C.D.O.T.W: Tailgate N’ Tallboys

Tailgate N' Tallboys

This past weekend was full of camping, good beer, and great music for the attendees of the Tailgate N’ Tallboys music festival in Chillicothe, Illinois. The two day event was part of the Bud Light Concert Series, and featured performances from musicians like Kid Rock, Willie Nelson, and Kris Kristofferson, among several others. While we couldn’t get out to Illinois fast enough to make it to the festival, we got our own small taste of the festival when we came across this week’s Customer Design of the Week.

The intricate details in the music festival’s t-shirt design made us feel like we could have been right there in the bed of the pickup, looking up at the stars, and listening to the strumming of a six string. It conveyed an authenticity that otherwise only comes from the amplifier of a country music band itself, and included subtle details that can be picked up only with careful attention.

Our in-house designers were particularly blown away–here’s what they had to say:

Tailgate N' Tallboys

Joe: Looking at this design, I’m amazed that it only took 2 ink colors to print and yet it still retains such a great amount of detail. Everything in the graphic is vividly represented, from the wood grain of the drums, to the strings and frets on the bass and guitar. I’m impressed by the way the designer used the details of the image like the tailgate and the license plate to present some of the event information. My favorite part of the whole design is the cracked tail light–for some reason my eye is continually drawn to it. It’s this subtle yet deliberate attention to detail throughout the whole design that really takes it to the next level.

Tailgate N' Tallboys

Imri: This design shows what you can do with a very limited color palette: in this case, two warm muted colors that look great on charcoal tee. It doesn’t just deliver the message, but it does so in style. It’s a top notch illustration with lots of great details, and clever use of information placement. The dirty, grungy look is called “distress” and it’s perfect for this artwork. The big halftone dots are a nice touch and keep it simple.

I believe this kind of pickup truck is called a dually–big enough to fit all the band gear plus the band members in the front seat as they ride off into the sunset. It’s a good thing they are on a dirt road, because a state trooper might have something to say about those beer cans falling out. But if they’re playing some Skynyrd and give him a tallboy, he’ll probably let them off with a warning.

Bud Light Concerts


Max: I love seeing designs like this come through our doors because they prove that you don’t need a million colors to create something interesting, unique, and—above all—beautiful. We printed this promotional gear for our friends at Bud Light and Limelight in support of their Tailgate N’ Tallboys summer concert series, and we couldn’t be more satisfied with the way it came out. First, the incredible detail preserved in this design, using just two colors, is absolutely masterful. From the drums, guitars, and amplifiers in the bed of the pickup truck, all the way down to the multi-dimensional sandy smoke under the dually tires, the attention to detail is just… Superb, really.

And the texture! The slightly distressed setting sun, the halftones in the clouds and sky—ugh, it’s just brilliant. Additionally, the way the artist incorporated information like the location and date of the concert in the license plate, rear-end, and tailgate of the truck was exceptionally clever and tastefully done. It’s not often we say this, but this week’s CDOTW wasn’t even close. This one was our huckleberry the moment we laid eyes on it. Well done, indeed!

Check out photos from the performances and other activities at the event on their Facebook page!

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