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The Only Golf Gift Guide You Will Ever Need

Kyle Greco

March 24, 2021

Do you have a golf fanatic in your group of friends or in your family? If you do, you’ve probably experienced something like this when giving them a gift: they open their present, look at it, and give a response along the lines of “oh…that’s great! Thanks! “ but the look on their face says, “I wish you had bought me something golf-related!

I can’t blame you for shying away from buying them new golf gear, even if it is their favorite thing in the world. There’s a bit of an intimidation factor, knowledge-wise, when it comes to picking out the right golf gift. 

Fortunately, I’m here to help you wade through the endless options and reams of jargon to help you find the perfect gift for the golfing fiend in your life. Let’s get started!

For Practice

Your golfer isn’t what you might describe as “casual.” No, they always seem to be tweaking their swing. Or they’ll jump at any chance to incorporate golf into a conversation. And they’re one of the chosen few who actually understand what the commentators on The Golf Channel are saying.

This is the type of person who always wants to take their game to the next level– and the only way to do that is with practice. These gifts will help them improve their handicap, regardless of how often they get to tee up on a real course.

Foam Golf Balls

Every golfer who’s tried to hit a real ball in their own backyard knows what a bad idea it is. It’s basically a broken window waiting to happen, and who wants their golf budget to go towards fixing someone else’s window?

Foam golf balls are the better option. They’re soft and fly a fraction of the distance, making them perfect for practicing in close quarters. There are several different types of foam practice golf balls on the market, coming in different weights and designs. Some offer the flight and spin of a real golf ball, while others are made simply to help you get your swings in.


Unique ball designs, like this soccer-themed one, can make for a perfect gift.


For the golfer who practices outside, look for practice balls made of hard foam with a dimple pattern. Hitting these produces spin similar to what you’d get on a real golf ball, which means the person practicing their swing can adjust accordingly.

For those who just need something to bang around the house, opt for softer practice balls. Ones without dimples won’t be able to offer the golfer feedback (i.e. a true sense of flight path), but they’re great for hitting against a wall, or making a chip n’ putt course out of your living room.  

Golf Nets

Going to the driving range is a fun time for most golfers (maybe not Charles Barkley). But it can also get expensive. And there aren’t too many driving ranges open at odd hours, which can be a hinderance if the person you’re giving to is an early bird or a night owl.

That’s why it’s a good idea to get them a hitting net. This allows them to swing at a real ball with full power, without having to worry about causing damage or retrieving the ball. Plus, they’re easy to set up and break down, making it a breeze to keep around the house.

A chipping net is another good gift idea. These nets are smaller than hitting net, and act as target practice for golfer who need to shore up their short game. Many come with several different types 

Golf Simulator

If your golfer is celebrating something special, like a milestone birthday or retirement, it might be a good time to go all-out. Golf simulators are expensive, but if you have the budget, and the person in question has the indoor space, it will definitely make a memorable gift.

Golf simulators turn practice into a video game. Sensors track the spin and velocity of every shot, giving players the feedback they need to perfect their swing. Some of these rigs used to cost $20,000, easily. Nowadays, the average price is in the 5-10K range, with an increasing number of more affordable options from brands like Optishot

If you really weren’t expecting that price, don’t worry– there’s a more affordable option. It won’t emulate a full game of golf, but a putting mat is a great option for the golfer that’s short on space and needs to stop three-putting every hole.

For The Course

Every golfer has a different approach to actually getting a round in. Some treat every outing as their personal Masters: a time to shine and make history in their own minds.

Others see it as a good opportunity to relax, have a few beers, and quadruple-bogey without care. A third group knows it’s their time to make a few bucks off of their friends, but never mind that. No matter what kind of golfer they are, your gift recipient wants to make the most of their experience every time they step out onto the green. These are the gifts that will help them do just that.

Golfer’s Tools

You may not realize it, but playing golf requires more than just clubs, tees, and balls. Inside of that golf bag could be any number of interesting gadgets to solve a variety of problems on the course. 

A divot tool allows the golfer to fix areas of the course where they may have caused damage, particularly on the putting green. Most of these tools have prongs that let you “stretch” the grass to even out the playing surface.

Golfers also need ball markers. These allow the golfer to keep track of the spot of the ball while someone else is taking their shot. Ball markers come in all different types of designs and to give one to your golfer will be another valued piece in their collection.

Some golfers might even appreciate a rangefinder. This device looks something like a small camcorder, but actually tells the distance a ball is from the pin. This helps players when it comes to picking out which club to use, as each player hits different distances with different clubs. Certain models will even give recommendations based on your abilities with each kind of club.

Some rangefinders can make slope measurements, to help players judge the incline or decline of a hole. It should be noted that if your golfer likes to play in sanctioned tournaments, they will not be able to use this feature. Still, most rangefinders with slope measuring capabilities have an on/off switch for this reason.


Golfers can be pretty particular about their clubs. But honestly, who’s going to turn down a new club?

Especially if it’s a driver. Because getting used to a new driver is fun. You have to go to the driving range, and have to hit a ton of balls. Because, y’know, practice.


If you need guidance about clubs, your local pro shop can help.


A utility iron might not be as fun, but as its name suggests, it’s still pretty useful. If you’re a total hack like me, you use it most of the time, because you’re constantly in the weeds. It’s just a good all-purpose club that works when hitting off a tee, on the fairway, and even for certain chip shots.


Those clubs aren’t going to clean themselves, and no ordinary rag is going to cut it. A golf towel presents the perfect opportunity for a golfer to flaunt their personality. 

You could get them a towel patterned with their favorite food. Customizing one with a saying like “The 19th Hole is My Favorite” is another good shout. Or, go the timeless, sophisticated route and get a towel set embroidered with their monogram. 

For Style

The golfer you’re buying a gift for might be a t-shirt and jeans person off the course, but when they tee up, they want to look the part. Fortunately for you, golf apparel is one of the easiest gifts to give them. These items will help them look their best, and maybe even enhance their performance.

Golf Polos

The polo is a golf course staple. Modern versions blend the sophisticated style of the collar and placket with the materials of athleticwear to create lightweight, moisture-wicking shirts that offer plenty of flexibility. 

Customize it with an embroidered monogram, name, or emblem to give it your personal touch.

Golf Pants

Golf pants may look dressy, but they too are made with materials designed to keep golfers cool and comfortable. Just make sure you know your recipient’s size, and definitely include a gift receipt for this one.

Golf Rain Jacket

It isn’t all sunshine on the golf course. But the golfer you’re gifting to isn’t going to let a little drizzle get in the way of getting their round in. 

Which is why you won’t let them play in one of those ponchos they give to kids at amusement parks. They need something with at least a quarter-zip and a high collar, made with rainproof materials.

Golf Bag

You can’t carry around your clubs in a garbage bag. They need to be protected. Bringing grandfather’s golf bag might be fun the first time, but that thing is heavy and is honestly more at home in their office as a conversation starter. A customized golf bag is something your golfer would be proud to bring to the course.


The right golf bag is crucial.

Golf Hat

Golf courses are known for being green, lush spaces, so you wouldn’t necessarily associate them with getting a sunburn. Make no mistake, though– you can absolutely fry out there. And sunscreen won’t do anything for your eyes, mind you.

Keep the sun off your golfer’s face with a hat that fits their taste. Don’t be afraid to be a little cheeky with this idea: pick a hat model that looks sleek and athletic, and put the future wearer’s catchphrase on it.

Kyle Greco

About the Author

Kyle Greco is the resident writer at RushOrderTees, where he blends word nerdery with his love for T-shirts. A graduate of The College of New Jersey, he is interested in exploring the intersection of clothing and culture. In his spare time, he makes music, builds guitars, and cooks with his wife. He enjoys hot dogs, sports, and collecting too many hats.