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Campus Events Every Student Org Needs Shirts For


January 8, 2020

Is there anything a poor college student loves more than a free t-shirt? It’s hard to say, but free t-shirts are definitely the currency of student organizations looking to recruit new members. When worn, they also work as a walking ad of sorts, spreading the word of your student organization to those not in the know around campus.

The trick to successfully using free t-shirts to accomplish your organization’s goals includes strategically distributing them at relevant events. With that in mind, here are 5 campus events your student organization might want to order t-shirts for.

Welcome Week

Her Campus welcome week

Welcome week is the when all of the new students on campus are getting familiar with their surroundings and feeling out the campus culture. Handing out your club’s t-shirt out at a Welcome Week booth is a perfect way to get the word out about your student organization nice and early! If you can catch other students’ interests on their first week with a t-shirt, your chances of gaining new members is much better.

Student Activities Fair

Student Activities fair booth

Most schools have some kind of student activities fair at the beginning of the school year (or once a semester). The point of this event is to give students a chance to browse student organization offerings, and determine what might be the best fit for their interests and aspirations. The best booths offer more than just paper pamphlets with student organization information, and a great way to stand out is with a fun t-shirt to hand out. If you’re trying to stay within a budget, limit your t-shirts to only interested students who give their email address. You’ll have a better chance of recruiting them if you can continue the conversation after the event.

Your Club’s ‘Premiere’ Event

UNICEF campus initiative

Most student organizations have at least one event each year that they host or co-host. This is the perfect opportunity to make use of your t-shirts. You might opt to give one for free to everyone who comes, and make note of this favor in the advertising for your event. You may instead opt to sell them at the event to raise additional funds for your student organization. If you have a standard t-shirt you give out, you might want to consider adapting it for this particular event. That way, members will have multiple t-shirts to wear and represent your organizations on multiple days of the week!

Homecoming Football Tailgate

Student tailgate

Whether your student organization has a particular spot for tailgating, or you want to do some guerrilla marketing, a football tailgate is the perfect opportunity to hand out t-shirts. People are usually open to talking to strangers, and are in a good mood because  they’re about to have fun at the game. Just be strategic and make sure you don’t accidentally waste supplies on the visiting team!

Spring Fling

Accounting society campus booth

If your campus has a Spring Fling fair, this is a great time for everyone in your organization to represent their involvement! Get input from group members to create an awesome design, and hand them out to your organization to wear for the fair. Having a bright, fun Spring Fling shirt will reflect well on your organization and make other students want to be a part of it next year. 

What are some other campus events your student organization may want to order t-shirts for? Share your thoughts in the comments so other student organization leaders can maximize their budgets on smart marketing tactics!

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