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Gildan: The Biggest Apparel Brand You Haven’t Heard Of


March 30, 2021

Go to your closet and pick out one of your favorite screen-printed tees. If you look at the label on the back, we’re willing to bet that you see the words “Gildan Ultra Cotton” on it.

When you work in the custom apparel industry you get used to seeing the name “Gildan” on a lot of your products. They’re one of the world’s biggest and most successful manufacturers of blank apparel.

Did you know that Gildan owns popular brands like Anvil, Comfort Colors, and American Apparel? Aside from owning well-known brands you can find in any mall, their products also power a lot of custom apparel companies.

The company’s rise to the top of the apparel industry isn’t a coincidence. Gildan was originally founded in 1984 by two brothers that set out to revolutionize the apparel industry with better processes and a reliable set of staple products.

Gildan custom apparel

The brand is known for 3 things that businesses flock to:

1. Quality Products

There’s an old saying that claims you can have things cheap or well-made, but you can’t have both.

Gildan subverts old stereotypes and manages to deliver high-quality products that work for almost any occasion or need.

The quality and weight of the shirt can pass any professional test. Gildan apparel is also reliable in terms of sizing and customer satisfaction. Their standard fit shirts can fit a wide variety of people comfortably and stylishly.

2. Affordable Options

Quality is important, but the cost is always going to be a factor when companies decide on apparel.

A standard Gildan shirt is only slightly more expensive than the average basic t-shirt offered in this industry.

Going from 5.4 oz of standard low-quality weight to 6.1oz of quality Gildan cotton makes it the most cost-effective option for quality apparel.

3. Big Selections & Styles

If you’re looking for a certain color or shirt size, Gildan has it. Gildan shirts come in every color of the rainbow. You can find almost every shade and hue imaginable.

Gildan goes above and beyond with its fit and sizing options. They carry toddler, youth, women’s, and even tall versions of their best selling apparel. Women’s sizes can range from XS to 3XL, and men’s go from S to 5XL.


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