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A Simple Guide To Embroidery Care


May 10, 2019

embroidery apparel care

When you first lay eyes on your newest piece of embroidered apparel, you’re thinking two things:

1) This came out so nice!
2) How can I keep this as clean as possible?

In truth, caring for embroidered clothing isn’t too different from caring for your other clothes. Our embroidery work is built to last and can easily be put into a washing machine and dryer.

Some people like to go the extra mile when it comes to clothing care. If you want to take extra care of your embroidered items, follow these simple tips.

Don’t Scrub, Soak

If your apparel is stained it’s natural to want to try to scrub it out, but that could do more harm than good.

Using a brush to scrub out stains or rubbing the fabric together could damage embroidery threads and fibers and could give it a “fuzzy” look. Instead of scrubbing out stains, take time to soak them out.

Soak your garments by gently pressing them down in a clean sink or basin. If your apparel floats, weight it down with a water filled jug. If soaking doesn’t work, gently swish and swirl the garment around.

Hand Wash Like A Pro

Be sure to choose a very clean sink or basin for hand washing apparel. You won’t want residue from other cleaning products to damage your clothes.

When you’ve finished washing your garment and need to rinse out the soap, avoid twisting or wringing the fabric. Simply move it gently around in the water and allow the piece to naturally rinse.

Let your embroidered garment sit in water for about ten minutes. Once those 10 minutes are up you can empty the water then refill it with fresh water. Repeat the process until the water and your apparel are free of soap.

Don’t Store Starched Apparel

There’s nothing like having a crisp, starched embroidered polo to wear to work or on the golf course. You may like using starch, but starching embroidered apparel before it goes into your closet or storage could do more harm than good.

Starch can stiffen fibers in the fabric and make them prone to breakage when they are folded and stored for long periods of time. Natural starches can also attract insects that could treat your freshly starched embroidered apparel as a tasty snack.

Only starch your items when you’re ready to wear it. You’ll still get the crisp professional look you love, and you’ll help your apparel last a little longer.

Do you have more questions about proper garment care or how to make your next embroidery order the best one yet? We always here to help. Reach out to our Product Specialists so we can start a conversation.


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