Your Favorite Game of Thrones Characters & Their Favorite Tees

Game of Thrones tees

Sunday night marked the end of Season 6 of HBO’s Game of Thrones and, unsurprisingly, left its entire audience shouting “WHAT?!” at their television screens. Yes, another ten episodes have come and gone, and left us totally perplexed, wondering how we can possibly wait a whole year to find out what is to come in Westeros. While we at Rush Order Tees may not actually have those answers for you, we have at least tried to come up a way for you to pass ten minutes of the next 365 days. Read on to discover the t-shirts your favorite characters have secretly been rocking under their armor all along, then let us know what tees the others would don on casual Fridays.

*WARNING: Contains Game of Thrones Season 6 Finale Spoilers!!!!”

Arya Stark

anonymous t-shirt

Arya may have spent the past couple of seasons trying to lose her identity, and in her last scene of Season 6 we discover that she’s heading in a whole new direction.  While it seems clear now that she has reclaimed her Stark name, she definitely has returned with a more sinister and vengeful attitude then before. It is clear that her future is going to be filled with a little less anonymity and a lot more action, but on her days off from hunting down those on her list, Arya likes to relax in this tee that reminds her of her days working for the Many-Faced God.

Jon Snow

Terminator t-shirt

Jon Snow!  Why is your life filled with such turmoil and surprise?  Once again, the fate of Jon Snow appears to be up to the gods (which gods, we may never know), and devout fans are left wondering when and if the King of the North’s true heritage will ever be revealed to his new supporters.  Either way, rest assured that Jon will be spending his down time inside the walls of Winterfell rocking this souvenir from the last time he came back from the dead.


The Doors t-shirt

Sadly, there have been no signs that one of the most beloved, unassuming, and innocent characters in all the 7 Kingdoms will be joining us again next season. If you are at all akin to celebrity happenings or gossip though, you probably are aware that one of Hodor’s passions is DJing, and perhaps a greater passion is spending the day lying around in this comfortable t-shirt from his favorite band.

Ramsay Bolton

Dog t-shirt

Through the season finale, we continued to mourn the loss of another adored player in the game of thrones. Okay, maybe mourn is a bit of a strong word. Ramsay may have been slightly twisted, perverted, and downright evil, but we hope that he was at least laid to rest in his favorite t-shirt. After all, he was a great dog owner, and he always kept his beasts well-fed.

Daenerys Targaryen

Boat t-shirt

Can it be?  After six long seasons, the Mother of Dragons’s dream has finally been realized and she is sailing her way to the Iron Throne. We’re not sure if The Lonely Island is on her iPod, but Khaleesi definitely is a fan of the life aquatic, and she has the t-shirts to prove it.  We just hope that this one is made of flame-retardant material…

Tommen Baratheon

Shakespeare t-shirt

The Season 6 finale undoubtedly left a lot of viewers shocked and surprised, and perhaps one of the most unexpected moves was Tommen’s sudden descent from his window in the Red Keep.  Whether it was over the collapse of all order within King’s Landing, or the tyrannical rule of his mother, we like to believe the more romantic notion that he simply couldn’t live without his beloved queen, Margaery. After all, Tommen was quite the diehard Romeo.

Sandor Clegane

Chicken t-shirt

If there’s anything we learned from the surprising return of The Hound this season, it is that chicken is truly the key to growing extraordinarily big and strong.  Time and time again we learn that not only does Sandor Clegane prefer the bird to any other protein source, but we can only imagine it is the secret to how he survived burns, stab wounds, and every other unfortunate occurrence in his lifetime.  As his new and short-lived friendship revealed this season of Game of Thrones, there is a reason that he is still alive, and that reason is undoubtedly chicken.

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