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5 Things to Ask Custom T-Shirt Printers


March 19, 2019

Here are 5 quick questions to ask before you place orders with custom t-shirt printers.

1. What are your shipping charges?

2. Can you really meet my deadline?… really.

3. What extra fees or taxes are there?
    Ex: Custom Colors, Design Fees, Handling…?

4. What type of images can you work with?
    Ex: Do I need a “Vector” image?

5. Do you offer free design reviews & enhancements?
    Ex: Adjust Images, Text Spacing & Backgrounds?

T-shirt printers are not all equal and neither are their charges so we can’t speak for other companies but to help you comparison shop, we’ve noted our answers below.

Rush Order Tees Answers:

1. What are Your Shipping Charge?

None… period.

All orders are eligible for our industry-leading FREE SHIPPING Nationwide via UPS Standard Shipping!  Need it faster? Rush / express delivery is also available.

2. Can You Really Meet My Deadline? … Really.

Our name is Rush Order Tees for a reason.  A lot of companies that call themselves t-shirt printers aren’t really printers at all; they’re just a middle man.  They take your order but then subcontract your shirts to other t-shirt printers.  At Rush Order Tees, we’ve been printing custom T-Shirts and more for over 10 years!

We have a huge facility with a wide fulfillment bandwidth and do a large volume.  This all comes from years of work and perfecting a system that is fast, efficient, and yields exceptional quality prints. We even get better corporate shipping rates at our high volume that allow us to offer free nationwide shipping with express service also available if needed.

UPDATE: We now offer Custom Delivery Dates.  Read our Press release on Yahoo News.

3. What Extra Fees or Taxes are There? IE: Custom Color Fees, Design Fees, Handling…

None! Not really a whole lot to say here – quite simply we don’t charge any hidden fees at all.  What the quote shows when you design online or call is what the total is – done and delivered.

  • No Design Fees
  • No Shipping Fees
  • No Handling Fees
  • No Color Change Fees
  • No Custom Color Fees
  • No Design Optimization Fees
  • No “No Fee” Fees :)Yes, we have NO FEES.  🙂

4. What Type of Image Files Can You Work With / Do You Accept?

Whatever you have.  :)Many companies force you to send a file in a very specific way as “vector formatted” images. Unless you happen to have professional design programs (and even if you do) it’s pretty tedious sometimes and limiting.

Why do they do that?…

Because they don’t have any in-house designers.  Many custom t-shirt printers subcontract your work because they don’t actually have their own design professionals, production team or even facilities and equipment.  That not only means less to no quality control, it means they can’t convert images or work with you to enhance and optimize your design for printing on fabric – which is very different from printing on paper.

We can convert the files, optimize them for printing and even take into consideration the exact color fabric, printing method and shirts you’re ordering.

Oh, and in case you missed it there are NO FEES for this!  It’s just part of what we do to make sure your order is exceptional and you stay a customer for life like so many others who have taken the time to write online reviews across many sites to say just that.  You call them customers, we call the our “Rushtomers”  … our customers for life.  All it takes is one order and you’ll understand why so many people feel that passionate about our service, quality and pricing.

5. Do You Remove Backgrounds / Adjust (Correct) Image & Text Placement?

Oh yeah – our in-house printing and design experts optimize every order before they go to print… for free.Don’t forget, many “custom t-shirt printers” aren’t printers at all. They subcontract your order and therefore never SEE your actual items.  We actually print your order right here in our US-based corporate headquarters.

Our facilities and equipment are state of the art and the most efficient in the industry.  Our experts, managers, and senior leadership team are all full-time dedicated experienced in-house professionals.  We physically – tangibly – review EVERY ORDER before even thinking about shipping them out to our customers!

Still have questions?  We have answers and are happy to help.

Customer Service:  1 (800) 620-1233



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