5 Pop Culture-Inspired Tea-shirts

Tea Shirts

According to the Tea Association of the U.S.A. Inc., Americans consumed over 80 billion servings of tea in 2015. That is an exuberant amount of caffeine. In the lifelong struggle that is staying awake, coffee and tea have become the life force that fuels early morning commuters and those who need that extra boost at the half way point of their shift. 

For most, there is no choice between coffee and tea–you’re either a diehard fan of one or the other. But in this post we’re focusing specifically on the glorious beverage that’s been around for thousands of years. Here are five pop culture tees for people who are obsessed with tea. 

Dalek with Tea

Dalek Tea T-shirt

This is not just a great tee for someone that loves tea–it’s also a classic quote from one of the most beloved television shows on the planet, Dr. Who. The mostly terrifying and often repetitive Daleks are known as one of the Doctor’s most feared enemies. They are never the source of much hilarity, except for one particular occasion in series 5 of the hit BBC show when the Doctor traveled back to World War II and encountered the first Dalek that wasn’t immediately out to exterminate him. This particular Dalek was not only friendly, but he also offers to make tea.  

Sherlock’s Coffee (Surprisingly Okay)

Starbucks Tea Shirt

Sherlock is the modern retelling of the classic Sir Arthur Conan Doyle novels following the super genius sleuth Sherlock. In season 3, Dr. John Watson (Martin Freeman) asks Sherlock to be his best man at his wedding. Sherlock is so shocked by the question that he accidentally sips a cup of tea with a human eye floating in it.

When Watson asks Sherlock how it tasted, Sherlock responds with “surprisingly okay.” The hilarious shirt is designed like the Starbucks Coffee logo, but instead the siren is replaced by the human eye-infested cup of tea. 

Kermit, Sipping Tea

Kermit Tea Shirt

Inspired by the popular Internet meme, this tee features everyone’s favorite Muppet, Kermit the Frog, sipping a large glass of tea. Why has this clip from The Muppets become so famous? Well a quick Google search will reveal that the picture is used anytime someone wants to express an opinion, but wants to emphasize that it’s none of their business. Whether you’re a fan of Kermit, The Muppets, tea, or popular internet memes, this shirt has it all. If you’re truly a fan of any these you would buy this shirt, “but that’s none of my business.” 

Tea, Earl Grey–Hot!

Earl Grey T-shirt

Earl Grey is not only a popular flavor of tea, but it’s also the preferred beverage of Captain Jean-Luc Picard. Picard orders Earl Grey multiple times throughout the Star Trek series. 

The design is elegant and simple, and features a large blue mug with the words “Tea Earl Grey Hot” in the cup. This could be just a normal tea-inspired t-shirt, but the quote also makes it a Meta piece of Star Trek: The Next Generation apparel. 

Tea Time–Adventure Time

Tea Time Adventure Time shirt

Here’s another tee that’s appropriate for both an avid fan of a popular television series, and the average tea enthusiast. This clever tee mixes the imaginative Cartoon Network series, Adventure Time, with everyone’s favorite coffee alternative.