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How To Use Your Email List to Amplify Your Spread Spirit Campaign


January 18, 2021

Once you’ve set up your Spread Spirit campaign, the challenging part can be figuring out how to promote it to the right people and make the campaign a success. Since the campaign lives online, using your digital tools is the best way to get the word out there, and there are many valuable methods of doing so. Perhaps your most valuable of these tools is going to be your email list.

Even if your Spread Spirit campaign is unrelated to your business or nonprofit, we’re going to assume that you have a pretty hefty list of personal email contacts you’ve built over the years. You’ve likely exchanged email addresses with friends, family, co-workers, and anyone else in your business or social network. Since these are all people that know you either personally or professionally, your email list is your golden resource for reaching almost everyone in your network.

Here are some tips for using your email list to amplify your Spread Spirit campaign and enhance its success:

Make the initial email personal

Your initial email is where you’re first going to explain what your fundraiser’s all about. This is where the storytelling aspect will strongly come into play, communicating what the cause is, what you’re asking them to do, and who or what is going to benefit from their contribution. However, just like you wouldn’t send your cousin the same letter you would send an ex-coworker you haven’t talked to in a few years, you shouldn’t send them all a generalized email, either.

If you’re emailing a combination of friends, family, co-workers, and other members of your community, you should break it up into the groups that make sense. Then, write a few different variations of the email to send each group separately.

The second email

Campaign Progress

Following up with a second email shortly after you send the first one is important. About a quarter to half way through your campaign, send out a second email letting everyone on your list know about your campaign’s progress so far. It serves as a reminder to the people who may have opened and forgotten about your first email. They’ll appreciate your excitement about their contribution, and it will also act as a friendly update to the people who already ordered their t-shirts about the cause they contributed to.

Share your other efforts

If you’re raising money for a charitable cause that’s close to home, use your email list to let people know about any other events or fundraising tactics you’re planning along with the Spread Spirit campaign. For example, if you’re having an event such as a 5k or an auction, invite them to participate or donate something to the event. This is your perfect way to rally up as much support as possible. Also, once people see that you’re going all in on your fundraising efforts, they’ll be more inclined to contribute in at least one way, and hopefully will buy your t-shirt at the very least.

One last reminder email

About three quarters through your campaign, send out one last reminder email letting everyone know that the campaign will be ending soon. Since the last one was just an update, you can use this one to give a definitive push for people to take action. Remind them what your cause is all about, provide another update on the campaign’s success so far, and let them know what their support will contribute to. 

Follow up with the results

Thank You Banner

The people who donated to your cause are going to be waiting to hear what the final results of your campaign were. Send an email after the campaign ends to thank everyone and let them know about the the campaign’s success. People love to see numbers, so share the total amount you were able to raise! You can also include info about exactly what the proceeds will be used for. Getting a campaign follow up will make them feel more connected to your cause and to their own contribution, increasing the likelihood that they’ll help you out again in the future. 

By capitalizing on your email list, your Spread Spirit campaign should be able to cruise straight down the road to success. Your email contacts are your most valuable contacts, as you have direct contact with each person’s inbox, and you’ve probably met each of these people face-to-face at one point or another. When properly communicated with, these are the folks who can play a great role in helping you achieve your campaign goals.


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