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Funny Tees To Flaunt on Your Family Vacation

01/08/2020 by RushOrderTees.com

Now that spring is in full bloom and many schools are starting their countdowns to summer break, families all over are beginning to plan out their big vacation of the year.  Where should they go?  Are any non-family members going to join this year?  What airline is offering the lowest cost for checked bags this month?  Booking a trip for an entire group and scheduling out activities to keep everyone engaged is not an easy undertaking.  Everyone has their own opinions of how the vacation should go, and rarely does everyone agree on the final itinerary.

Another aspect to family vacation planning that can make you want to pull your hair out is designing this year’s coordinated t-shirts.  If some people are making concessions on the logistics of the vacation, they certainly aren’t going to want to walk around in a design that they don’t approve of.  So how do you decide what color, what sayings, and what pictures you might include in such a critical part of the trip?  Luckily for you, we’ve compiled a list of some lighthearted options for your family to use as inspiration.  So, whether you’re packing up the minivan and heading to the beach, or flying down to Disney World, your whole family will be doing it in a mutually agreed upon style.

The Missing Number

Family Vacation T-shirts

If your family has been feeling frustrated over the past few weeks, or even months, from the struggles of vacation planning, there’s nothing like the mischievous (though harmless) fun of inciting some anxiety in the people around you.  A fun way to do so? Number the backs of your shirts with consecutive digits, but purposefully leave one of the numbers out.  If the missing one happens to be among the youth-sized tees, you are sure to create a little panic and excitement in the theme parks each day.

Where I Really Wanted to Go

Family Vacation T-shirt

Whatever your method of deciding the actual destination of your vacation, there’s a good chance that it was not the first choice of up to half of the people in your party. For those who really can’t let it go, allow your family vacation tees speak as a constant reminder of where people actually wish they had ended up. Nothing says the “Johnson Family’s Outer Banks Excursion” like a logo with the words “I Wish I Was in Paris.”

My Role in this Family Is…

Family Vacation T-shirts

The larger your group of vacationers becomes, the more confusing it can be for those you meet to understand how you’re all connected.  To avoid some of those awkward encounters, like when a waiter says your older sister “must be your lovely mother,” save everyone some time (and embarrassment) by putting all of your roles on your tees. That way your son-in-law, brother’s best friend, and everyone in between feels like they’re a true part of the family.

Road Trip Roles

Family Vacation T-shirts

For many of us, a flight might not be involved in this year’s vacation plan. But that’s okay, because it lets us enjoy one of our favorite parts of family vacationing–the road trip. If you’re like most families, each member of your crew plays a very specific role in your journey. You have the shotgun rider who plays DJ, the back seat driver who’s in charge of napping, and the driver, on who’s shoulders lies the lives of all involved. Whichever roles you assume, these tees are a great way to let them be known. 

Missing the Dog

Family Vacation T-shirts

Unfortunately, the favorite family member often is the one that misses out on every vacation: the pet.  So for those of you who know you’ll find yourself missing your cat or lovable pooch while you’re away this year, make sure to show everyone you meet how much you really love them.  Nothing says it better than putting it on your vacation t-shirt!

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