, why not dress up like each person’s favorite player? Mimicking player’s trademark facial hair, hair style, or other distinguishing characteristics will make the costumes more fun.  This is one family costume that ends up being pretty affordable because most of the jerseys, hats, or sneakers needed for the costumes can be worn the rest of the year to cheer on the team.

Video Games

Video games often get blamed for problems ranging from obesity to poor social skills, but the critics often leave out the cross generational appeal of games. Video games allow parents and children to connect and play together as the child matures beyond typical toys. Games like Super Mario Brothers, The Legend of Zelda, and Sonic the Hedgehog have been around for decades and continue to be popular among gamers of all ages. 

These games all have characters and mythology that is as much a part of our culture as any great movie or TV series released in the last twenty-five years. They make perfect inspiration for family costumes. The most popular characters (Mario, Donkey Kong, etc.) have costumes available everywhere, but going more unique with a homemade costume of an obscure sidekick or enemy is also a cool way to endear your family to hardcore gamers. 

Coordinated Halloween costumes can be a great way to bring the family together over shared loved for classic characters and create some long lasting memories. Just make sure to do it before the kids are too old to look forward to dressing like their parents! 

Angelo Gingerelli is a New Jersey native, stand-up comic, streetwear enthusiast, and avid hip-hop fan.  He has been writing for various publications since 2009 and currently contributes to Pop-Break.com, FifthRoundMovement.com and Rush Order Tees. Learn more about Angelo on his website and on Twitter @Mr5thRound.


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