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Common Screen Printing Mistakes and Some Helpful Tips to Avoid Them


January 26, 2021

Everybody makes mistakes and when it comes to screen-printing, it’s no different. Screen-printing is a tedious process that takes background knowledge and practice to perfect. There are a couple mistakes that even the most experienced screen-printers come by and have to try to avoid. If not caught ahead of time these mistakes could lead to a huge loss in money and potentially harming the brand’s identity. Listed below are some of the most common screen-printing mistakes.

Most Common Mistakes:

  • Fonts: Getting the font wrong shows really badly on the item and will impact the marketing of the brand negatively. You need to make sure you know exactly what font to use and make sure the sizing of that font will be alright.
  • Smudging and Ghost Print: Screen-printing is a precise process and even the tiniest mistake at any stage could damage the whole product. Smudging and ghost printing can occur if the print screen shifts during printing. If this happens you could have a print that is slightly off from the original. It is imperative for the screen to be steady and in the correct position while printing on item.
  • Wrong Shade or Color: Accidentally picking the wrong color or shade can easily harm the brand’s image to a great extent. The item could also be viewed as a cheap imitation of that brand. This may seem like a no-brainer, but occurs often and needs to carefully looked over before printing.
  • Ink Spillage: Ink Spillage occurs when the colors to be imprinted are not mixed properly or are not thinned to the right consistency. Over flooding, the ink could create a blurry image. One way to control ink spillage would be blotting. However, excessive spillage can rarely be corrected.

This might seem a little overwhelming and a lot to think about when you are doing your own screen-printing. So to help you out below I’ve listed some helpful tips to avoid these common mistakes.

Avoiding These Common Mistakes:

  • Track your mistakes! Make a log of each time you make a mistake and see if there are any patterns. This way you can be more careful during certain steps of the process that you know you struggle with.
  • Double-check the sample before placing your final order. Make sure everything is aligned correctly and looks good before you complete the full order.
  • Keep in mind all the possible errors that could potentially occur. If you keep them in mind, you will keep the cost down and make your life a little easier.


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