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The 5 Fundraiser Giveaway Items That Never Fail


April 1, 2021

Fundraising can take many forms. From placing tin cans near a cash register to setting up multi-million dollar campaigns, the ways you can raise money for your cause or organization are nearly endless. While some groups seem to have this process down to a science, many others flounder in their attempts to bring funds and awareness to their cause.

This is one of many scenarios where we can all learn a little from the Girl Scouts. Girl Scout Cookies are one of the most easily recognizable and successful fundraising products in history. The organization has been selling cookies to finance their activities for nearly a century, and each year’s revenue is normally in the hundreds of millions. The key to their success is finding a great product and emphasizing that the consumer is funding a great organization with their purchase. 

Providing potential boosters with a high quality product helps establish that your organization is worthy of their hard-earned money. Let’s take a look at some options:


The only thing people love more than free t-shirts are free t-shirts that tell the world they did something good, such as ran a road race, served as a volunteer, or contributed to a charity. T-shirts are a very cost effective way to show your appreciation for a donation, and also allow your donors to further promote your cause whenever they wear the shirt in the future.

There is no blueprint for an effective fundraising t-shirt, so long as you make sure that the name of the organization or cause is prominently displayed on a good quality shirt. Everything else–funny slogans, inspiring quotes, striking graphics, cute mascots, and important dates–are up to your discretion. If you’re not artistically inclined or having trouble finding inspiration, seek the assistance of a professional designer.

Reminder Bands


Popularized in 2004 as part of Lance Armstrong and Nike’s “LiveStrong” campaign, rubber bracelets have been used for countless fundraising causes.  The original yellow bracelet was sold for $1 at the register where Nike products were sold and were almost immediately wildly successful.

The thinking was that if somebody just bought a $100 pair of sneakers, they’d have no hard time throwing in that extra dollar for charity. Not only would millions of people donate to cancer research and awareness, but they would proudly wear the yellow badge of honor on their wrist and promote the cause that became one of the hottest fashion accessories of the 00’s.

Despite Armstrong’s destroyed credibility and the original yellow bracelets falling out of favor, the bracelets were used to promote almost every other cause imaginable over the last decade. These bands are cheap to produce, are easy to identify, and promote the charity each time they are worn. 


Candy fundraiser

We all know how enticing food fundraisers can be. We see the proof when trying to make it through the month of February without buying a box of Girl Scout cookies. Candy, fruit baskets, holiday fare, and baked goods have all been used as effective fundraisers because they’re inherently items that people want.

In this era of food allergies and specialized diets, the traditional school bake sale model is hard to pull off, but with the right amount of research and some quality products, selling food can still be a fun and viable way to raise money.

Local Discount Cards

Coupon book

Distributing gift or discount cards to local eateries is one way to combat the potential issues you’d come across using actual food. With discount cards, donors can select from a larger assortment rather than being constrained to a small selection, plus you won’t have to worry about ingredients, nutritional information, or expiration dates.

This is a great way to fundraise while also promoting local businesses.  Some organizations take this idea a step further and offer discounts to a large number of restaurants and businesses in one bundle of coupons.  This allows donors a variety of options and promotes multiple businesses, all while raising money for a worthwhile cause. It’s pretty hard to beat that!

Premium Products

Hat giveaway

One way to encourage donors to contribute a more generous donation is to offer them tiered items.

For example:

  • $10 – Bumper Sticker & Rubber Bracelet
  • $20 – T-Shirt
  • $50 – Hat
  • $100 – Hoodie

This will allow people to donate an amount they feel comfortable with and receive a reward that matches their donation. Some of these items might be fairly expensive to produce, but offering supporters high quality products that also allow them to proudly show their support for the cause will provide great return on investment over time.

What is your go-to fundraiser giveaway? Give one of these items above a shot for a sure-fire way to please your donators!


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