C.D.O.T.W: The Half Hour Intern


This week’s Customer Design of the Week comes to us from Blake Fletcher, the Half Hour Intern. Essentially, Blake, a resident of San Francisco, loves learning new things. The Half Hour Intern is a website, blog, and podcast he created, wherein he interviews people about their stories; what they do for a living, how they got into their field, and what their job entails.

It’s an awesome concept that we found fascinating, but it’s not why we selected his design.

The Half Hour Intern design won the attention of our judges with its simple and concise style, its masterful use of color to create texture, and perhaps most importantly, its imagery. While everyone interpreted its intended message differently, it was eye-catching and ultimately stole this week’s show.

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Here’s what our panel of experts had to say:

Colton:  We settled on this design because of the simplicity of the art and the intriguing imagery of the cut tie. The design also features nicely weighted text that really brings it all together. “Complexity” doesn’t always mean “better,” and this is a good example of a simple idea bringing a lot of depth to the overall design. The colors are consistent, the concept is great, and we just really loved it.

Aidan: I am really excited about this artwork. The simplicity of this design really stands out. Using a limited amount of ink colors, the design still creates a lot of dimension. I love it! The design also reeled me in because of its uniqueness AND quirkiness. I saw it and immediately wanted to know more about the Half Hour Intern. This design is a great demonstration of amplifying and drawing attention to a concept through simple, flat design work. Excellent!

Mike: This is a really solid illustration! The color palette is really cohesive, especially the little touch of red in the tie. It’s a well thought out representation of the really cool blog that it represents. The type is clean, just like the rest of the design. And who doesn’t love polka dots?

cdotw half hour intern final proof

Brian: This design appealed to me more for my perception of its message than the design itself. Don’t get me wrong – it’s simple theme and carefully coordinated color palette are really great, but I love the image of the guy cutting his tie, and it symbolizing breaking free from a normal 9-to-5 existence. The sliver of red inside the tie, acting as a silk liner, or perhaps something else (!!!) really struck a chord with me. This design is sophisticated and subversive at the same time—and pulling that off is no easy feat.

Tyra: I like the fact that this artwork uses a flat design scheme to highlight detail. The color selection is awesome, The additional red inside the tie, to me, maybe symbolized the importance of interns in corporate America. this is a really awesome design, that has a great choice in colors and weight in text.

Joe: This is a great illustration. Simple and expressive all at once.”Cutting the ties” of traditional human interaction with a roulette game of show and tell is what this brand is all about. The illustration itself is helping to continue to pave the way of the minimalist movement not unlike similar artists Olimpia Zagnoli and Dubai based designer Ali Jabbar as well as my personal favorite Stanley Chow. The lack of facial features have always rested uneasy for me in almost every design ever, even some of the aforementioned notable artists. However, in this instance it could be used to express; that you never know who you may meet and what they may have to offer. The cool blue tones help to lend an appropriate contrast of background to launch the brands moniker “Half Hour Intern” right at you.

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