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Another one out of Los Angeles, the customer with our favorite design this week also happens to churn out some killer tunes. The L.A.-based blues rock band Them Howling Bones used this design for the cover of their second EP Dolores before printing it to t-shirts for their fans. If you’re imagining this image hand-stitched into a leather jacket, you’re not far off. The original design, created by artists Sharmae CaCeres and Iving Torbay, was stitched into leather before it was photographed in high-res for the cover of the band’s EP, and later translated to print here at Rush Order Tees for the band’s t-shirts.

The t-shirt design combines bold, funky type with an abstract, catchy graphic and perfectly conveys the vibe of the band’s rocky-Southwestern blues sound. For more on the excellence of this design, let’s hear from our in-house design experts:

Them Howling Bones Design


Stephanie: This artwork for this t-shirt was a recreation of an image that had been previously embroidered. The colors were easy to match up with our house inks, which helped out a lot. This meant that the most time was spent on the design’s clean-up. The challenge with working from non-digital sources–such as a photograph of an existing garment–is finding ways to recreate crisp, clean edges. We do our best to match the original design as much as possible, but there is always a certain amount of detail lost in the clean-up and simplification process. We try to get the edges smooth and the colors solid, especially when translating an embroidered piece into ink spot colors, AKA flattening.

Luckily, the design the band submitted had a black background, which allowed for a good amount of contrast when picking out the individual colors. The design was printed on both white and black shirts, and the artwork colors translated well onto both. We spent time making sure that the important details printed clearly, and this design had a lot of easy, thick lines, so there was little to no risk of inks closing up, which often happens on designs with very fine lines.

Mike: Here we have a great band shirt that manages to be just the right level of fun while keeping its’ punk rock edge. The drawing, intentionally rough and laden with traditional tattoo imagery, perfectly fits this band’s style. Thats the key, right? The shirt should reflect the product it’s representing, and this flashy, rough, and mysterious design pulls that off. The color palette works perfectly with the style to translate the design to an awesome band t-shirt.

Joe: It is plain to see that this week’s awesome art is pure rock and roll. The art used to create these tees was a photo of an embroidered version of the design. Our Rush Order Tees artist, Stephanie, did a great job of taking an untraditional starting point and transforming it into a crisp and clean version of the design that was ready for screen printing. Translating the jagged sewn lines of an embroidery into a clean version can be tedious. However, as you can see from the end result, it turned out to be a beautiful simplified version that left us howling for more.

To check out more on Them Howling Bones, follow their shows and music on their Facebook page!

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