Think Like A Shark: Success Strategies For Small Businesses

Shark Week

It’s Discovery Channel’s Shark Week, so that means just one thing. Get your butt in front of the television and watch the greatest week of marine programming known to man. What? You have a business to run? A family to feed? Well, you’re in luck because we just so happen to have some extra-sharp Shark Week tips that can help you stay creative and keep your small business swimming at the speed of a great white, all while you’re in the midst of your couch surfing marathon.

Like the sharks on ABC’s Shark Tank, we’re no strangers to what it takes to run a business. We’ve been doing it for years. Follow along with us to learn five ways that you can think like a shark.

Craft The Perfect Elevator Pitch

Hungry shark

Your shark instincts are telling you that you’re hungry, but you can’t quite smell the prey. There may be other fish around, but maybe they’re not interested just yet. You’ve got to assert your dominance and show them that you mean business. How do you do that for your company?

You can start by developing a simple, interesting, and engaging elevator pitch–something you can rattle off to your prospective customers in 30-60 seconds that tells them who you are, what you do, why you do it, and how. Once you figure out exactly how to convey these important facts about your brand in this short amount of time, you move one step closer to gaining customers. 

Develop A Larger Story Around Your Business Or Brand

Coral Reef Shark

Oh yes, you’re mighty hungry now. Your elevator pitch has opened the door and the other big fish are running scared, they know a shark is coming. As they flit behind their coral reefs, or scurry up onto the nearest land they can find, you’re tracking down the best dinner you can find. To use a fishing pun, you’re about to catch them hook, line, and sinker.

Once you’ve hooked your potential customers with an elevator pitch, meaning they are interested in learning more, you can draw the story of your business or brand out further. Maybe an in-person conversation is not the best moment for this, but social media is a great way to tell your story in an interesting and meaningful way.

Create a blog detailing the conception of your business, or to journal your daily thoughts and business occurrences. Inject personality and life into your Facebook page by posting small anecdotes, or things that are relevant to your customers throughout the day. Creative storytelling leads to building your business and getting people invested in what you’re doing.

Seek Out Your Customers On Their Home Turf

Shark School

You’re a shark. You are a wild, untamed thing, and you have no fear. You’ll infiltrate any of your prey’s dwellings if it means you can satiate your primal instincts. Just like sharks, business owners would do well to seek out customers where they are, not where they think customers will be.

Say you’re a company that specializes in custom designed apparel (hmm, sound familiar?). Where do you find your customers? Well, you can seek them out at youth sporting events, college organizations, fraternities, and sorority meetings, or at VFW meetings. The possibilities are endless, it’s all about proper targeting. Your situation might be a little different depending on how big or small your business’s niche is, but the principle holds the same.

Find out where your customers like to hang out and meet them there, where they’ll be most impressionable about a product that may help them or that they didn’t know they needed. Don’t forget your elevator pitch and direct them to the longer versions of your stories, perhaps by handing out flyers or coupons with your social media handles on them to incentivize them both to engage with your brand, and make a purchase. 

Creatively SELL Your Business To Customers


Do you hear that? That’s the Jaws theme song playing because you’re circling in for the kill. You are the greatest shark that’s ever lived and you’re going to show these nasty fishermen who’s boss. That’s right, in this version of the movie, the big kahuna wins.

Selling is the most critical aspect of your job as a business owner or brand leader. All of the actions you took previously led you to this moment: building a pitch, a longer brand story, and seeking out your customers. How do you get from those steps, to the point where your customers are actually interested in buying your product? Simple. Demonstrate the usefulness of your service, product, or brand. Fulfill the customer’s final need, the one you’ve been dangling by a string, but haven’t dropped yet. Paint the picture that they need to hear to make the purchase. The more visual you can get, the better.



Once you get a new customer to make that first purchase, take a moment to celebrate–you’ve done it. You followed your instincts through the deep, dark sea, and came out with a full belly (and hopefully a nice paycheck). While we don’t recommend celebrating for too long, taking a moment to revel in your successes will always feel good. Until you get hungry again!

Bride and Bridesmaids: T-Shirt Design Inspiration for the Big Day

Bridesmaids shirts

Summer means wedding season and if you’re a young adult woman, there’s a good chance that you’ll be a bridesmaid in at least one wedding this year. If you’re the maid of honor, there’s the additional responsibility on your shoulders to make sure that everything goes well.

If you’ve been put in charge of coordinating outfits for the bridal party on the day of the wedding, here’s some good news. We’ve put together a list of ideas for bridesmaids t-shirts that will look great in pictures and will provide an excellent keepsake once the day has passed.

Bride – Bridesmaid

If you’d like to keep it simple, print one t-shirt that says “Bride” and print the rest of the t-shirts simply saying, “Bridesmaid” for all the bridesmaids in the wedding party. For ideas on how to add a unique flair to the bridesmaid t-shirt design, skip ahead to the end of this article.

Keep Calm, I’m the Bridesmaid

Bridesmaid T-shirt

Are you in a wedding party with a bit of a bridezilla? Sometimes it can be beneficial to be proactive about deep breathing and meditation. Or, you can just have all of the bridesmaids wear a “Keep Calm, I’m the Bridesmaid” t-shirt for more or less the same effect.

Bride’s Entourage

Bridesmaid shirt design

It sounds pretty cool, right? Being the entourage. And you really are, for the day! Proudly boast your important part in the bride’s big day by showing everyone you’re a part of the entourage. For a variation on this theme, “Brides Posse” also works nicely.

Team Bride

Team Bride shirt

A wedding is not Bride against Groom, but you can still show what side you’re most involved with when you wear a “Team Bride” t-shirt. Customize it with the bride’s name for a more personal look and feel!

Bridesmaid Reference

Bridesmaids t-shirt

If your bride has a great sense of humor, your bridesmaid t-shirts may simply contain a reference (or many references) to the cult movie Bridesmaids. IMDB has an extensive list of options directly from the movie to inspire your designs.

The Real Bridesmaids

The Real Bridesmaids shirts

Does your bride love reality TV? Why not incorporate this interest into your bridesmaid t-shirts? Fill in the rest of the shirt by personalizing based on the bride’s name or the wedding venue location.

Bride Tribe

Bridesmaids shirts

Bridesmaids have to stick together for the bride’s sake, especially if things go awry on wedding day. Show your commitment to the cause with “Bride Tribe” shirts.

Other details:

  • Wedding Colors: Match bridesmaid shirts to the wedding colors picked out by the bride and the groom. These t-shirts will be unique if you go to multiple weddings as a bridesmaid and start a collection of bridesmaid shirts.
  • Rhinestones: Bedazzle shirts with shiny gems to make them stand out in a pretty way.
  • Names: Besides the arbitrary “Bride” or “Bridesmaid” label, why not include each person’s name? Rush Order Tees makes it possible to bulk print t-shirts with individual differences.

Which one of these bridesmaid t-shirts could you see your crew wearing? Is there a design we forgot to include? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

Happy Wedding Season!

C.D.O.T.W: Tailgate N’ Tallboys

Tailgate N' Tallboys

This past weekend was full of camping, good beer, and great music for the attendees of the Tailgate N’ Tallboys music festival in Chillicothe, Illinois. The two day event was part of the Bud Light Concert Series, and featured performances from musicians like Kid Rock, Willie Nelson, and Kris Kristofferson, among several others. While we couldn’t get out to Illinois fast enough to make it to the festival, we got our own small taste of the festival when we came across this week’s Customer Design of the Week.

The intricate details in the music festival’s t-shirt design made us feel like we could have been right there in the bed of the pickup, looking up at the stars, and listening to the strumming of a six string. It conveyed an authenticity that otherwise only comes from the amplifier of a country music band itself, and included subtle details that can be picked up only with careful attention.

Our in-house designers were particularly blown away–here’s what they had to say:

Tailgate N' Tallboys

Joe: Looking at this design, I’m amazed that it only took 2 ink colors to print and yet it still retains such a great amount of detail. Everything in the graphic is vividly represented, from the wood grain of the drums, to the strings and frets on the bass and guitar. I’m impressed by the way the designer used the details of the image like the tailgate and the license plate to present some of the event information. My favorite part of the whole design is the cracked tail light–for some reason my eye is continually drawn to it. It’s this subtle yet deliberate attention to detail throughout the whole design that really takes it to the next level.

Tailgate N' Tallboys

Imri: This design shows what you can do with a very limited color palette: in this case, two warm muted colors that look great on charcoal tee. It doesn’t just deliver the message, but it does so in style. It’s a top notch illustration with lots of great details, and clever use of information placement. The dirty, grungy look is called “distress” and it’s perfect for this artwork. The big halftone dots are a nice touch and keep it simple.

I believe this kind of pickup truck is called a dually–big enough to fit all the band gear plus the band members in the front seat as they ride off into the sunset. It’s a good thing they are on a dirt road, because a state trooper might have something to say about those beer cans falling out. But if they’re playing some Skynyrd and give him a tallboy, he’ll probably let them off with a warning.

Bud Light Concerts


Max: I love seeing designs like this come through our doors because they prove that you don’t need a million colors to create something interesting, unique, and—above all—beautiful. We printed this promotional gear for our friends at Bud Light and Limelight in support of their Tailgate N’ Tallboys summer concert series, and we couldn’t be more satisfied with the way it came out. First, the incredible detail preserved in this design, using just two colors, is absolutely masterful. From the drums, guitars, and amplifiers in the bed of the pickup truck, all the way down to the multi-dimensional sandy smoke under the dually tires, the attention to detail is just… Superb, really.

And the texture! The slightly distressed setting sun, the halftones in the clouds and sky—ugh, it’s just brilliant. Additionally, the way the artist incorporated information like the location and date of the concert in the license plate, rear-end, and tailgate of the truck was exceptionally clever and tastefully done. It’s not often we say this, but this week’s CDOTW wasn’t even close. This one was our huckleberry the moment we laid eyes on it. Well done, indeed!

Check out photos from the performances and other activities at the event on their Facebook page!

Tips For Making Your Family Reunion Great

family reunion tips

Each year, we look forward to summertime. It gives us a nice break from school or work, and to get the family together in a way that’s almost impossible during the year. Today, when family members are geographically spread out and people are busier than ever, a family reunion has become the necessary way to get the whole family together in one place. Even with social media allowing us to stay connected to extended family more than ever (more on that later). Hanging out with family face-to-face has become increasingly difficult for most people, so make it count.

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Your Favorite Game of Thrones Characters & Their Favorite Tees

Game of Thrones tees

Sunday night marked the end of Season 6 of HBO’s Game of Thrones and, unsurprisingly, left its entire audience shouting “WHAT?!” at their television screens. Yes, another ten episodes have come and gone, and left us totally perplexed, wondering how we can possibly wait a whole year to find out what is to come in Westeros. While we at Rush Order Tees may not actually have those answers for you, we have at least tried to come up a way for you to pass ten minutes of the next 365 days. Read on to discover the t-shirts your favorite characters have secretly been rocking under their armor all along, then let us know what tees the others would don on casual Fridays.

*WARNING: Contains Game of Thrones Season 6 Finale Spoilers!!!!”

Arya Stark

anonymous t-shirt

Arya may have spent the past couple of seasons trying to lose her identity, and in her last scene of Season 6 we discover that she’s heading in a whole new direction.  While it seems clear now that she has reclaimed her Stark name, she definitely has returned with a more sinister and vengeful attitude then before. It is clear that her future is going to be filled with a little less anonymity and a lot more action, but on her days off from hunting down those on her list, Arya likes to relax in this tee that reminds her of her days working for the Many-Faced God.

Jon Snow

Terminator t-shirt

Jon Snow!  Why is your life filled with such turmoil and surprise?  Once again, the fate of Jon Snow appears to be up to the gods (which gods, we may never know), and devout fans are left wondering when and if the King of the North’s true heritage will ever be revealed to his new supporters.  Either way, rest assured that Jon will be spending his down time inside the walls of Winterfell rocking this souvenir from the last time he came back from the dead.


The Doors t-shirt

Sadly, there have been no signs that one of the most beloved, unassuming, and innocent characters in all the 7 Kingdoms will be joining us again next season. If you are at all akin to celebrity happenings or gossip though, you probably are aware that one of Hodor’s passions is DJing, and perhaps a greater passion is spending the day lying around in this comfortable t-shirt from his favorite band.

Ramsay Bolton

Dog t-shirt

Through the season finale, we continued to mourn the loss of another adored player in the game of thrones. Okay, maybe mourn is a bit of a strong word. Ramsay may have been slightly twisted, perverted, and downright evil, but we hope that he was at least laid to rest in his favorite t-shirt. After all, he was a great dog owner, and he always kept his beasts well-fed.

Daenerys Targaryen

Boat t-shirt

Can it be?  After six long seasons, the Mother of Dragons’s dream has finally been realized and she is sailing her way to the Iron Throne. We’re not sure if The Lonely Island is on her iPod, but Khaleesi definitely is a fan of the life aquatic, and she has the t-shirts to prove it.  We just hope that this one is made of flame-retardant material…

Tommen Baratheon

Shakespeare t-shirt

The Season 6 finale undoubtedly left a lot of viewers shocked and surprised, and perhaps one of the most unexpected moves was Tommen’s sudden descent from his window in the Red Keep.  Whether it was over the collapse of all order within King’s Landing, or the tyrannical rule of his mother, we like to believe the more romantic notion that he simply couldn’t live without his beloved queen, Margaery. After all, Tommen was quite the diehard Romeo.

Sandor Clegane

Chicken t-shirt

If there’s anything we learned from the surprising return of The Hound this season, it is that chicken is truly the key to growing extraordinarily big and strong.  Time and time again we learn that not only does Sandor Clegane prefer the bird to any other protein source, but we can only imagine it is the secret to how he survived burns, stab wounds, and every other unfortunate occurrence in his lifetime.  As his new and short-lived friendship revealed this season of Game of Thrones, there is a reason that he is still alive, and that reason is undoubtedly chicken.

10 T-Shirts to Wear to Your Next Pride Celebration

Pride shirts
On June 12th, America woke up to dreadful news. Like many events in the past, we all will remember where we were when we got word of the devastating shooting at the Pulse Orlando nightclub. While the event could have easily postponed Pride events across the country, members of the LGBTQ community have made their message loud and clear: love is love and love always wins. The following t-shirts are perfect for those who will be attending Pride events, or those who just want to show their love and support for the cause.

1. For the sarcastic supporter.

Many of us have heard the religious argument, “God created Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve.” This shirt is ideal for those who chose to not rely solely on religious text to form personal opinions or beliefs.

2. For the Anti-Trump supporter.

‘Nuff said.

3. For the San Francisco native.

San Francisco has been a beacon in the fight for gay rights. It is home to the first Lesbian-rights organization, and Pride events have been held in San Francisco since 1972. This shirt is great for those who proudly call the city home and those who just love visiting!

4. For the blunt supporter.

This shirt’s message is simple and very matter-of-fact. It’s also the perfect counter argument to the classic saying, “marriage is between a man and woman.”

5. For the Clinton supporter.

With this being an election year, it’s the perfect time to show your support for the LGBTQ community and your favorite candidate. This quote is simple, yet powerful, and perfectly illustrates what many members and allies of the community believe.

6. For the ally.

While many Americans may not identify as bisexual, gay, lesbian, or transgender there are still ways to show your support for the cause. This shirt is great for those who want to march alongside their LGBTQ friends.

7. For the athlete.

This shirt would make the perfect gift for those LGBTQ community members who are also athletes. Plus, who doesn’t love unicorns?

8. For the Disney Fan.

We all love to wear shirts displaying our favorite films or characters. This shirt would make the perfect gift for the Disney-lovin’ LGTBQ supporter. It’s also a nod to the company, who has often proudly shown their support for the cause with their annual Gay Days at the Walt Disney parks.

9. For the Floridian.

Much like the San Francisco shirt featured previously, this shirt honors the memory of those killed in the horrific Orlando attack and also serves as a great gift for Orlando natives, LGBTQ supporters and allies, as well as those who enjoy visiting the iconic vacation spot.

10. For the Comic book nerd.

Is Superman a member of the LGBTQ community? Well, according to the comic books he is not. But, I think all comic book fans can agree that the Man of Steel would be an ally. This shirt is also a wonderful treat for comic book nerds who don’t want to hide their nerdy-ness during Pride events.

Help Us Show Philadelphia’s Support for the Victims in Orlando

Orlando Strong

The recent tragic events in Orlando left us in the same state as others all over the country: speechless. It’s impossible for anyone to fathom lives being taken for no reason. Despite people everywhere wanting to express their grief, no words could possibly make the situation better for the surviving victims who were traumatized, or for the families of the victims who unexpectedly lost their lives. While we’ve all been shocked, the entire nation has made it clear that we will not be static.

This was apparent from every direction–countless groups all over the country who organized vigils in their own cities, thousands of fundraisers donating proceeds to the victims, and news stories of LGBT Parades that marched strong through the difficult time.

Florida’s own LGBT Civil Rights Organization, Equality Florida saw a tremendous outpour of support from people all over the world. The group had immediately set up a GoFundMe campaign in order to raise money for the surviving victims and for the families of those passed. Their humble goal of $100,000 was surpassed within days. Now, just a few short weeks later, the campaign has already received donations from over 114,000 people worldwide, and funds are currently creeping to $6 million. 


Within our shop here at Rush Order Tees, we saw a first hand view of support come soaring in. The influx of orders we were printing “Orlando” on was overwhelming. We had screen printers who work in production coming around to show everyone the shirts they were printing. We had graphic designers sharing the piles of customer designs they were reviewing. The buzz about our customers’ support for the people who endured the tragedy was swarming our entire workplace.

While the nature of our work got us involved automatically, we all felt we needed involvement in some way of our own. Being a family-run and community-based organization ever since the beginning, we knew we had the resources to help make a positive impact right here in the city of brotherly love–a resilient city with a forceful drive towards equality.


Orlando Support

A design we found on really helped get the fire under our feet–Philadelphia local artist Ryan McK created the design that struck a chord in all of our Philly hearts. The design featuring the phrase “Philly Hearts Beat With Orlando” sparked inspiration for the design of our very own fundraising campaign doing what we do best: t-shirts.

Fundraising happens to be our forte here, so there wasn’t much of a question as to how we could help. We also just happen to have a team of 150 hardworking and passionate staff. Team members from every department immediately wanted to get involved. Soon, we were all hands on deck to turn this into a reality.

Philly orlando support

Kacie Doran, a member of our art department, got straight to work. Kacie came up with the beautiful design for the “Philly’s Heart Beats with Orlando” t-shirts for our very own Spread Spirit campaign. Featuring similar mirrored skylines to Ryan McK’s graphic, the design represents the connection felt between Philly and Orlando. We are extremely excited about the support Philadelphia has already shown, and we hope to garner more of it.

Philadelphia residents and Orlando supporters around the country can order their own Philly Heartbeat t-shirt in support of the Orlando victims through Spread Spirit. 100% of the proceeds from the campaign will go straight to Equality Florida’s “Support Victims of Pulse Shooting” GoFundMe campaign. Additionally, Printfly Corp is going to match the total amount raised in the Spread Spirit campaign to donate to the cause. Equality Florida has stated that they are hoping to continue receiving as many donations as possible, and donating all of the funds to the families, the victims, and the witnesses of the shooting in Pulse Orlando.

While there is no undoing the painful damage that has been placed upon the city of Orlando, there is a way for us to be #OrlandoStrong for the victims and for those affected.

Purchase your own “Philly’s Heart Beats with Orlando” shirt on Spread Spirit to show your support for the victims of the Pulse shooting.

The Radio 104.5 9th Birthday Celebration: Day 2

Radio 104.5 9th Birthday Show Banner

We’d be lying if we told you that when we arrived for Day 2 of the Radio 104.5 9th Birthday Celebration,  we weren’t wondering how it could possibly compete with the excellent time we had on Day 1. The first day was filled with beautiful weather, an incredible crowd, and more good music than we knew what to do with. At the time, it seemed like a once-in-a-lifetime experience. So, in our minds, trying to do it all over again seemed almost impossible.

But lo and behold, we were pleasantly surprised. Day 2 of the Birthday Celebration was an absolute riot.

A Big ‘Thank You’ to Radio 104.5 and All of YOU!

For the second day, the weather was again remarkable, and the breeze coming off the water and into the hills of the Pavilion kept things from becoming stifling. The sold-out crowd was energetic and excited, and they really made it worthwhile.

Don’t get us wrong—the opportunity to see the Violent Femmes, Florence & The Machine, The Lumineers, Cold War Kids, and everyone else who delivered positively life-changing performances was really incredible.

But watching the crowd perk up and show us love whenever they saw the bright yellow t-shirts, or watching one of our huge orange-and-white beach balls take flight, or even seeing how excited people were when the team was walking around and handing out drink koozies–that is what really made our time out there special.

We love participating in events like this because they remind us why we do what we do. They help balance out the business side of things with the community side, and give us a bird’s eye view of the people we’re proud to call our customers. To say it was humbling may sound silly at first glance, but really–thank you to everyone who made us feel warm and welcome out there. We hope you remember us as well as we remember all of you.

Anyway, before we go, we just wanted to once again wish our friends over at Radio 104.5 a very happy birthday! Thanks for allowing us the opportunity to come be apart of it.

We’ll see you all next year!

Using Street Art Style in T-shirt Design

Street art in design

What is Street Art?

Your first comprehensive exposure to street art was probably in the city in which you reside, a popular city you’ve visited, or while binge watching Netflix and stumbling upon the documentary Exit at the Gift Shop.

Street art can either be commissioned or illegally crafted. Another word for street art that has a more negative (AKA illegal) connotation is graffiti. In his book The Tipping Point, Malcolm Gladwell popularized the “broken windows theory” which references acts of vandalism, and states that by maintaining urban environments and preventing small crimes, bigger ones are less likely to happen.

People are either very much in support of what they deign freedom of expression, or consider all street art to be an eyesore (and the cause of additional illegal activities in the same spirit as the broken windows theory). If you find yourself in the former school of thought, then you’re in the right place. We’ll be using street art style to design t-shirts.

Important Elements of Street Art

NYC mural street art

It’s not hard to spot street art, but there are some distinct elements that set it apart from other artistic movements:

  • Conveying a message; often political in nature
  • Displyed on a public place/building
  • Rough around the edges in style and execution
  • Images created with stencils and paste ups

Of course, all of these elements of street art are just generalizations. Each piece is much different from the next!

Major Street Art artists

Draw inspiration from these notable street artists:

Shepard Fairey

Barack Obama

If you’ve seen the distinctive “OBEY” graphics and t-shirts, you’re already well-acquainted with the works of Shepard Fairey. He’s also the artist behind the iconic Barack Obama “Hope” poster design. Fairey is one of the most influential street artists currently on the scene.


Banksy dreams

Originally hailing from England, Banksy’s artistic works have caused a stir worldwide. He combines satire and dark humor to create politically-charged messages. To add to the intrigue, nobody actually knows Banksy’s true identity–although the topic is naturally under intense speculation.


ROA Chicago

Another street artist with international acclaim is ROA from Belgium. Unlike Banksy, his works are commissioned murals and not technically considered vandalism. He has a unique obsession with animals, especially in a macabre manner.

Looking for more inspiration? One of Google’s latest projects is working hard to tell the stories behind various street art works, and their designers.

How can you incorporate Street Art into T-shirt design?

Street art tshirt

Here’s the good news: when you incorporate street art into a t-shirt design, you’re completely within your legal rights to freedom of expression! We can’t guarantee the same if you decide to move your design instead to the side of a public building.

There are couple easy ways to get in touch with your inner Street Art artist:

  • Be different. Street art stands out because it defies the norm and stands out. Don’t follow typical design conventions when trying to use street art as inspiration for a t-shirt design.
  • Make a statement. Street artists act questionably by violating the law to express themselves (if the work was not commissioned), but they usually do it to spread a powerful message. What message will you share?
  • Create a stencil. If you’re looking to create more than one t-shirt, you may consider creating a stencil to spray paint on multiple t-shirts for a similar look and feel.
  • Be bright and bold. Use color! Street artists captivate with vibrancy and your t-shirt can do the same by taking advantage of this fact.

How will you add an element of Street Art into your next t-shirt design project? We’d love to hear your thoughts!

Maddy Osman creates engaging content with SEO best practices for marketing thought leaders and agencies that have their hands full with clients and projects. Learn more about her process and experience on her website, and read her latest articles on Twitter: @MaddyOsman.

Unique Ideas for Family Reunion T-Shirt Design

Family Reunion shirts

Now that we’re about halfway through the year, we’re well past the season where families are getting together to exchange ribbon-wrapped gifts and sweet homemade treats. Instead, we’ve entered the season where families are getting together to settle long running horseshoe rivalries and kick back on some grilled hot dogs. Yes, it’s family reunion season, and if there’s one thing we know about these picnics, it’s the essentiality of leaving each year with a great t-shirt.

We come across a few thousand family reunion t-shirt designs around this time each year. And each year, about one less than a few thousand of those designs is a family tree. We’re not saying that they don’t always turn out great, but if you’re planning your second, third, or fourth annual family reunion, you’ve probably used the family tree before.

If you’re stuck trying to think of another design that would be fitting for the whole fam, ponder no more! Here are five design ideas for your family reunion shirts:

Family Coat of Arms

Family Coat of Arms t-shirt

Every last name has its own coat of arms. If you don’t already know your family crest, there are plenty of online resources or books you could check to find out. The family crest is a cool and classic way to represent your family name and show pride in its history.

Do you know what your family name means? If not, you can look it up and add that to the back of the t-shirts for an extra dose of family history.

Jerseys for the Whole Team

Family Jerseys

The family reunion is your time to bring the whole team together. Get ‘em all in uniform! For this year’s shirt, try jersey tees with “Team (Your Family’s Name)” printed on the front, and everyone’s name and number in the family on the back. Seeing grandma, the youngest baby cousin, and everyone in between in the same team uniform will definitely make for good pictures–especially if you plan on organizing some fun games to play. 

Let Your Heritage Shine

Family Heritage T-shirt

You might not necessarily share a last name with everyone at your reunion, but you still share the same heritage and ancestry. Get your family reunion shirts made with your nationality flag. If you have multiple nationalities in your shared bloodline–even better! Your family’s lineup of flags printed alongside your family name will make for an awesome and unique design.

Show Your Growth

Family Reunion shirt

Yes, we know–technically this is a tree. But there’s nothing wrong with an old design sliced a different way! The tree trunk rings image is a great creative way to represent your family’s growth over time. Fill in the phrase with whatever year you can trace your family back to, or the birth year of whoever your oldest common relative is.

Got a Unique Name?

Family reunion shirt

Get creative with your family’s name and play around with a pop-culture reference! We’ve seen families create their own versions of dozens of logos, from the Coca Cola logo, Johnson & Johnson, Campbell’s, Miller light…you name it! If your last name is even visually similar to any brand logo, designing your reunion shirts with your own version of the logo always makes for a fun and memorable t-shirt. 

For the Family of Outlaws

Family Reunion t-shirt

If you have the type of family that’s tough to round up, this design might be your best bet. This will be even better if you choose a fun Western theme for your reunion. We’ve seen this family reunion design used in several different ways, and it can be modified by personalizing the Wanted poster with names for each separate family. 

Do you need custom family reunion t-shirts? We can help you design the best gear for your get together. Visit us at or call (800) 620-1233.