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Funny T-Shirts For Your Next Big Race


January 8, 2020

As the weather gets warmer and summer quickly approaches, the race schedule in most parts of the country expands, offering more chances for individual tests of endurance, from shorter 5k Fun Runs, to more challenging Marathons, Half-Marathons, Relays and Obstacle Courses. 

Whether you’re looking to set a personal record in an advanced endurance event, raise money for a favorite charity, or see if you and your friends can slog out a Tough Mudder or Spartan Race, one thing that will definitely make the event more fun and memorable is making silly, ironic, or humorous t-shirts for yourself or your group.  At the very least these less serious shirts will provide a welcome respite from the intensity of some events for everybody that sees your shirt, and maybe even make them crack a smile despite the pain they may be in.

Everybody’s thinking it, but no one will say it

Race T-shirt

Nike has recently thrown their hat in the funny t-shirt ring, with a series of tees bearing slogans like “Running Sucks” and “Where The _____ Is The Finish Line?”  While these statements will sound familiar to most people who have competed in a road race, they do contain fairly aggressive language, and might be hard to explain to kids at these family-friendly events.  You might be better at making your own race shirt with a similar message without the implied profanity.

Mental Health

Marathon T-shirt

Considering how “normal people” constantly question the sanity of distance runners (“You ran 26 miles! Are you crazy?”) these shirts actually make sense. If you go this route, remember that mental health is not a laughing matter, but these shirts can be funny if handled the right way.  Some options include:   

“26.2 because 26.3 is just crazy”

“I’m trying to out run the crazy”

“Running is a mental sport and we are all crazy” 

Food + Drink = Runner’s Motivation

Running T-shirt

Everybody knows running is a great way to burn calories and most events should be followed by a celebratory meal to refuel the body. Some t-shirts take this idea a step further and showcase the runner’s favorite food or beverage.  “I run for Ice Cream,” “I run for beer,” and “I run for Insert-Favorite-Local-Cuisine-Here,” (ex: “I run for cheesesteaks” at the Philadelphia Marathon) are all good choices.

Also, shirts explaining post-race plans can be a fun way to let people know you might be a serious athlete but you still like to have a good time.  “Run Now, Beer Later,” or “Run Now, Insert-Local-Watering-Hole-Here Later” are all good options.  Plus, adding a favorite food/drink to the shirt should give you some motivation to make it to the finish line faster, and anytime you can include local favorites you will automatically endear yourself to the local spectators. 

Shirts with writing on the back

Race T-shirt

Hopefully there are some people behind you during the race. Feel free to entertain them with stuff like:

“If you can read this, I’m not last”

“See you at the finish line”


“I’ll buy you a beer not to pass me” 

Spectator’s Misery

Worst Parade Ever T-shirt

There are few sporting events that are tougher to watch than a long road race. Fans are outside for hours, usually standing up with almost no amenities, and only get to see their runners at the start and finish of the event.  Some creative race supporters have openly acknowledged this by creating funny t-shirts or signs that will make runners smile when they pass them on the course.  Some examples we’ve seen recently:

“Worst Parade Ever”

“0.0…I’m Just Here To Cheer” (a take on the “26.2” or “13.1” bumper stickers)

“Run Like Zombies Are Chasing You”

Team Shirts

Sloth Running Team T-shirt

Relay Races and other team events are becoming increasingly popular. One way to make the event more fun is to make team t-shirts that will function as the uniform for the race, and a souvenir of a great day in the future. If the team is running for a cause (raising money for disease research, a scholarship fund, or in memory or someone that passed away) it should be prominently displayed to let people know that the group is racing for more than individual glory. Outside of raising awareness for serious causes, here are some fun ideas that can be applied to team racing shirts…

Themed Teams: Superheroes, Star Wars, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and other pop culture groups are all fun ways to outfit your team. A group of adults running a marathon together is fun, a group of adults running a marathon wearing t-shirts depicting each member of The X-Men is way more fun. 

Sponsored Teams: If you can get a local business to sponsor your team, or if you’re running the race with coworkers from your job, t-shirts with the company logo or tag line are a great way to advertise while competing.


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