Stranger Things Season 2 Gets Green Light: Teaser & Details!

When Stranger Things first debuted on Netflix last month, no one was really quite sure what to expect. The teasers seemed interesting, the premise sounded cool enough, and Netflix’s original series’ have done so well lately that it almost feels like anything with a Netflix Original stamp on it is going to be gold. But it also looked kinda cheesy–a blatant throwback to 1980s sci-fi cinema, stylistically and contextually? We were up in the air about it. Finding the perfect balance of style and substance can be tough to execute, especially when tackling a period piece. Long story short, we were hopeful, but not convinced. Luckily, Stranger Things did the talking.

The series takes place in 1983 Hawkins, Indiana, and follows the mysterious disappearance of Will Byers, a 12-year-old local kid who seemingly vanished into thin air. Byers’ mother, friends, and law enforcement dig deeper into Byers’ disappearance, and the deeper the go, the more crazy things become.

If you haven’t yet watched the first season of this incredible sci-fi-supernatural-horror-1980s-genre-series, now is absolutely the time.

In the meantime, we’re really excited to share the news that Netflix announced today the official announcement of Stranger Things Season 2, which will debut sometime in 2017. Check out the teaser above!

Part of what we love most about Stranger Things is its incredible aesthetic. It pays perfect homage to one of our favorite decades–the ’80s–in all its poofy-haired, carbureted, electric-colored glory. We decided to have a quick look around the Internet to see what everyone was saying about the show’s aesthetic, and luckily, we’re not the only ones admiring it. Here are our favorite t-shirts from the show, so far:


The Boy Band Tees You Wished You Had in the 90s (and Now)

The 14 Best Big Ten Fan T-shirts

best big ten shirts

The start of fall means the start of Big 10 football season! Whether you went to a Big 10 school or not, we’re willing to be that there’s at least one team on this list that you can get behind and cheer for. So pick a team and one of these Big 10 fan t-shirts (or a few).

Iowa Hawkeyes

Iowa Hawkeyes shirt

What represents Big 10 fan t-shirts better than a University vs. State commemoration? One of the Iowa Hawkeye’s most anticipated games each year is the one against the Iowa State Cyclones.

Illinois Fighting Illini

Illinois illini shirt

Illinois’ logo went from a decorate chieftain to an innocuous single letter “I,” but true fans stick to the original when they’re rocking the fan gear to a game. Just call it a “throwback” if anyone gives you lip (they won’t).

Michigan State Spartans

Michigan state shirt

It’s hard to think of a more appropriate Big 10 fan t-shirt–Michigan State is notoriously awesome at football and basketball, AKA the only college sports people really care about.

Michigan Wolverines

Michigan Wolverines

This school represents the other half of the state of Michigan’s sports fans.

Wisconsin Badgers

Wiconsin badgers shirt

There are certainly lesser teams in the Big 10 that would like to take a lesson from good ol’ Bucky.

Minnesota Golden Gophers

Minnesota Golden Gophers

Every team has their own catchphrase, and Minnesota takes it to another level! Their catchphrase happens to be in a whole different language–one that only Golden Gophers can understand.

Purdue Boilermakers

Purdue boilermakers shirt

Death by boiling is something that Ancient Greeks were infamous for. Show your savage nature and scare the kids with this Purdue Big 10 fan t-shirt!

Indiana Hoosiers

Indiana Hoosiers shirt

This Big 10 fan t-shirt comes with a mini geography lesson. Purdue fans won’t need it, but maybe the new East coast Big 10 teams will!

Northwestern Wildcats

Northwestern wildcats shirt

Has your university been around since 1851? If not, step aside.

Ohio State Buckeyes

ohio state buckeyes shirt

All the other Big 10 schools act like they hate Ohio State, but will always cheer on their conference during football and basketball championship games. “Won Not Done” seems to be an appropriate motto for them.

Nebraska Cornhuskers

Nebraska Cornhuskers

Nebraska gets slightly politically-charged with this one. Nebraska is new to the Big 10, so we’re still waiting to see how exactly they fit in.

Penn State Nittany Lions

Penn State white out shirt

Or navy. Either would be appropriate. Rock the Penn State look with this Mean Girls quote-inspired fan t-shirt.

Rutgers Scarlet Knights

Rutgers knights t-shirt

The Rutgers Scarlet Knights obsession with the letter R means that maybe they should have been the Pirates instead. But East Carolina already has that covered…

Maryland Terrapins

Maryland Terrapins shirts

“Terps” has to be the best abbreviation for a sport’s team in history. We’re willing to bet you’d wear this shirt even if you don’t go to Maryland (well, maybe).

Are there any other Big 10 fan t-shirts you’re planning to rock this football season? We’d love to see how you make these your own! Tell us about your ideas in the comments below.

Maddy Osman creates engaging content with SEO best practices for marketing thought leaders and agencies that have their hands full with clients and projects. Learn more about her process and experience on her website, and read her latest articles on Twitter: @MaddyOsman.

How to Secure a Sponsor for a Charity Event

Charity event sponsors

Organizing a charity event is an excellent way to raise awareness and funds for any worthy cause. Sometimes, however, they can cost a pretty penny to get up and running. The venue, potential host fees, giveaways, and meals for attendees can enhance the draw of the event to make it something very special, but all have a monetary cost associated with them. In order to offset these costs and avoid sacrificing any of the good stuff, it makes sense to look into getting sponsors for your charity event.

It’s not as hard as it seems! Both local businesses and corporations are always on the lookout for the chance to give back to their communities (not to mention securing some nice tax deductions). On top of that, prominent logo placement and continuous mentioning of the sponsorship helps expose their brand and works as marketing for them.

Here’s how to secure a sponsor for a charity event:

Aligning Interests

securing charity sponsors

Before you go out and try to get sponsors, it’s important to first identify the target audience for your event. This will help you make sure that you’re asking the right people. Corporations and businesses are most likely to sponsor events that align with their customers’ interests. For example, if you’re planning for a family-friendly event that’s casual and simple, you wouldn’t want to seek out corporate sponsorships from luxury brands like Louis Vuitton or Chanel.

If you don’t already have a firm grasp on things, collect data about the market you’re after by reaching out to employees, partners, and any connections they have in the local community. This will help you make sure that you’re asking in the right corporate sponsorship category. 

Look for The Right Person to Approach

securing sponsors

According to Sponsorship and Business Mentor Linda Hollander, the best place to start looking for a corporate sponsorship is their marketing department. If the company is big enough to have a public relations or community affairs department, however, you may choose to start there instead.

Once you’ve determined the ideal department to start looking for a sponsor, make the first introduction through phone call. For something like this, it is important that you build a strong relationship. For this purpose, do not make your first contact via email, as it might limit you.

Once you have a strong enough connection, you can continue the conversation through email. Take note that you’re unlikely to get in touch with a corporate sponsor through online forms. Find a way to make a better connection–LinkedIn, a warm connection through a friend, etc.

Write an Excellent Proposal

Sponsor proposal

Your proposal will serve as the bridge to connect with the corporate sponsor you’re after. As such, it has to be written in a certain tone and with the right usage of words.

Here are some things to include in your proposal:

  • A brief story – Tell a personal story relating to the event you are organizing. Be sure to pack it with emotion that will connect with the sponsor and drive them to action.
  • Your mission and goal – Let them know what you want to do, the goal of your event, and how they can help you accomplish it.
  • Demographics – You and your sponsor’s target demographics should fall into the same category to align your interests.
  • Benefits of sponsorship – Explain how they will benefit from sponsoring your event. This is where to include things like logo placement, prominent attendees, ect.
  • Sponsorship levelsLinda Hollander was once told by a sponsor that they throw out proposals that do not have various monetary specifics laid out.

Plan Your Event with Sponsors Already in Mind

Find your sponsors in your early planning stages so that while you are organizing your event, you can take their interests into consideration. The company’s intention behind sponsorship is to form a positive association between the corporate sponsor (brand) and the event attendees (consumers).

Provide exposure for your corporate sponsor by displaying their logos on promotional signage and materials. As a part of your highest sponsorship level, offer to mention their business or name in any media that covers the event. If possible, give your sponsor a chance to be a part of the planning, so that both of your interests are taken into consideration.

Always Follow Up (Before and After the Event)

securing charity sponsors

The secret to sales (or corporate sponsorships, in this case), is always following up, even if you don’t receive an initial response. Everyone is busy, and your event is not their first priority.

After you make a deal and they attend your event, show them special treatment as a sign of fulfillment and gratitude. Take the time to give them an event recap once all is said and done, and recount the exposure you got for their brand. This is an important step that builds the groundwork for a continuous and ongoing relationship for future events!

Do you have more tips for how to get a sponsor for a charity event? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

Maddy Osman creates engaging content with SEO best practices for marketing thought leaders and agencies that have their hands full with clients and projects. Learn more about her process and experience on her website, and read her latest articles on Twitter: @MaddyOsman.

5 Tees That Understand All of Your #TeacherProblems

Teacher problems

As summer comes to a close, many people sympathize with the students heading back to the classroom. In a few days, they’ll be confined to the classroom–sitting at desks, filling out math worksheets, and studying for science tests. But, while it’s commonly known and accepted that kids dread back to school season, most people underestimate the stress and struggle that is placed on teachers this time of year.

Not us. Teachers, we hear you. We feel your pain. We can only imagine your struggle. The beginning of the school year means you’ll have to throw yourself right back into the swing of things–lesson plans, faculty meetings, and a whole new bucket full of student names to learn. (3 Joeys? Come on!) You also have to deal with simple problems that come day-to-day–particularly dealing with students and not getting frustrated! A teaching career is extremely rewarding, but it is not without speed bumps along the way.

While your students are cramming in their summer reading books, take a minute from setting up your classroom. These t-shirts will understand all of your #TeacherProblems.

Pencil Problem

Straight Outta Pencils

Ah, the pencil predicament. Why does it seem that no matter how many packs of fresh pencils you enter the school year with in September, they all seem to vanish before Thanksgiving break? It is a true magical feat to hang onto a pencil for more than one week. Sadly, aside from pencils left on the floor and cleaned up by the custodians, teachers can often be to blame for this. Too many short answers, too many notes, the dreaded “show all of your work” rule–you’ve likely heard all the complaints in the book. Regardless, sometimes it can be difficult to fight the urge to tell your classroom that you are simply not a pencil factory. You’re straight outta pencils, the kids will need to buy their own.

Dissin’ the Dismissin’

I Dismiss You T-shirt

That bell at the end of class is a sound from the heaven–for students, that is. They enjoy it so much, in fact, that when that “brrrrrrrrrnnngggg” rattles in their eardrums, they make a beeline for the door at the speed of The Flash. For you, however, the frustration of getting cut off by the bell–probably mid-sentence while reminding your class of the homework that’s due the next day–is a nightmare. It’s one of the most dreaded and inevitable teacher problems there is.

In a student’s world, though, you know that the bell rules all. If you really want to lay down the law, it takes a constant, daily reminder that the bell does not dismiss class. You dismiss class.

Fearless Leader

funny teacher t-shirt

With everything students will throw your way, it’s important to have a strong backbone. No matter what the case, you deal with stressful situations day in and day out. Despite school rules in place, some students will still seek ways to terrorize you, but at the end of the day, it’s just not going to work. There’s nothing happening that hasn’t been seen before. Props to you, teachers, for standing your ground.

For when you need a little support to stay strong, here’s a t-shirt supporting your fearless life.

Noise Control

Teacher Voice t-shirt

Every teacher has gotten to the point where the collective voices of their students have gotten a little bit too loud. During partner activities, group worksheets, and science labs it’s unavoidable. And the younger your students, the worse it gets.

You’re all too familiar with the voice that comes out when they just refuse to quiet down–that loud, commanding teacher voice. We’re hoping you have the hand clap down by now so that your teacher voice rarely needs to make a showing.

Time Saver

Funny teacher t-shirt

When you took on teaching as a career, you knew it wasn’t going to be a walk in the park. Much to your frustration, students love to question your methods and provide advice on whatever is being taught. Sometimes you just don’t have the time to explain that not only have you been doing this for years and have a degree in what you’re teaching, but also that you have enough on your plate already to re-think your entire lesson plan. For those who need it most, rest assured that you are right 100% of the time. Just to save time.

The Dark Side of Design: Tim Burton’s Artistic Flair

Tim Burton

When it comes to art, whether in imagery, music, film, or any combination, often the most memorable work is the peculiar kind–the kind that makes us feel a little uncomfortable. Tim Burton is undoubtably one of the masters of slightly discomforting artistry, combining design in a way that is just strange enough to make us always want more. It would be impossible to deny that his distinct artistic style brought to life the universes he created and populated with characters like Beetlejuice, Jack Skellington, and Edward (of the Scissorhands). We also enjoyed his stylistic injections put a new, darker spin on classics, like Alice In Wonderland, Batman, and, yes, Pee-wee Herman. 

To throw around “gothic” and “darkly comedic” would be easy—and we’ll probably do it—but there is something undeniable in the world of Tim Burton that transcends his films. We see his style in our day-to-day lives show up in fashion and design. If it’s a unique look you are going for, then sometimes you have to bite off the greats. Let’s take a look at Burton’s most telling traits. 

Reading between the stripes

Tim Burton Stripes

Stripes are arresting—we don’t mean that they represent prison bars, although there may be something there subconsciously for Burton. Beetlejuice is trapped in the Netherworld, and Jack Skellington is trapped in a perpetual celebration of all things spooky, so perhaps that is why his leading men are often barred in stripes.

Stark stripes and spirals are indicative of Burton’s art, but how will they benefit your design aspirations? Well, it is a form of minimalism that isn’t boring.  Stripes certainly draw the eye.  Stripes and slashes break up the blandness of the monochromatic.  Adidas’ entire logo is three stripes!  Gucci, for a time, was known for trademark green-red-green stripes.  An apparel company, La Ligne, uses the stripe as the basis for all its designs.  Many nations, yes, including our own, find stripes to be the best representation of their country.  There must be something to it.  Will they work for your brand’s identity?  They don’t need to be as stark as Beetlejuice’s, but think of how much a faint pinstripe can liven-up a suit jacket. 


Time Burton design

When most people first think of Burton’s art and design, they think of his interplay between light and shadow.  The easy word here is “gothic.”  We don’t mean mere shadowy contrast, but the meticulously executed drama of lighting, contrast, depth, and volume. These are all present even in his animated worlds like in Frankenweenie, or his portrayal of Gotham in Batman. What about the dark, sunken, cadaverous eyes of his characters contrasted with their generally ashen faces—Beetlejuice, Jack Skellington, Sweeny Todd, Victor Van Dort?  Whether or not you think it’s too macabre, take a look at advertisements for designer fragrances and in the high-end fashion world.  Why do they tend toward the drama of light and dark—eye makeup so heavy, the models may very well have walked off a Burton set?  It adds an intensity and drama where it may not exist to begin with.

From faces to sets, Burton’s world is one of great contrast in light and dark—a study in shadow.  You don’t need the artistic chops of Rembrandt to use chiaroscuro principles in your design. Both black and white people focus on things like structure and text, so perhaps the back ground of your next swag design or landing page should be a dark wash with the text or foreground image popping through in a lighter shade.  If your images lack the desired dramatic effect, then consider the black and white spectrum to add contrast where it might be missing.  You don’t want your audience missing your message or the energy of your brand.  But we all know that color is the heart and soul of brand recognition.  Has Burton failed us in the world of the color wheel?  Of course not.

Be ready to contradict yourself

Tim Burton Design

Burton is not a monochromatic ghoul as some might think.  Grayscale and pop color often go hand-in-hand in the worlds Burton creates.  There are often two worlds in Burton’s films that are at odds chromatically and ideologically—like Christmastown and Halloweenland in The Nightmare before Christmas—but they work.  Think of the bright clothes and suburban setting in Edward Scissorhands coupled with the pale skin, black duds, and sunken features of Edward—not to mention the castle on the hill where he was “born”.  What about the flowers, fields, and colorful freaks of Big Fish?  These gray washes coupled with pops of color create conflict and narrative without overtly saying anything. 

Maybe your logo or webpage has a dark color as its underlay, but the logo itself is a pop of color?  Perhaps you want the logo to stand out on your custom swag, or the buttons on your webpage to pop.  The dynamism of your brand can come through simply with contrasts of color.

Victorian (Steampunk) Influence

Tim Burton Design

Burton’s costumes have certainly been an inspiration to the Victorian elements seen in certain steampunk fashion and film revivals.  He brought the elements together in the antiquated industry of Edward’s hands and outfits in Edward Scissorhands, as well as in the sets and outfits of Sleepy Hollow, Sweeny Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street, and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

If an antiquated and classic feeling speaks to your brand, then Burton it up!  Liquor brands like The Kraken Black Spiced Rum use an antiqued design that seems to scream Burton.  For your logo design, try mixing plain silhouette with any brand of industrial whimsy. If you need inspiration, check out our post on Steampunk specific designs!

Going to Stitches

Time Burton Design

Look, are we focusing on this element of Burton’s artistic oddities because we do custom embroidery? We totally are! But how can you deny the awesome stitched up faces and bodies of many of Burton’s best biological blunders–9, Frankenweenie, and Corpse Bride?  They could easily be perceived as gruesome or grotesque, but the genius of Burton always lends an edge of the endearing and hopeful to even his most cadaverous creations.  So bring your logo back from the dead.  Why not stitch on your design?

Even if you don’t like Burton’s style, you have to admire the worlds he builds from mere sketches.  In books like The Napkin Art of Tim Burton: Things You Think About in a Bar and The Art of Tim Burton, a book inspired by an exposition of his artwork at New York City’s Museum of Modern Art (MOMA), it is often noted that Burton’s sketching is obsessive, and that these mere sketches can turn into the Burton universes we know and love. If you take away anything from our look at Tim Burton’s art in your quest for a logo, t-shirt design, or renovation of your office space, let it be this: save your doodles!  There may be whole worlds behind them.

Ryan R. Latini is a freelance writer working in the Greater Philadelphia Area.  Check out his website, The Narrative Report at, or follow him on Twitter @RyanRLatini.

Rush Order Tees Makes the Inc. 5000 List: A Testament to Hard Work and Customer Focus

Rush Order Tees Inc 5000

Here at Rush Order Tees, hard work is something engrained in our company culture. In our day-to-day, it goes without a thought–we each come to work to put our best effort forth; to do our jobs, and then do a little more. Occasionally, the payoff of this work ethic is brought to our attention and validates everything we do. Our most recent recognition was one of our biggest so far.

We are proud and honored to be listed on Inc. Magazine’s 5000 fastest-growing private companies in the U.S. As one of many Philadelphia-based private companies to make this year’s list, our ranking of #2317 places us on the top half of the 5000 fastest growing private companies (out of the 6 million that exist in the country!)

The American Dream in Action

Rush Order Tees team

When we look at how far our company has come since it’s humble beginnings, there’s no doubt about the remarkable growth. Mike, Jordan, and Lexi Nemeroff began selling t-shirts out of their Huntington Valley garage back in 2001. While the company has grown each year since, the past few years in particular have taken us to a national level. We’ve seen a 155% growth in revenue, a 250% growth in production, and purchased a 65,000 square foot production and operations facility. In 2016 alone, we’ve added 60 jobs, including entire departments. On top of this, we’ve formed official partnerships with large public media brands and professional sports organizations, including the Philadelphia 76ers.  

“The fact that hard work, always trying to do the right thing, being self-reliant, and investing profits in order to grow has resulted in a successful company of this size, employing over 170 people, is proof that the American Dream is alive and well, ” said Tom Gaydos, our VP of Marketing.

It couldn’t have been put any better. Our company’s growth and placement on the Inc. 5000 has all been perpetuated by great leadership, as well as company values based on persistent hard work and an insatiable hunger for improvement in customer service, technology, and company culture.

Treating Customers Like Family

Our constant focus on customer satisfaction and high quality have been our number one priority from the start. We never wanted to be just a t-shirt vendor for our customers–we always knew good business required more. Forming relationships with each customer has always remained a priority.

Additionally, a large part of treating each customer like family is delivering only products we would deliver to our own family members. Our high standards to meet customer satisfaction from the very beginning are what created the need to make the other investments that would help us meet the demands of our growing customer base.

Investing in Technological Growth

Rush Order Tees Production floor

During the transformation from a family business run out of a garage into a multi-million dollar ecommerce company, there were several encounters where technological investments were required if we wanted to continue growing. In the more recent years, these investments have become much larger. It is now safe to say that we are just as much a technology company as we are an apparel company.

Everything from our design studio to our internal ERP/CRM platforms have been built internally from scratch. In building these, we have been able to take into account very specific customer needs and their user experience. The result is a custom design platform that provides an incredibly easy experience for our customers, and a customer relations management system that allows us to seamlessly assist each customer in every step of the way.

Skilled, Trained, and Motivated Staff

With all of this in place, the third ideal that contributed to our growth is our stringent focus on hiring and developing a highly talented staff. We currently employ 170 staff members who are skilled, motivated to learn, and ready to work. Our training ensures that each of our employees is confident in their specialities and develops a motivation that translates into the work they do. All of this manifests into an excellent customer experience.

Our company consists of six different departments, and key players contribute to success from each one. Our web development team works day and night to improve our design studio, website, and internal capabilities so that we can deliver the best user experience possible for our customers. Their hard work has led us to increasing our capabilities, and in turn expanding our art and production teams, who act as quality control and bring each order to life. Growth in any single department has led to growth in all other departments, and ultimately to the growth of our company’s capabilities.

Setting the Stage for Future Growth

Inc 5000

Needless to say, while we are proud of our accomplishment and honored to be included in the Inc 5000, we are not completely shocked. We have been feeling the big changes here for the past couple of years, and this achievement is a validation that our focus on improvement and dedication to customer satisfaction are paying off. We see it as another step toward our company’s future growth as we continue to move forward, and incentive for us to continue to run good, honest business.

View the formal press release here.

The Digital Retail Model: Brand Subscription Services

Digital Retail Model

In an increasingly busy world, companies are constantly implementing new business models to deliver the products and services that meet the needs of time-strapped consumers. Since people generally have less time to spend on their purchasing decisions, they are most likely to make the purchase that’s most convenient for them. It’s no surprise, then, that subscription-based services have surged in popularity over the last few years. Different businesses go about this in different ways, but all use the same basic business model.

Digital subscribers get items sent to their home on a regular basis based on their preferences/shopping history. Then, after receiving the items either to their home or to the inbox to decide whether to keep the items (and pay for them using their credit card on file) or return them (usually for merchandise credit).  

Here are a few companies finding success with subscription-based models: 



Yoga and workout clothes have become increasingly popular outside of the gym over the last few years. While brands like Lululemon and Athleta have concentrated on the high end of the market and made visiting their retail outlets more of an “experience” than simple trip to the store, Fabletics has taken a different route. Fabletics makes the process of acquiring new workout gear incredibly easy for their loyal customers.  Members create a profile and receive a list of suggestions each month based on their preselected preferences. They can then choose to purchase or decline for the month and use their monthly membership fee the following month.  

The company produces an astounding array of clothing (several dozen new designs each month) and does a great job of suggesting the right pieces to individual customers. Early in their evolution, the brand partnered with Kate Hudson and launched a huge marketing campaign to make sure potential subscribers understood this new model of buying exercise gear. So far it seems to have worked. The brand has seen steady growth, and plans to expand beyond their key demographic of physically active women.  


Lootcrate box

When the pop-culture of this decade is examined by historians, it’s going to be remembered for the explosion of “Geek Culture.” Comic book characters, science fiction, fantasy, animation, video games, and other “nerdy” stuff seem to dominate the conversation recently. Along with the mass popularity of formerly niche properties came the desire for people to own merchandise displaying their fandom. If you need proof, just take a note of how many stores are selling something related to “Geek Culture” next time you are at the mall.

Lootcrate meets this demand head-on by having customers fill out an online survey of their interests (Marvel vs. DC, Playstation vs. XBox, Star Wars vs. Star Trek, etc.) and merchandise preferences (t-shirts vs. action figures, posters vs. graphic novels, etc.). Customers then receive a custom curated “crate” every month with items the company thinks they will like. The crates are pretty affordable, starting at under $10, and include merchandise from the biggest franchises in the industry.  The company makes sure to appeal to both casual fans and hardcore collectors by providing a variety of products at a good price, and throwing in an element of surprise each month.

Stitch Fix

Stitch fix

Before Stitch Fix, personal stylists were for the rich and famous. This company changed that with their concept of making a style professional available to “regular people” at an affordable price.  Shoppers on the site set up a profile that lists their size, preferred style, favorite colors, and other essential information. Then, each month, personal stylist then matches the customer up with a number of products from their wide array of styles that he/she thinks will appeal to them.

Additionally, each shopper has the same stylist handling their account month-to-month, which allows for a relationship to form and the stylist to provide more and more personalized suggestions each month.  In the event this system doesn’t work, the client can request switching stylists at any time. 

Stitch Fix combines personalized shopping, versatile pieces of clothing, and a monthly element of surprise to keep customers happy and loyal.

Dollar Shave Club

Dollar Shave Club

While not as “fun and exciting” as some of the other entries on this list, the business model of Dollar Shave Club is hard to argue. Almost everyone shaves, almost everyone needs to replace their razors on a regular basis, and almost no one likes going to the store to buy new razors. So, Dollar Shave Club decided to deliver razors to almost everyone’s home. The company has made a huge impact in the last few years and aims to continue taking a larger piece of the disposable razor market from stores like Wal-Mart and Target. 

Dollar Shave Club may not be as cool as clothes picked out by a personal stylist, or a crate of random comic book merchandise, but it does make personal grooming easier and takes care of one more item that customers might forget to pick up at the store. 

Marvel Unlimited

Marvel Unlimited Package

The comic book industry has been struggling for a long time. Not the idea of comic book superheroes (that’s never been stronger), but the sales of actual physical copies of comic books.  A few years ago, Marvel attacked the problem of decreasing sales head-on with their introduction of Marvel Unlimited. Their new service forever changed the way readers got their comic fix. 

Before Marvel Unlimited, comic books were released much like magazines–one issue came out each month and cost a few dollars.  This forced readers to go to store, spend money, and read the story arc at a pace decided by the writers. MU changed this paradigm by releasing digital versions of nearly every comic book Marvel has ever published for less than $10 per month. Searching for specific issues and getting to the comic shop before an issue sold out quickly became a thing of the past. 

Overall, companies using the digital subscription model have found success by doing extensive market research to figure out exactly what their customers want, and then providing it at a reasonable cost. One potential pitfall for consumers is not returning merchandise in a timely fashion and getting charged for items they do not want. Luckily, it seems like most of these companies adequately explain the terms before customers sign up, and most are reasonable with customers.

Angelo Gingerelli is a New Jersey native, stand-up comic, streetwear enthusiast, and avid hip-hop fan.  He has been writing for various publications since 2009 and currently contributes to, and Rush Order Tees. Learn more about Angelo on his website and on Twitter @Mr5thRound.

Critical Information to Include on a Charity Event Shirt

Charity event t-shirt

Planning a charity event is hard work. In order for an event to be a smash hit, you must pay careful attention to every detail. One particularly important detail is the thing your participants will leave with–their event shirt.

Charity event t-shirts make for a great wearable on the day of your event, unite your participants in the cause, and act as your participants’ souvenirs. After the event, they serve as a reminder for the good that was done. Everyone loves a good keepsake! In order to make the most out of this investment, you’ll want to create a an appealing shirt with a clear message. Ultimately, when the right information is included in your design, your shirt acts as a tool to raise more awareness for your cause.

When creating your next charity event shirt, make sure to include all of the following critical information:

The name of the charity

If you hope to maximize the effects of your charity event t-shirts, you need to display the name of your charity in a way that’s easy to read and commands attention. If the charity has a recognizable logo, use that. Otherwise, clear and bold text works just fine. Consider repeating the name on both the back and front of the t-shirt for maximum impressions.

The name of the event

Walk for breast cancer shirt

Some charities are known almost exclusively for the specific events they put on. Other charities host annual events that keep them relevant with participants who return year after year. Whether you’ve held your event before or are just starting out, it’s critical to include your event name on your t-shirt. This will help to increase awareness for your event, and sometimes, the promise of a t-shirt is enough incentive for people to sign up for an event. Make sure that when people see your shirt worn in public, they know exactly what it’s for.

The year of the event

If your charity puts on an annual event, or you suspect that it will become one, it is vital to include the year in your t-shirt design. By adding the year on your shirt somewhere on large enough to be seen (perhaps after the event name), you create a collectible item that people will want to keep coming back for!

Where to get more information

If you want your charity event t-shirt to truly act as a marketing piece for the uninitiated, you need to make it easy for people to get more information once you’ve peaked their interest. While the hope is that the t-shirt sparks conversation and encourages people to share their own involvement, sometimes it will only been seen in passing. By adding a website where people can get more information, however, you ensure that even those passing by have an easy way to learn more and get involved.


Charity sponsors t-shirt

Most charitable events wouldn’t be possible without the generous donation of caring sponsors. Don’t forget to include their logos on your event t-shirts! In some cases, this comes as part of their donation package, but even it it’s not contractual, it’s the right thing to do. Including their logo will make them more likely to donate or sponsor for future events. Don’t risk missing out on future sponsorship opportunities–make sure you cover your back!


Though not technically critical information to include on a charity event t-shirt, good t-shirt design often makes the difference between a t-shirt that gets thrown away and forgotten, and a beloved t-shirt that gets worn until it’s threadbare. Oftentimes, design is the last thing people think about, but it should be a part of initial plans. If you need help, Rush Order Tees has several tools to make sure your design turns out exactly how you want it.

Designing your event t-shirt is all about covering your bases. Be sure to include all of the information that potential participants would need to know. When done right, charity event t-shirts can contribute to the success of your event for years to come.

Have you been a part of designing a charity event t-shirt before? What were some of the things you learned through the process? We’d love it if you could share your expertise in the comments with others just getting started!

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The Worst Trends in NFL Fan Merchandise

NFL Merchandise

As football season rapidly approaches and players begin their grueling schedule of practices, weight training, and running drills, it’s time for fans to prepare, too. Most fans quickly begin gearing up for the new season with great new merchandise to show their support for their favorite team. The NFL does an impeccable job of offering fans nearly endless choices of ways to wear their team’s colors, but some are better investments than others. 

Here are some of the worst trends in NFL fan merchandise:

Rookie Jerseys

Johnny Manziel Jersey

Every April, NFL teams draft the best college players in the country or the next season in hopes of improving their standing. Teams that draft high-profile college stars often have the player’s jerseys available within a few days after. Super-fans don’t hesitate to pay a pretty penny (usually over $100) to have the newest available jersey. 

The problem with this scenario is that there is no guarantee the player will be any good for your team.  He could get traded, injured, arrested, or suspended before he even suits up for a game. He could even be a total bust and viewed as the worst thing to ever happen to the franchise (let’s hope not). In short, there are a ton of scenarios where you will end up sorry that you bought a rookie’s jersey. It’s best to let a player prove himself for your team before you make a purchase. 

Jumping on the Bandwagon Too Late

Old superbowl hoodie

Casual fans often support the latest team that makes it to the playoffs or the Super Bowl. There’s nothing wrong with being a casual fan, but buying gear for this year’s Super Bowl team is a huge mistake if you want to continue to associate yourself with winners for the next few years.

No league is built for parity more than the NFL. Due to injury, free agency, short playing careers, and several other factors, teams do not normally have many successful seasons in a row. There are notable exceptions, like the current New England Patriots run, but most teams are not built to be contenders for more than a season or two. Jumping on a bandwagon this year can leave you with a whole lot of merchandise of the worst team in the league next year.

Draft Apparel

NFL draft caps

The NFL is such an entertainment behemoth that they can sell almost anything. Fans will buy anything, from the workout clothes prospective players wear in the NFL Scouting Combine, to the hats they wear at the podium on draft day. The Combine gear looks awesome when it’s worn by the greatest athletes on Earth, however, if you are a regular guy or girl wearing it to the jog on the treadmill, you look ridiculous.

The “Draft Day” hats are at least cool for about a week, but they quickly look like old news once the season goes on, adding them to the list of the worst trends in NFL fan merchandise.  It’s great to be excited when your team drafts new talent, but save your money for the actual season.

Too Hot?

Eagles tank top

Most NFL fans start getting excited about the season in August, when training camp is all over ESPN. Around this time, stores like Lids, Champs and Dick’s also fill their stock of the new season’s apparel. This often leads to fans buying a lot of summertime products, like beach towels, BBQ sets, and sleeveless shirts with their team logo. This stuff will look cool for August and maybe part of September, but will be useless once the temperature drops for the majority of the season.

Buying Jerseys That Everybody Knows Are Bad

Bad Steelers throwback jersey

The NFL designates several “Throw Back Games” every year, where the teams wear old-school versions of their uniforms. Some of these are classic jerseys that will never go out of style. Others, however, are abominations that everyone agrees were even a bad idea back at the time they were used. 

Most of these jerseys are available for fans to purchase, but we’d advise against them. They often lead to confusion as to what team you’re rooting for, as well as questions like “Are you a big rugby fan?” It’s best to stick with one of the regular team jerseys.

Body Paint

NFL body paint

Being a fan is cool. Showing your support with a jersey or hat is cool. Showing up at a game with your bare chest painted in your team’s color is not. 

Did we miss any of the worst trends in NFL fan merchandise? Think any of these are wrong? Let us know in the comments!

Angelo Gingerelli is a New Jersey native, stand-up comic, streetwear enthusiast, and avid hip-hop fan.  He has been writing for various publications since 2009 and currently contributes to,, and Rush Order Tees. Learn more about Angelo on his website and on Twitter @Mr5thRound.