and The Philadelphia Union team up to Rid the Red in Philadelphia Rid the Red

On June 18, is teaming up with the Philadelphia Union for the team’s biggest match of the year to present Rid the Red. Rid the Red will be our cooperative effort to rid Philadelphia of any red article of clothing, all in the spirit of crushing the Union’s biggest rival, the New York Red Bulls. The Rid the Red effort will allow fans to bring their red clothing to our booth on the fan plaza and receive an exclusive Demolition Derby shirt in exchange.

Union vs. Red Bulls Demolition Derby

The Philadelphia Union has officially proclaimed the rivalry game the “Demolition Derby,” and will be hosting a variety of activities along with Rid the Red that involve symbolically destroying the New York team.

The Union and their fanbase has made it their mission to demonstrate Philadelphia’s mutual distaste for the New York team in any way possible, and has set up various destructive, albeit exhilarating activities to unite Philadelphia fans.

The most literal depiction of “demolition” will be the Red Bull-themed car smash, where fans can donate $5 to take a sledgehammer to a Red Bull vehicle (yes, one with a can on the top). The Union has also planned several other activities for the fan plaza, such as Red Bull-themed piñatas for the kids, a Sons of Ben pregame bonfire, and other fun surprises.

Philadelphia Union RushOrderTees ticket giveaway

Enter here for your chance to win a set of tickets and autograph sessions for the game!

The Philadelphia Union Foundation & The American Red Cross

Although the destruction of the New York team is the theme, the Demolition Derby won’t all be done in animosity. At each activity throughout the fan plaza, the Union will ask fans to make philanthropic donations to the Philadelphia Union Foundation. For each item of clothing donated in the Rid the Red campaign, the Philadelphia Union will also donate $1 to the American Red Cross.

Join us in Ridding the Stadium of Red on June 18! Come and donate your red clothing at our tent on the fan plaza at the game and make sure we get all of the New York Red out of Philadelphia!

RushOrderTees kicks off official partnership with the Philadelphia Union

Union RushOrderTees T-shirt

The Sixers’ season may be coming to a close, but we’re not ready to put away our t-shirt guns just yet. As of this month, we’re proud to announce the official signing of our three-year partnership agreement with the Philadelphia Union.

The partnership began at the team’s home opener on Saturday, March 11th at Talen Energy Stadium, and the fun will continue at each home game throughout the next three seasons. As the team’s official t-shirt partners, we will be bringing out our t-shirt guns at the beginning of each home game for our renowned t-shirt toss.

Talen Energy Stadium

To accompany the t-shirt launch at the beginning of each home game, RushOrderTees will also be present at ten of the season’s home games with our very own booth, where fans can receive special offers, design studio tutorials, and giveaways–all TBA.

Game day t-shirts and giveaways are just a small part of the pie for Union fans. Similar to the design contest we just wrapped up with the Sixers, we will also have several opportunities throughout each season for fans to enter their Philly Union designs in a game day t-shirt design contest. More to come on that later!

The Union currently sells group ticket packages for youth soccer clubs, birthday parties, bachelor/bachelorette parties, corporate events, and high school or college groups. As a part of our partnership, we wanted to enable these groups to design matching custom apparel to make their experience at the game even more special and memorable.

Philadelphia Union fans

This led us to create a custom design studio for Group Ticket holders that includes exclusive Philadelphia Union design assets that group ticket holders can add their own images, logos, or designs to.

We are excited to participate in several of the Union’s exciting theme nights throughout the season, including Youth Soccer Night, Throwback Night, and Military Appreciation Night, among several others. Stay tuned for more on those events to come!

We couldn’t be more thrilled to be in the start of our second partnership with a Philadelphia professional sports organization. We are honored to have the opportunity to partner with our teams right here in Philly, and get involved in community and fan-driven events.

Follow RushOrderTees and the Philadelphia Union for chances to win game tickets and other fun giveaways!

Do you need custom soccer t-shirts? We can help you design the best gear for your team. Visit us at or call (800) 620-1233.

RushOrderTees wraps up #MySixersTee Design Contest with the Philadelphia 76ers

MySixersTee Contest winner

This past week, we were honored to announce the winner of our very first fan t-shirt design contest, an exciting part of our partnership with the Philadelphia 76ers. When first creating the contest, our goal was to find the most creative expression of Sixers spirit in Philadelphia. In the end, the entries we received were above and beyond our expectations. 

In search of Philly’s #MySixersTee

World B. Free holding up MadeinPhila shirt

The #MySixersTee design contest followed our #MadeinPhila event at the Sixers vs. Warriors game, where all game attendees received an exclusive MadeinPhila t-shirt.

The popularity of the #MadeinPhila tee inspired us to create a contest calling for Philadelphia fans to design the next Sixers game day t-shirt. The winning design entry would be printed on 2,500 shirts and distributed at the Sixers vs. Bucks game on April 8th.

To get the ball spinning, we teamed up with some of the people at the 76ers to build a customized version of our design studio, which included 76ers logos and clipart that was available exclusively to fans entering the contest. Fans could also upload their designs straight to Facebook or Twitter, tagging RushOrderTees, the Sixers, and the #MySixersTee contest.

A close call

MySixersTee contest entries

At midnight on Tuesday, March 21, the contest was closed and it was decision time. Our judging panel, a team comprised of both 76ers and Rush Order Tees staff, was blown away when we took a final look at the hundreds of impressive designs we received. After mulling it over for a few days, we were finally able to narrow it down to just three entries.

When it came time to make the final call, our judges went with the one entry that stood out to them from the very beginning–the design depicting Sixers forward Dario Saric as “The Homie Dario.” It just so happened that April 8th is Dario’s birthday.

The Homie Dario 

76er The Homie Dario t-shirt

The designer of our winning “The Homie Dario” t-shirt is Joe Pekula, a New Jersey-based graphic designer who could not have been any more excited to win. Joe happens to design apparel for a Philadelphia sports-themed apparel company called Veterans Shirtium. Needless to say, he’s a HUGE Philly sports fan.

When Joe found out we were going to print his design on 2,500 of the official game day t-shirts, he was stoked. Joe, along with our two runners up Brain and Brad, will receive two club box suite tickets to the Sixers vs. Bucks game on April 8th, where they’ll get to watch fans jump over each other to catch their own #MySixersTee.

The Homie Dario shirts will also be worn by Wells Fargo Center staff, media, and–as a special bonus in recognition of Dario’s birthday–each of the 76ers players.

Congratulations to Joe, Brain, Brad, and all of the other talented artists who entered our #MySixersTee design contest! Look out for more opportunities to win game tickets and more in the future!

Best Onboarding Practices to Turn New Hires into Long-lasting Employees

onboarding best practices

Despite being a time-consuming and sometimes exhaustive process, onboarding new employees is undoubtedly an exciting process. With all of the time that both you and your new employees invest in it, you want to make sure that you do it the best you can. There are certain onboarding practices that can make or break the way an employee will feel about working for your company from the start.

Since you’ve already hired them, you want to reinforce the idea that they made the right decision in choosing your company. They will be looking out for things like whether or not your company is organized and prepared in the onboarding process to validate their decision.

Before the start date

New hire desk preparation

Reach out beforehand to welcome your new employee and give them some essential info for their first day. This should include where to park, what the dress code is, what to do for lunch, where to meet you when they get in on their first day, and any other specific information you think would be valuable to them.

Set up their desk with the necessary computers so that they can begin getting comfortable when they arrive, and arrange for a few onboarding gifts to be ready for them when they arrive. A great onboarding gift package would include a company branded t-shirt, notebook, and pen, so that they can get right to work with their new company swag. This not only promotes brand loyalty, but it helps to make them feel like a part of the team!

On their first day

onboarding gifts for new employees

When new employees arrive on their first day, it is important to make the feel welcome and introduce them to everyone in the office. Welcome new hires on their first day with an itinerary for training, along with their onboarding gifts.

Rather than sitting and going through the employee handbook with them, give them some of the most important info about the company that they may not have received in their interview or in their pre-start email. This should include any general information about the workplace or specific company policies that are important for them to know.

Make it a point to answer any of their questions off the bat. Some offices such as Amazon even find it useful to assign each new hire a mentor for their first couple of months, that way they know just who to turn to if any questions come up.

The first 90 days

Onboarding one on one meeting

For the first 90 days, your new employee should participate in a training program specific to their job duties This should not only help them learn all of the essential information about your company, but should also provide them with the skills they will need for their position.

Throughout this process, they will be able to reference their mentor when any questions come up, and you as their hiring manager should also make yourself available for any questions they might have.

Set up a check-in meeting once a month with your new employee to answer any questions they have. This is your opportunity to identify and fill in any gaps in their training, as well as ask them questions and get their views on the position and the company. This also gives you the opportunity to make improvements on your end for the employee experience.

After a good time investment on both ends to get your new employees, you will be off to a great start. The key is to make sure that you and your staff connect with your new employee, integrate them into the company culture, and vice-versa. Properly onboarding your employees will ultimately lead the to becoming long-lasting employees who will invest their time back into your company and your team.

The Best Non-Profits on the Planet and How They Did It

Environmental Nonprofit

Nonprofits are the organizations that change the world we live in—not just for us, but for generations to come. They’re the groups raising awareness for certain illnesses, providing critical aid and relief to people in need, and shedding light on important social causes. They are the ones making our world a better place.

And there are literally thousands of them.

While nonprofits come in all different shapes and sizes, the most well known in the world usually come with the most interesting stories. Don’t believe us? Here are the 6 best non-profits in the world and how they got there:

The Movember Foundation

Movember Foundation

The Movember Foundation started in Australia in 2003 as a joke in a bar between two friends, Travis Garon and Luke Slattery. The two were sitting in their local pub having a pint when they began talking about men’s style—particularly, facial hair. They jokingly made a bet that they’d be able to bring back mustaches, which had been absent from the public sphere for quite some time.

Inspired by their friend’s mother who, at the time, was fundraising for breast cancer, the two gents decided to turn things charitable. They officially named their event Movember (‘Mo’ is Australian slang for Mustache, and they were growing them during November), and got a group of 30 friends together who were willing to accept the challenge. Each donated 10 dollars to a prostate cancer-related charity, and it just blew up from there. In 2004 they came back and raised $40,000 for the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia, kept increasing those efforts (drastically, might we add), year on year. By 2015, they’d raised over $710 million dollars and helped fund 1,200 men’s health projects.

It all started as a joke in a bar…

Direct Relief

Direct Relief Fund

Remarkably enough, Direct Relief, one of the most successful and trusted nonprofit relief organizations in the entire world, was started in 1945 by one man—William Zimdin, an Estonian immigrant who wanted to help his friends, family, and former employees in post-WWII Europe. He sent care packages by the thousands to all the people he could think of, and following his death in 1951, fellow immigrant, Dezso Karczag, took the reigns.

Today, Direct Relief is considered one of the most reputable nonprofit organizations in the world, providing an incredible $36 dollars in aid for every $1 in operating costs. They provided 118,000 pounds of medical aid to the victims of the Nepal Earthquake in 2015, millions of dollars of to help fight the Ebola virus epidemic in West Africa, immediate relief to people affected by Hurricane Sandy, and much, much more.

Patriot PAWS

Patriot Paws Service Dogs

The smallest (and youngest) nonprofit on this list, Patriot PAWS’ mission is to provide mobility-impaired veterans (and others) with assistance dogs to help them in their day-to-day lives.

Patriot PAWS was started in 2005 after its Founder and Executive Director Lori Stevens—a simple dog trainer—was asked to help a group of disabled veterans train their new service dogs. After spending a significant amount of time with the veterans and visiting the VA Hospital in Dallas, Stevens realized there was a tremendous need for service dogs and decided to make it her mission to help as much as she could.

From there, she traded in her doggie treats for an Executive Director title, and in 2006 founded Patriot PAWS out of a tiny storefront in Rockwall, Texas.

From their website, Stevens says, “We owe them far more than we can ever repay, but we’re doing what we can, four paws at a time.”

If that’s not a cause worth supporting, we don’t know what is.

Special Olympics

The Special Olympics

Eunice Kennedy Shriver (of the famed Kennedy family) started a day camp called Camp Shriver in 1962 to help give children with intellectual disabilities a place to play and participate in sports activities. She ran it out of her house in Potomac, Maryland.

A few years later, in July 1968, Shriver partnered with a Chicago physical education teacher (and future Illinois Supreme Court Justice) named Anne McGlone Burke, along with a few others, to host the first-ever Special Olympics Summer Games—right in the middle of Soldier Field in Chicago.

Today, the Special Olympics is officially recognized by the International Olympic Committee and hosts over 4.7 million athletes who participate in 220 national and U.S. programs in 169 countries all over the world.

Aside from its obvious impact on our world and the athletes who compete in its games, the Special Olympics does plenty of charity work, like its Healthy Athletes initiative, which has provided free health screenings and treatment to more than one million people with intellectual disabilities.

Make-A-Wish Foundation

The Make a Wish Foundation

Perhaps one of the most inspiring nonprofits on the planet, the Make-A-Wish Foundation is dedicated to granting once-in-a-lifetime “wishes” to children between the ages of 3 and 17 with life-threatening medical conditions.

Sounds cool, right? Now, what if we told you that Make-A-Wish was started by a regular U.S. Customs Officer who just wanted to show a sick child a life-changing good time?

In the spring of 1980, U.S. Customs Officer Tommy Austin befriended 7-year-old Christopher James Greicius. Christopher was undergoing treatment for leukemia, but also one day aspired to be a police officer.  Austin, having learned about Christopher’s dreams, reached out to the folks at the Arizona Department of Public Safety to help make the kid’s wish come true. Chris got to spend an incredible day as a real-deal police officer—uniform included—and was sworn in as the first honorary Public Safety Patrolman in Arizona state history. Oh, and he got a sweet helicopter ride, too!

Unfortunately, Chris lost his battle to leukemia shortly after, but his story spoke loudly and made quite an impact on Officer Austin and the Phoenix community.

To this day, the Make-A-Wish Foundation is still headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, but has 61 chapters throughout the U.S. and 38 affiliate offices in as many countries. Tens of thousands of volunteers have worked hard over the years to make over 270,000 wishes come true—all without costing the recipients or their families a single penny. According to the Make-A-Wish, in the U.S., a wish is granted once every 35 minutes.

Doctors Without Borders

Doctors Without Borders nonprofit

Doctors Without Borders is a humanitarian aid organization—and Nobel Peace Prize recipient—whose sole purpose is to provide emergency medical aid to people in areas affected by wars, famine, natural and man-made disasters, epidemics, and other areas without steady health care availability.

Founded in 1971 by a group of doctors and journalists who wanted to place emphasis on victims’ rights in time of conflict, Doctors Without Borders has provided much-needed medical aid to countries all over the world, including Sudan, Liberia, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, and over 70 others.

What originally formed as a small group of journalists and doctors wanting to help people suffering in their own respective countries, has turned into an incredible and massive network of over 30,000 doctors, nurses, and medical professionals, along with some medical engineers and administrators whose sole purpose is to help heal the world.

As a part of the Movember movement, Rush Order Tees is taking the initiative to support the Movember Foundation this November, and we need your help! Purchase your limited time Movember t-shirt now. All proceeds will go to the Movember Foundation’s fight against prostate and testicular cancer. Get Your Movember t-shirt here!

Rush Order Tees Movember t-shirt

A Construction Company’s Guide to Getting Social Media Savvy 

social media ideas for construction companies

You might have heard, but incase you haven’t social media is essential to your business. In today’s day and age, you might as well not have a business if you’re not willing to create a social media presence for it.

As a construction company in particular, social media can benefit you in several ways. Aside from getting you exposure and creating a positive image of your company, your social media usage can directly impact your profits. It is a simple way to gain new customers and to keep your current customers engaged so that they keep coming back.

Although social media is increasingly complex and always changing, there are a few basic principles of social media usage that are easy to grasp and will make a huge difference for your brand. Here are 6 simple ways your construction company can get social media savvy:

Enhance & Update Your Digital Portfolio

Construction company Facebook page

When a potential customer (and yes, your potential customers ARE on Facebook) goes to your page, they are evaluating several things. First, they want to see how many people you engage with–how many likes or followers do you have? Do you have genuine engagement on your posts? Do you have positive customer reviews?

Second, they want to see what kind of work you do. Photo albums can make or break a future sale. Use them to showcase photos of your best work. Before and after photos are a bonus! Most social media users are visual clickers. That means exactly how it sounds, they will click on the posts that catch their eyes! If they can see proof that your work is attractive and that you have a good track record with your existing customers, that may be all the persuasion they need to pick up the phone and give you a call.

Rush Order Tees design t-shirts

Post Interesting & Relative Content Consistently

Plopping your photos or content up there on Facebook or Instagram is never going to be a one-step process. With newsfeeds constantly refreshing, it’s your job to keep showing up. Post your content consistently and frequently for the best results. The time investment will be worth it.

Engage & Interact With Your Audience

Facebook notifications

Most business’ goal on social media is to get engagement, but that’s not the end-all. When you score engagement from new or existing customers, interact with them! If someone comments, comment back! If someone leaves a good review, thank them. This shows that you’re there to answer questions and to deliver what your customers are looking for.

Follow Other People in Your Industry & Similar Industries

Social media is a like a 24 hour a day 7 day a week networking event. One of the best things you can do for your construction business is network with other industry-related businesses, individuals, or media outlets. Not only will it help you stay attuned with the latest developments in your industry, but it will also allow you to make connections with people who you could potentially form business relationships with, or who could refer you to new clients.

Share Valuable Industry Related Content

Construction company Facebook content

Sharing industry-related content works in two ways. The first is that when you share industry-related content, you have to actually read it first. This will almost force you to keep up with industry trends and voices that could help your business grow all together. Next, just the act of sharing content on the latest construction news, practices, and technology, you will appear authoritative in your field. It helps give you a professional and knowledgeable voice, which in turn builds trust with new and existing customers. You’ll be seen as a true professional whose work can be trusted.

Post Useful Insights in Public Forums

Whether it is on LinkedIn groups, Facebook groups, or separate forums that are industry-specific, make your company’s voice heard. Ask questions, answer questions, offer suggestions and take them. A part of using social media in a savvy business manner is being constantly on your toes so that you are continuously learning from others in a transparent way.

 Rush Order Tees design t-shirts

Rush Order Tees and Radio 104.5’s “Show Your Mo” Movember Photo Contest

Rush Order Tees Show Your Mo

As we approach the season of giving and giving thanks, we are all thinking a little bit more about the things that are important to us. Whether it’s giving thanks for our families over a meal, or giving our time and money to a cause near and dear, the month of November is a very charitable month for many of us.

For many people around the world, the cause near and dear this month is men’s health. Beginning in 2003, the Movember movement starting getting people’s awareness for men’s health issues that had been growing prevalent for years. Currently on the Movember Foundation site, it states that testicular cancer rates have doubled in the last 50 years. This rise in mens health issues and young male deaths inspired the Movember challenge—men were encouraged to grow out their mustache for the entire month of November.

The challenge caught on in a huge way—today over 5 million men and women around the world participate in the Movember movement, and once again this year, we are joining them.

Rush Order Tees design now

Rush Order Tees’ & iHeartRadio’s “Show Your Mo” 

As a part of our partnership with iHeartRadio, we will be participating in the Radio 104.5 annual Movember Movement. Each year, for the month of November, Radio 104.5 asks its listeners to support their campaign for Movember. This year, they are asking their listeners to donate $75 to the Movember Foundation in return for exclusive tickets to the Radio 104.5 Movember Gala. The gala will feature an exclusive performance by Jimmy Eat World at xFinity Live!’s Victory Beer Garden.

The Best of Orthodontist Office Custom T-shirts

Orthodontist office custom t-shirts

In the competitive field of orthodontics, the doctors who truly stand out are those who go beyond what is asked or expected. They deliver exceptional service, treat customers like family, and may even throw in some freebies. The most common freebie is t-shirts.

T-shirts act as dual action brand-lift for your orthodontist practice. First, customers are excited that they get something for free (everyone loves free t-shirts–think about t-shirt cannons). Secondly, these customers can now act as walking billboards for your office. Whether they’re a part of an overall marketing strategy, or simply offered as promotional lift to each of your clients, your t-shirts will act as walking representation for your brand–have fun and get creative with them!

Here are 8 memorable orthodontist t-shirt designs to help you get started:

Stop crooked teeth

Stop crooked teeth t-shirt

This is why they come to you in the first place. Crooked teeth belong locked behind bars–or wires? Either way, by-passers won’t forget this clever characterization when they seek someone to stop their crooked teeth.

Straighten it out

Straighten it out

In the end, the real winners are the orthodontists who are able to straighten everything out. This shirt will serve as a reminder to everyone that when there’s some aligning to be done, you’ll be the first to help.

design t-shirts now

Always better together

Funny always better together shirt

No one likes to be alone–that includes your teeth. This design reminds us all that a set of teeth is just that–a set. They belong together. Aligned teeth are happy teeth.

Crowd Control

Crowd Control for Teeth

If an on-looker’s teeth are a rowdy, misdirected bunch, then braces will provide just the crowd control they need. This punny shirt will not be soon forgotten by people who have been considering making their own investment in crowd control.


 Orthodontist alignmint

Okay, we’ll admit–this one’s a bit of a stretch. A mint that cranks out perfectly aligned smiles? Bet you never thought of your orthodontist office that way, but hey–you’ll definitely stand out if you can make people think of something simple in a different way.

Everyone needs their space

Funny orthodontist t-shirts

Being caught in a small space can be uncomfortable, to say the least. With everyone on top of one another, it can be hard to move, let alone stay positive about the situation and smile. This shirt serves as a simple reminder to those who may be feeling a bit crowded.

Nice curve

Funny orthodontist office t-shirts

How do you feel about each of the perfect curves you create? Pretty nice, right?

We love the attractive vintage drive-in vibe of this one, and we’re going to bet your customers will love it, too. It will make a great addition to any wardrobe rotation, spreading more awareness for your orthodontist office than you even expected.

Straight up perfect

Straight up perfect orthodontist t-shirt


Everyone knows a perfectionist. You know, the people who have it all together, head to toe. Well, the result of your ortho-artistry is something even the hardest to please cannot deny–straight up perfection.

Making a good name for your practice is as simple as what you put on your patients’ t-shirts. Design them with something memorable! What design do you love for your practice? Let us know in the comments, and feel free to share other clever design ideas! I

If you’re interested in one of the tees above, let us know and we’ll create it for you!

5 Reasons Branding Your Construction Company Will Win You More Bids

Construction company branding

If you’re a contractor, you probably have your go-to guys–the guy you call when you need drywall, when you need roofing, foundation…the list goes on. If you’re in this cycle, the need for branding may seem irrelevant. However, for the longevity of your company’s growth and success, it’s essential that you create a recognizable brand for your construction company. Seem like a foreign concept? Don’t worry, it’s not out of your league. Luckily, although it is more essential than ever, it is also easier to brand your company today than ever.

First, let’s go over the essential branding tools every company needs to be recognizable, marketable, and successful in the long-term.


This is the easy part. To be a business in the first place, you must have a name, so that part’ already in the bag. Next, establishing your brand’s logo can be as simple or as complicated as you want it to be (or as you have time for). Check out our blog on logo design tips, if you need some help. If you’re really stuck (or overwhelmed at the entire process) definitely consider consulting a professional to help you.

Online Portfolio/Website

An online portfolio is the single best place to show off your work to new potential customers. Certain web domains are available relatively inexpensive, and other hosting sites can be used for cheap or free in some cases. Your website should include pictures of work you’ve done, testimonials fromhappy customers, and contact information so that new clients can get in touch with custom t-shirts

Facebook page

Social media is no longer just for personal use–and it’s no longer an option for businesses. Having some sort of presence on social media is perhaps more important than even having a website (as long as you can be found on public listings). At the bare minimum, your business needs a Facebook page. Facebook can also, in a way, act as your online portfolio. You can use it to post pictures, connect with clients you’ve done wok for, with other businesses you’ve worked with, and to encourage your current clients to share your brand with their own referrals. If you aren’t tech savvy, it is time to hire someone part-time (even if only a few hours a week) to help you get started.

Now that we’ve gotten to the basis of what branding means for your construction company, let’s get to the nitty gritty of just what branding can do for your business.

1. Attract new customers

Just taking the basic steps toward creating a recognizable brand makes your business appear more professional, established, trustworthy for new customers. When customers see consistency, they subconsciously associate your brand with consistency. Consistent quality, timing, and service are all key factors that influence a consumer’s decision to choose one brand over another.

2. Turn new customers into returning customers

Construction company hoodie

When you consider the number of different construction companies in any given town, how can each company make sure it stands out to attract new clients, and to keep them coming back? You have to be recognizable and memorable so that people can readily connect you with the work you’ve done. Solid branding helps people make this connection.

3. Increase your referrals

Word of mouth advertising is ideal in the field of construction, but today’s definition of word-of-mouth advertising isn’t quite what it used to be. Social media and search engines have replaced conversations and phone books, and if your brand isn’t visually recognizable, you are missing out on more and more business every minute. Think about it–what’s the first thing you do when someone gives you a business referral you’re interested in? Do you look it up in the phonebook? No, because it is the year 2016.

We live in the age of the Internet, and if our brands aren’t online, they might as well not exist. Your customers need a place to send referrals, and you don’t have a recognizable online brand, they have no where to reference you.

4. Helps you network

Construction company beanie

In the construction business, you probably know a lot of the contacts in your field. You’ve either done work with them, bid against them, or seen the work they’ve done. In this respect, it is easy to skip past the branding aspect because you all know each other, however, if you plan on growing your company, you’re going to need to be present in many different places, not just where your face can be seen at any given time. Recognizable branding allows your company to be present in many places at once. When guys from other companies see your employees wearing your branded hoodies on the job, they immediately know who they’re working with. Maybe you can even provide beanies or t-shirts as giveaways to the other companies you work with.

Design Now

5. Helps you figure out what sets your company apart

The process of branding can be thought of as a “soul searching” tool for your company, to help figure out where you stand in your competitive market, and how you can set your work apart from your competitors. You know what your business does, but do your potential customers? Branding helps you figure out what messages your conveying to your audiences and how, and then gives you the power to modify them.

Convinced to start branding your construction company? There’s no time like now to get started. Definitely seek out some professionals to help get you off the ground, and let us know if we can help you out when you need branded custom gear for your crew!