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Four Essential Rules For Making Custom Jerseys And Sports Gear


March 30, 2021

sports gear

Who doesn’t love the start of a new sports season? There’s the fun anticipation of a game, bonding with teammates, and of course, an opportunity for new sports gear.

It doesn’t matter what sport you love to play. If you’re participating in a team sport, custom jerseys and apparel are a must.

Plenty of coaches, captains, parents, and volunteers will find themselves needing to buy jerseys for teams. Ordering uniforms for dozens of people can be tough if you aren’t properly prepared. Luckily, we’re here to help make ordering sports uniforms easy.

We’ve printed countless jerseys for schools, intramural leagues, and pros. If you want to buy the best jerseys for your team, follow our tips.

Pick The Right Shirts

Material is very important to consider when you’re ordering custom jerseys. You’ll want to pick shirts that are made from durable but comfortable fabric.

Our pick for the best jersey material is polyester. Polyester is a naturally breathable fabric that can help keep players comfortable during long practices and games. It also has some natural moisture-wicking characteristics. It doesn’t hold water like other natural fabrics like cotton, so it won’t retain sweat.

Polyester also has the added benefit of being a man-made material. It’s engineered to be soft, but also durable and tough.

Pick The Right Print Method

The jerseys you order are going to be used in multiple games and go through several heavy washes. You’re going to want to make sure that you choose a print method that can hold up over time.

Screen printing is the best option for teams with simple logos and minimal colors. We recommend digital printing if you have a mascot design that’s more complex and uses a lot of colors.

We also recommend vinyl printed names and numbers letters for personalizing the back of sports jerseys. Vinyl material is flexible and can easily stretch, but is still resistant to cracking or peeling.

If you’re planning on ordering bags, hats, or sweatshirts for your team, consider using embroidery or tackle twill for a more professional look.

Shop For Different Occasions

If you’re buying jerseys for a sports league, you’re going to need different jerseys for games and practices.

Gameday jerseys tend to be higher-quality and are designed to be uniform. Most are typically made out of lightweight polyester and come with team logos and player names and numbers.

Practice jerseys are used for drills and don’t need to be as “fancy” as game day jerseys. Some teams go with lightweight simple mesh jerseys or t-shirts that come in solid colors to help coaches better identify players by their position.

They’re thinner and more breathable than game day jerseys and are rarely customized with personal names and numbers.

Double Check Everything

One of the easiest ways to mess up a jersey order is to have the wrong name or number on a jersey. Don’t make a simple mistake that could cost you valuable time and money. Before you send off your order, be sure to check that you have the right information.

Don’t go off of an e-mail list or other unofficial documentation. Reach out to people personally and let them know that you’ll be printing jerseys and that you’ll need people’s last names.

Also, make sure that player positions are finalized before you order. You won’t want to print custom sports apparel with the wrong number or color.

If you’re interested in placing an order, contact our product and design specialists today so they can start working on your sports apparel!


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