Alternative Printing Placements on Custom T-Shirts

t-shirt print areas

When ordering custom t-shirts, you first consider the obvious areas to print your design: the front of the shirt, a t-shirt back design, the left chest for a logo, or maybe all three.  

But there are also a handful of other design placement options that many customers don’t think of, yet look great and add an interesting or professional touch. Here, we’ve rounded up eight (of many!) alternative t-shirt printing placements that our artists can work with and perfect.

Remember: You can position your design, text, or logo exactly where you want it printed in our Design Studio. Or, feel free to call our knowledgeable Product & Design Specialists at (800) 620-1233—they’re here to help ensure your design size and placement is flawless every time.

medalion print areaMedallion or Upper Center Chest

Printing on the upper-center of the shirt chest (aka, the medallion) isn’t standard, but we’d argue that this clean and stylish look should be more popular than it is. It’s a great spot for printing a business logo because it’s visible even if you’re wearing a hoodie or half-open jacket over it. This placing is also ideal for printing on women’s scoop neck tops and youth sizes.

back spine print areaSpine

We can also print down the spine of any shirt—anything from stacked letters, to a sentenced up or sentenced down word, to a cool pattern. Spine printing is also popular for showcasing the sponsors of a 5k race or fundraiser; you can line up the logos down the back instead of forming a grid for a more interesting look.

lower back print areaLower Back

Looking to make a playful statement? Print a funny phrase or your company motto across the lower back on a t-shirt. The result is stylish yet more unexpected than your typical back print t-shirt.

right chest print areaRight Chest

Printing and embroidering on the left chest side of a shirt is typically standard. If you’re ordering custom t-shirts or polos for your business, consider making things more personal: in addition to your logo printed or embroidered on the left chest, also print each person’s name on the right. Remember: we can mix methods!

shoulder print areaTop Shoulder

Printing or embroidering on the sleeve of a short-sleeve polo or tee is popular with businesses, since it’s a great area to add your logo. But depending on the size of your logo, placing it too close to the hem can look too big and awkward. We have the ability to print a shirt sleeve design closer to the shoulder to make everything more proportional.

side print areaSide

If you don’t want to opt for the same old standard front placement, get creative and wrap your design around the side of your t-shirt. Our artists can make it almost as big as a full front or a full back placement. Just make sure you order a tubular t-shirt style (aka, one that doesn’t have a side seam). Most basic shirts in our catalogue don’t have a side seam, but if you have any questions and want assistance choosing the correct shirt style, don’t hesitate to call our Product & Design Specialists at (800) 620-1233.

Hip t-shirt print areaHip/Hem or Lower Front

The lower front printing placement, on either side of the hip, is a fashion-forward solution for women’s lower cut shirts. It can also be a professional-looking alternative to chest printing if you want your logo on business polos.

long sleeve t-shirt print areaLower Long Sleeve

Long-sleeve screen printing is popular with sports gear, greek life apparel, and small business swag. Standard sleeve placement for words usually begins by the shoulder seam, but moving your words or design down to start closer to the elbow has perks: if you wear a short sleeve t-shirt over it, you can still see the entire print.

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