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6 Spooktacular Custom Halloween Shirt Ideas


January 18, 2021

Do you know what’s scarier than the most terrifying horror movie you’ve ever seen?

Celebrating Halloween without a costume!

You can love Halloween without buying an uncomfortable and elaborate costume or spending time on crafting your own. Keep things simple and unique by designing Halloween shirts and apparel that can double as a costume. We have glow in the dark ink, foil enhancements, and everything you need to make a spooktacular costume.

Don’t waste anymore time at the musty Halloween pop-up store that took over the old Kmart. We’re going to give you some solid costume ideas you can make in minutes and have rush delivered in time for your Halloween bash!

Funny (or Punny) Halloween Sayings

Who said that Halloween has to be scary? If you’re attending a Halloween event at the office or your kid’s school, consider going for a laugh instead of a scare.

custom funny t-shirts

Design funny Halloween shirts with a joke or funny phrase on it. Puns are always prefered for this!

If you need some inspiration, we have a few ideas:

  • Creepin’ it real
  • If you’ve got it, haunt it
  • Hey boo-tiful
  • Eat, drink, & be scary
  • You look fang-tastic

We could literally go on for days, but we’ll stop now (we also can’t be giving out these gems for free).

Costume Shirts – The Ultimate Dual-Purpose Option

super hero custom shirtWouldn’t it be nice to have a creative costume that you could comfortably wear anywhere?

Instead of full on dressing up, make a t-shirt that can be your costume. Super heroes can be easy to make into t-shirt halloween costumes.

Get creative and personalize a popular superhero emblem, crest, or symbol. Simply add your superhero tribute to a shirt, and you can be Batman or Wonder Woman.

If you want to get a laugh but don’t want to do something too involved, consider going as a celebrity. Want to be Kanye West or Kim Kardashian for a day? Just print their name on a shirt, and you have your costume!

Classic Halloween Attire

It seems like there’s a hot new costume every year. The Joker and Psy may have been popular a few years ago, but there are some Halloween classics that never go out of style.

Instead of going for what’s hot now, rep some great classics like bats, vampires, skeletons, werewolves, and witches. Show off Halloween monsters from yesteryear and get into the true spirit of the holiday.

There’s also the added bonus that most of these creatures being in the public domain. You may not be able to easily use Freddy Kruger or Jason Voorhees, but witches and vampires are fair game!

Scary Halloween Shirts

custom zombie t-shirt costumeYou don’t need a rubber mask and a store bought costume to be scary. When you have the right design chops (or help from an awesome apparel company’s design team), you make a t-shirt the scariest thing people see all night.

A gory, detailed design on a t-shirt could become a scary and simple Halloween costume. Think about classic monsters, or pay tribute to some of your favorite horror movies with scary quotes.

Zombie attack Halloween tees are easy to make and get in the scary spirit of the holiday. Simply add some blood splatters to your shirt and a few teeth marks and you have a unique costume.

Sweet as Candy T-Shirts

People can get caught up in the scary fun of Halloween and forget about the real reason for the season: candy.

Whether you love going out trick-or-treating or live to swipe some choice pieces from your trick-or-treater candy bowl, everyone can get behind candy on Halloween.

Make some Halloween shirts that show off your sweet tooth! Represent your favorite candy, or show your love for sweets with a funny joke or saying.

candy halloween t-shirt idea

Baby’s First Halloween

halloween infant onesie costumeBabies are adorable in pumpkin and fairy costumes until they need a diaper change, spit up on them, or decide that they’re uncomfortable. Instead of going through the hassle of a traditional costume, make your baby a cute and easy to wear Halloween tee or onesie!

You have a lot of options for your baby’s Halloween apparel. A classic “name’s first Halloween” is always a solid choice, but feel free to get creative with this one.

Make a onesie that says they’re daddy’s favorite monster. Design toddler Halloween t-shirts with a jack-o-lantern face that doubles as a complete costume.

Are you feeling inspired after seeing some of the ideas and designs in this post? Give one of our talented Product & Design Specialists a call at (800) 620-1233—they’ll help bring your design to life in time for your Halloween fun!


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