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Custom Event Memorabilia


October 31, 2018

It is something that everyone has and that everyone wants more of.  What is it?  It is custom tees.  However, creating custom tees is the most common “must have” to any event.  Custom tees can be found at trade shows, concerts, sporting events, and fundraisers giving attendees a free gift and a sense of unity among the crowd.  Event tees often elevate the status of an event, creates pride and provides the perfect souvenir for the attendees.  Custom event t-shirts serve as a constant reminder of the event for several years to come or until the next event while providing viral marketing with a sense of unity. The custom tees can create awareness for a cause, future events, and instantly get more individuals involved.  However, majority of the shirts are usually never worn more than once at the event.  There are several factors that play a part in this with the main reason being the designs tend to not make the “fashion” scene.  However, there are several ways to avoid this to create addition revenue rather than increase expense.

Most companies and organizations see custom tees as strictly a marketing piece rather than wardrobe fashion.  Therefore, those tees will find their way to the pajama drawer rather than the t-shirt drawer.  The task of creating a fashion accessory that does its job of marketing can be a rather daunting and tricky task.  Make the attendees of the event proud to have associated with you.

You should research the most popular brand logos and the logos of the sponsors and relate them to current trends in art and fashion with staying true to your company’s’ brand.  T-Shirt designs are best kept simple while a more complex design will be aesthetically displeasing to most.

The biggest issue when designing custom t-shirts for an event is ensuring that they generate revenue to pay for themselves and are not just another added expense to your account.  Since a majority of the time custom tees are “free giveaways” the only way to fully tackle the revenue issue is by selling a sponsorship to companies who place their logos on your t-shirts.  Instead of just simply placing the sponsors logos or names to the tees why not incorporate them into the design itself.  Besides including tees in the ticket price charities and event planners could sell tees prior, during or following any event or daily.  This is a perfect idea since in today’s world since raising money can be a very difficult task.  With fundraiser custom tees the world will  become aware of the planned events and will take attention to the possibility of attending.    This gives you the opportunity to raise more money then you would without the t-shirt exposure.  Custom tees is extremely affordable and effective.


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