Brand Spotlight: Hanes

hanes hoodie

Hanesbrands owns all of your favorite apparel. From Champion and Playtex to Alternative Apparel and ComfortWash, it’s safe to assume that you already have some Hanes apparel in your closet.

If there’s an apparel type on the market, a Hanes brand has made it and has their own specialized version of it. Whether you need simple t-shirts, heavy hoodies, or different kinds of apparel, Hanes has what you need. Continue reading “Brand Spotlight: Hanes”

A Simple Guide To Embroidery Care

embroidery apparel care

When you first lay eyes on your newest piece of embroidered apparel, you’re thinking two things:

1) This came out so nice!
2) How can I keep this as clean as possible?

In truth, caring for embroidered clothing isn’t too different from caring for your other clothes. Our embroidery work is built to last and can easily be put into a washing machine and dryer. Continue reading “A Simple Guide To Embroidery Care”

Color Matching Your Company Logo on Custom Apparel

pantone ink

Putting your business logo on custom apparel is a great way to advertise your brand; when you’re ordering custom gear for your company, we know it’s important that your logo looks as recognizable and professional as possible. Whether you’re a small startup or a big corporation like Google or Amazon (both of whom are on our client roster), specializes in matching your logo’s exact colors to ensure your gear looks cohesive, no matter what you order! Continue reading “Color Matching Your Company Logo on Custom Apparel”