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Some Great Font Resources for Custom Screen Printing


November 8, 2019

Most designs for custom t-shirts include a text element of some kind. For the best typographical results, font selection is probably the most important factor to consider. Here are some resources from around the internet for your perusal to help steer you in the right direction. Use this codex of web resources to maximize the effectiveness of text on your next order of custom printed apparel.

Information About Fonts


t-shirt printing fonts


What Font Should I Use?
This great article from Smashing Magazine is a great start for those brainstorming about choosing a font. A sound approach, some basics of how different font families effect the overall feel and appearance of a custom design are touched upon in this read.

A List Apart
The entire A List Apart website is rife with all kinds of knowledge regarding web development, but it’s also rife with information about typography. For some of the most relevant typographical related news and tips, it’s really a must-see. Drawing inspiration for your next custom printed design is not difficult after perusing some of their articles.

If you’re looking to expand your knowledge on typefaces, fonts, and typography, the Wikipedia article on the topic is a great place to start. Did you know that “typeface” and “font” are not interchangeable, and actually refer to two different parts of printed text? Check it out and learn a thing or two about fonts and where they came from.

Places to Download Free Fonts



Nearly everybody in the design community is familiar with dafont. In the case of fonts, sometimes the best in life truly are free. Though it’s rather hit-or-miss, the density of truly high quality fonts is healthier than one might imagine. For design ideas, try sorting their repository by theme. Choose one appropriate for your custom printing project and see what they have to offer.


tshirt fonts from urbanfonts


Urban Fonts
This website offers both free and commercial fonts, and their collection is not quite as large as dafont‘s. Despite not being as large or as popular, there are still high quality fonts that could potentially work quite well with your project available for download under their Free Font section.



Smashing Magazine’s Best Free Fonts 2012
The latest iteration of this editorial list of free fonts released every  year by Smashing Magazine is a great place to find a list of all high quality fonts. The editors at Smashing Magazine put together great lists — it’s worth searching for more if they could help improve your design project.

Design Modo – 50 Fresh Fonts
Here’s another edited list of fonts from experienced designers to inspire your selection. The fonts mentioned here won’t let you down when it comes to laying out text for your design.


Hopefully that’s enough to get you going on laying out text for your next custom printed design project. Whether it’s a logo, messaging, names, or a phrase/quote, the font you choose makes a big difference on how your text will be received.


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