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7 Solid Options For Spending Your End-of-Year Budget on Company Swag

Imri Merritt

September 6, 2022

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It’s that time of year: when you have money left in your discretionary budget and you don’t know what to do with it. Well, I have the answer. You’re going to get some awesome stuff for your company from RushOrderTees.

Taking care of employees is one of the hallmarks of any successful business, and an employee appreciation gift is a great way to do that. Or you might want to send out some quality branded merch to your VIP customers to thank them for their business.

In this post, I’m going to give you seven options to choose from. Pick one or more of these, or use them as a springboard to think of more ideas. There’s nothing stopping you. Except the limits of your budget.


1. T-shirts


We start the list with everybody’s favorite, T-shirts. Even in the cold of winter, under all those layers is a T-shirt. Printing on this humble garment is our passion, and it’s kind of our main thing, so T-shirts are always number one.

Whether it’s a thick and sturdy 100% cotton Hanes Beefy T, or a soft and lightweight poly/cotton blended crewneck tee from American Apparel, the T-shirt is one thing all of America can agree on. Even people who don’t wear T-shirts out on the town still love them for sleeping or wearing around the house and dancing without pants.


Let ’em know.


And if you’re doing a one-color, one-location print you can order a lot of these before it starts eating into your budget, even if you have 250 employees as we do. Whatever the size of your business, T-shirts are always a sure shot.

Give us a call or email our Project Specialists to help you place an order and get you a great end-of-year deal.


2. Embroidered Caps


Coming in strong at number two is embroidered caps. If you do this right, a cap will get worn more than a T-shirt. If you do this better than right, it could become their favorite hat and get worn every day.


Now you see the logo. Now you don’t.


We do all kinds of caps, from baseball to beanies to Santa hats (he puts in a huge order every year). And when it comes to caps, yes you can screen print, but embroidery is definitely the way to go. Durable, classic, and three dimensional.


Fine print: we can’t do this..


And if you’re thinking embroidery costs a lot, you’d be wrong. It’s affordable and costs less than you think. Which is probably the same thing as affordable. Ask your friendly neighborhood sales rep for a quote, and step up your swag game.


3. Hoodies


“It’s hoodie weather!” Ever heard that? It’s a thing. People love hoodies. And you can add them to the list of things that get worn more often than a T-shirt.

Choose one of our super soft hoodies for a company giveaway, and your employees will be loving you. Mike, the founder of RushOrderTees, gave all his employees hoodies and we are loving him. Not just because of that but still.




With hoodies, whether you get the full-zips or pullovers, you can do this great combo: your logo embroidered on the front left chest, and a screen printed design on the back. Best of both worlds.


4. Pens


If you’re in business, you need pens. And as everyone agrees, the pen is mightier than the sword. Except for people who brought a pen to a sword fight. They are sadly no longer with us.

People love pens– especially good pens. Try borrowing someone’s favorite pen and not give it back. They will be chasing you down the hall to get it back. That’s if they let you borrow it in the first place. So put your logo on a good pen and you’ll have a promotional product that people use every day.


Can’t do this with a sword.


This holiday, all the employees at RushOrderTees were given pens (along with hoodies, tees, notebooks, backpacks, and more). These pens are awesome. Super smooth writing, comfortable in the hand, shiny– it instantly became my new favorite. Sensing a pattern here?


Can’t do this with a sword, either.


When you order quality products, they get used more often. And when your logo is on that product, more people see it. So get yourself some nice pens and put your logo on them.


5. Coffee Mugs


Coffee mugs are a solid swag idea for your employees. Everyone drinks coffee. Ok, some people drink tea. I’m not judging, I love tea. The point is, everyone has their drink, even if it’s just plain ol’ water. No offense to water.

Coffee mugs are a classic place to put a logo. And if your logo looks good, the print will look good. Plus, it’s right at eye level, just when people are getting that sweet hit of caffeine and are feeling good… boom– they see your logo.


Mugs without a logo don’t work.


You can even print your logo on one side, and come up with a funny saying for the other side, like the dictionary definition of a yawn. Or maybe something inspirational like You Got This. Feel free to use those. No charge.


6. Polo Shirts


The quintessential custom apparel order for business is the polo. It’s the go-to when you want a professional-yet-casual look. Typically, embroidery is the method of choice for polos, but screen printing can be just as nice, especially on the smoother fabrics.


Look at this kid. Total professional.


Polos look great on everyone. Not sure how that works, it just does. Throw your logo on the left chest and you have the easiest uniform possible. And don’t forget, quality branded clothing can improve employee morale and team cohesion.

There’s plenty of styles to choose from, and we’re here with expert advice to help you decide, so give us a call or start a chat and we’ll get you sorted.


7. Custom Embossed Notebooks

The last item on my list is notebooks. Because your team needs a place to jot down all their great ideas in the new year. And a place to put their new pens.

This one in particular is made of recycled materials. Cardboard? Straws? Who knows. Whatever it’s made of, you’re helping the environment by choosing these and making everyone feel less guilty.


Recycling gives otters something to do.


These notebooks also come with a section for contacts and a calendar. People still write on paper calendars? If not, they can always use it as the doodling section. During meetings, they can make little mazes, happy faces, and that weird “S” all year in the back of this notebook.

* * *

So there you have it, my seven suggestions for spending the rest of your year-end budget with us. If you’re still undecided, just buy all the things. And then get tote bags to put everything in. Printed tote bags. Make that swag bag official.

Of course, there’s plenty of other options, and we’re happy to help you find the perfect items for your team. So give us a call today, or before the year ends. Thanks for reading and I’ll see you for the next one.

Imri Merritt

About the Author

A graduate of the Multimedia program at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, Imri Merritt is an industry veteran with over 20 years of graphic design and color separations experience in the screen printing industry.