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Family Vacation T-shirts with a Twist

01/08/2020 by RushOrderTees.com

If you are looking for a new fun way to design family vacation t-shirts, look no further than Rush Order Tees—specifically this blog. Over the summer, our company is completely inundated with orders for customized family reunion shirts and personalized family vacation t-shirts. Our Design Studio can help you create a customized family vacation shirt pretty easily. We have a great collection of graphics and fonts that can really represent your favorite vacation spot or your family’s personality. If you want to get a little more personal or take a vintage approach to your family vacation t-shirt, we’ve come up with a few ideas that are stylish and slightly sentimental.

Use a Vintage Postcard for Your Family Vacation Destination T-shirt

A simple Google image search can help you find a cool art deco or retro postcard of your favorite or current vacation destination. We loved the look of this Key West postcard—almost as much as we love Key West. In this example, we used one color for the graphic to save a few bucks, but you can create a full color design as well. Add your family name, the year, and ta-da—a great customized vacation t-shirt.

Find an Old Family Vacation Photo for Your Customized T-shrt

Has your family been going to the same vacation destination for years, maybe even generations? Find a picture from one of you family’s first trips and let Rush Order Tees print a photo-quality image onto you customized family vacation shirts. Maybe it’s a full family photo or just one of you grandparents and parent playing on the beach. Either image shows how much your family has grown and will bring back tons of great memories.

The Family that Travels Together…

While many families return to the same vacation spot, others tend to be a little more nomadic. If your family is big on road trips show off how far you have traveled with a design like this one. Take a map or globe and turn it into a big check list. Tag on a sentimental tagline like “Where we’ve been and where we’re going” and you have got a winner of a family vacation t-shirt. For this design we picked a map with only a handful of colors to help minimize the cost. This design could be done with one or two colors if that fits your budget better. We know you need to save money for gas and souvenirs.

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