Tubular TMNT Tees


The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles have been one of the longest running franchises in the comic book and animation business. Since 1984, Leonardo, Michelangelo, Donatello, and Raphael have graced us with their presence, whether it be in comic books, on television, in movies, on store shelves, or in video games. Needless to say, the four turtles have been a merchandise monster since the very beginning, and t-shirt territory obviously falls under that banner.

To be frank, there are so many different Turtle universes out there that finding t-shirts that meet each individual version is just not likely. Besides the infamous 80s cartoon, there was a cartoon in the 2000s, the current Nickelodeon cartoon, the comic books, 6 feature films with a soon-to-be-released seventh, and probably other cornerstones that are not being mentioned. In any case, the turtle tees you find within are undoubtedly amazing, even though not all grounds are covered. In any case, shut the shell up, grab a slice of pizza, and read all about some tubular TMNT tees. Cowabunga dude!

Where It All Started

Raphael TMNT T-shirt

Before Leo, Mikey, Donnie, and Raph became TV stars, they were brought to the world through the pages of comic books. Created by Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird, the turtles were not as fun loving as we know them to be today. In fact, they were dark, gritty, violent, and all of them had the same color head bands. Pretty crazy, right? In any case, those who have been TMNT advocates since the true start will definitely want to buy a sweet looking design dedicated to the OG turtles slapped on a tee. Pay your respects.

Cast of Characters

TMNT Characters T-shirt

For those of you who didn’t read the original comic and fell in love with the 80s cartoon, this is more like it! Every week we were treated to four goofy ninja turtles who would rescue April, take down the Shredder, and devour pizza. Between the theme song and the toys, it was just pure joy. Thankfully, there is a shirt out there trying to fit in all the memories we had from youth, as all the best characters from the show are squeezed together for nostalgic purposes. It’s wonderful, and any adult who grew up on the program needs to have it in their collection.

Art Form

TMNT Artists T-shirt

While it may not be a “direct-in-reference” TMNT shirt, there is no doubt that the turtles themselves would appreciate a tee that takes all the renaissance artists the turtles were named after and slaps the appropriately colored headbands on them. It may be jokey, but true t-shirt advocates would most likely appreciate the subtle humor. Plus, it’s perfect for a trip to the art museum!

Party Down

TMNT Party T-Shirt

With current politics being a constant feature in the media, it’s a good time to let your friends, family, and everyone else know where you stand. Let that inner child speak for you when you say forget the Republicans and Democrats, let’s vote for pizza! Because, as has proven throughout the years, pizza always wins. Don’t argue!

Rats Rule

TMNT Rats T-shirt

The Ninja Turtles are a very talented bunch, but without their mentor, they wouldn’t have the skills or smarts to take on the thugs of New York City. Splinter gave all of his knowledge and wisdom to his “sons,” and while some of them didn’t retain all the wisdom (sorry Michelangelo), the four undoubtedly owe everything to their sensei. That being said, those who respect Splinter just as much as the turtles do have a shirt to call their own.

Costumed Creature

TMNT Costume T-shirt

Need a simple Halloween outfit? Look no further than the turtle tee. Coming in all options for each of the ninja mutants, you can choose your favorite or choose them all! While a solid choice for Halloween out on the town, the tee showcased will also serve its purpose as just your standard, everyday piece of wardrobe. However, it deserves more honor than that, you silly grasshopper.

Sewer Supporter

TMNT Since 84 T-shirt

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles have been around for over three decades, which is incredible. They have stood the test of time, reaching new generations of fans day in and day out. Those who have stuck by the green machine since the beginning must own the awesome “Since ‘84” tee, demonstrating true fandom for this incredible and fun franchise. Let’s hope we have many more decades with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! Go Ninja, Go Ninja, Go!

Don’t forget that Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows is in theaters June 3rd, 2016!

Taking it to Beach: Location Marketing at Its Finest

Location Marketing

While most people enjoy the beach, smart businesses make use of the shore to promote their brand to people enjoying a day of sun and fun.  Beyond the obvious companies that should promote at the beach, like surf shops, ice cream parlors, and local bars/restaurants, some other brands have used unique marketing to get their brand on the minds of beachgoers in creative ways. 

Let’s take a look at some brands that have taken their marketing to the sand.

Radio Station Tent

Radio Station Beach Tent

From small local stations to major market players, many radio stations capitalize on the fact that large numbers of potential listeners are gathered at beaches all summer long, and make their presence known at the beach in various ways.  Promoting concerts or other beach activities (races, swims, lifeguard challenges, etc.), driving up in a promo van and giving away branded swag (t-shirts, towels, hats, etc.), and broadcasting live from the beach are all effective ways for the station to gain recognition in the area and to reward listeners.

Often, local stations will partner with area businesses on these live broadcasts or prize giveaways.  Radio DJ’s are local celebrities in their markets, so having them distribute your t-shirts or other promotional items at one of these beach events might be a great option for your brand.

Pop-Up Shops

HM Pop-up Beach Shop

Pop-up shops are small, temporary, retail outlets that usually sell a very specific product for a limited time period.  While the idea is not new, it has recently gained attention in the news due to Kanye West’s pop-up boutiques. The New York and Los Angeles shops have caused mass hysteria among fans of both his music and his fashion, and this tactic can be used for any brand.

While not often covered on the nightly news, beach pop-up shops are usually pretty successful because of the lower overhead expenses, sense of urgency in consumers (they know it won’t last forever), and the “cool factor” of buying something that not everyone can get.  Surf companies routinely set up satellite locations near the beach in the summer and recently the trend has been followed by other brands like Havaianas Sandals, Mogo Korean Tacos, and Rook Coffee.

Vending Machines

Havaiana Vending Machine

It’s a fact that people forget things when they go to the beach.  It’s also a fact that once they have gone through the trouble of actually getting to the beach, they don’t want to leave to get sandals, sunscreen, sunglasses, or anything for that matter.

Companies have been experimenting with putting these often forgotten items in vending machines to better serve their customers, while keeping their costs relatively low by eliminating employees to facilitate the transactions.  Also, buying non-traditional items from an automated machine has a futuristic, almost Jetsons-Come-To-Life appeal that is enticing to a lot of people. 


Shark Week Guerrilla Marketing

In the last few years the ocean’s greatest predator has seen a meteoric rise in popularity.  From the campy “Sharknado,” to the scary reality of Shark Week, few animals are as popular as sharks right now, and companies are doing their best to capitalize on the craze.  Freestyle Watch has recently reissued their popular “Shark” line from the 80s, and nautical footwear favorite brand Sperry has released a line of footwear based on the classic “Jaws” franchise. 

Discovery Channel capitalized on the shark theme by taking their ads right to the beach. The shark-bitten surfboard was a perfect way to catch beachgoers’ attention, and ended up creating a decent buzz for them on social media (as if they needed it). The location aspect of the brand was perfectly translated into their marketing–it was almost a no-brainer!

Being Totally Unique

Sprite Showers

There are a few brands thinking totally outside the box when it comes to beach marketing.  Adventure sports companies and exercise equipment manufacturers often set up displays right on the beach to demonstrate how their products work. Additionally, a variety of businesses place kiosks at beach areas to distribute free samples or product information, and mobile food options (food trucks, bike cafes, etc.) are steadily gaining popularity.

While all of these unique options seem to be here to stay, few companies have been as unique as Sprite with their approach to beach marketing.  The “Sprite Shower” as shown above gained popularity last summer, and continues to gain notoriety as one of the coolest product promotions under the sun.

The Weasels And A 9-Color Paint Job

The Weasels USA Banner Photo

Our friends at Weasels USA describe themselves as a drinking club with a motorcycle problem, and to us, that sounds like a real good time. So when they called on Rush Order Tees to print some of the t-shirts for their 23rd anniversary party this weekend, we were thrilled to help out!

We loved the design on this shirt because it was super technical and very multidimensional. It utilizes beautiful illustration work, a massive array of colors and halftones, and overall, it’s just incredibly well done.

But the craziest part of this job wasn’t the design itself, but how we went about printing it.

Hard Work Takes Time and Care

Weasels USA Design

Every single design that comes through our doors gets analyzed and prepped for production by our art team. They take each design, separate the colors in it, and once we determine how many there are, we make a recommendation for what kind of technique we should use to print the order. After having a look at Kelley Jo’s design, we learned that there were a total of nine colors in it!

Ordinarily, for something requiring this much detail, we’d suggest our customer use Direct To Garment (DTG) printing. DTG printing is typically ideal for highly detailed designs because it’s a process that ensures accuracy at all times. It’s an easier and more reliable way for us to print large-scale orders that utilize a lot of color gradients and halftones—like the ones seen here—because it’s essentially a giant inkjet printer that prints multiple colors directly onto a garment without sacrificing print quality.

But for this design, we decided to stick to our guns and print all nine colors on nine different screens. Yes, we said nine screens.

Laura Kao, one of the lead graphic artists who prepared this customer’s design for production, said that when working with a design like this, there’s a lot of care placed in making sure all of the detail is kept while printing. With this many screens involved—and the additional room for error—it’s important to keep everything in line and focusing smoothly.

Specifcally, Laura said a lot of attention had to be paid to the more orange/flesh tones used in the design (they’re a little more difficult to work with than typical “rainbow” colors), along with special prep work taking into consideration the dot sizes for the halftones, the screens being used, and some minor cleaning up of the image itself.

When our art team was one working their magic, we sent the final design, or “proof,” back to Kelley Jo for her final approval.

A Weasels T-Shirt is Born

weasels 9 ink screens

After it was prepped for printing and Kelley Jo approved the final proof, our production team gave a tremendous amount of love and care to ensure that each shirt was printed perfectly and according to the design. With this much detail going onto a garment through so many different screens, it’s important that every screen lines up absolutely perfectly.

Luckily, we’re really happy with the final result.

Happy Customers and a Happy Anniversary

weasels shirt production photo

We contacted Kelley Jo Riggins, the customer who placed the order, to find out a little more about this impressive design.

Kelley Jo told us that the club hosted a design contest for the shirt, and then used a collaboration between the first- and second-place winners to come up with the final product—two weasels on a motorcycle, symbolically toasting to the memory of seven Weasels who have passed away. The interesting, far-out blue and yellows in the sky, overlooking a mountain range, followed by the silhouette of Weasels further down in the pack, really makes this design one for the record books.

For a bunch of folks who just want to drink a couple beers and ride motorcycles (not at the same time, of course), you’d think Weasels are just a bunch of raucous, disorganized, party animals. In reality, there are over 40 different Weasels “chapters” all over the United States, as well as in Norway, Canada, Australia, and Vietnam, and their standing membership is between 500 and 600, according to Kelley Jo.

To our friends in Weasels USA (and beyond), we wish you a very happy 23rd anniversary! Cheers!

A Complete Guide To Your Own Thriving T-Shirt Business

T-shirt Business Guide

If you’ve ever thought about starting up a t-shirt business of your own, you’re not alone. We get questions from entrepreneurs all the time about how to go about start successful t-shirt businesses of their own, and we don’t blame any of you–we love what we do!

If you’ve ever found yourself saying “That should be on a t-shirt!” or “I should make t-shirts,” or simply feel the need to help connect people in a big way, then the t-shirt business is undoubtably a good place to start.

For those of you who have found yourself daydreaming about being a t-shirt-preneur one day, allow us to direct you to the clothing entrepreneur experts at Wunderlabel. They’ve put together a complete guide to starting a t-shirt business, starting from how to figure out the niche market you want to target.

T-shirt Business Market Research

Their guide even helps you decide what type of t-shirts you want to go into selling, and explains in detail the difference between screen printing and heat transfer.

Screen Printing vs. Heat Transfer

The guide closes with the best ways to market your new business, along with providing resources you can go to to get more information.

Marketing a T-shirt Business

If you’ve been itching to get your own t-shirt business in the works, this will give you the kick-start you need. See the full guide along with other useful resources here!

Public Relations Starter Kit: The Art of Earning Brand Influence

PR Starter Kit

When you think about some of your favorite products or services, can you remember how you found out about them? Who influenced you to make your first purchase? You probably bought many of your favorite items after extensive research, or a recommendation from a friend. The same goes for your customers if you own your own business, or sell some kind of product. How do other people find out about your brand? Most likely, your first pool of clients or customers came from positive word of mouth. This, friends, is public relations.

Public relations, at its core, is the art of earning influence. By building relationships with others, companies are able to engage in conversations about their product, brand, and maybe even change people’s minds. Although big corporate money often goes to marketing budgets, it would be remiss to dismiss the influence of public relations in helping to grow your customer base. Public relations could be the key that unlocks new audiences for your business.

Let’s take a look at five different PR tactics that you can use as a PR starter kit.

The Press Release

Press Release

PR is a tad different from your best friend calling to tell you about a great new company he used. It is more like your favorite news outlet featuring interesting, creative stories that showcase the benefits of a company or product. This explains why the press release is probably your most important tool when plunging into the world of PR. In a press release, you’ll want to accomplish a few things. First, you want to create a hook. Reporters are always looking for interesting angles for their stories. Without an interesting lead sentence, you risk losing your intended audience from the get-go.

Second, you’ll want to make sure to tell a compelling story. Nobody wants to read a boring old list of new features. Tell people why they should care. An interesting release will get great pickup in the press.

Third, make sure you have a list of contacts ready to send the release to after you issue it. Ideally these are people involved in the space in which you work, or who would be interested in your product or service.

The Key Messages 

Key Messages

Your messaging should go hand in hand with what’s in your press release, but will likely be a bit drier than the release. This document will distill your product or service down to the nuts and bolts. What is it? What does it do, or how does it work? Who will use it? Why will they use it? And so on. Use these messages as a guide for what to say about your product or service, and to avoid mischaracterizations or confusing explanations.

The Pitch

Elevator Pitch

After you’re satisfied with your press release and your messages, it’s time to draft your perfect pitch to sell the story to reporters. After all, we are earning influence here. Hopefully you’ve identified your intended audiences or the key stakeholders you’d like to reach. The list of reporters you pitch to will be based around these categories. And so will your pitches.

While you can create a generic email pitch and send it to anyone and everyone, it’s best to personalize your pitches to match the reporter’s interests or style, if possible. You want something that’s going to catch the reporter’s eye, but also be short enough that they won’t see a massive wall of text and just delete your email automatically.

Another great way to pitch is over the phone. It’s a bit like sales, you’re calling these reporters cold, but once you strike gold and a reporter decides he or she wants to cover your product or service, you can begin building a relationship and earning your influence. Reporters are always looking for stories, so if you can become a reliable source, that’s a big win.

Paid Media

Paid Media

Another great source for PR pros is through paid media. If you want to supplement all the other media you’re hopefully earning, you can pay to get an “article” that you’ve written about your product or service placed into a newspaper, magazine, or website. Think of this almost like “sponsored content.”

Put on your journalist hat. Here, you’ll be rewriting your messages the way a reporter might, but rather than solely reporting on the product or service, you’re going to write the story in a way that will spur some kind of action from the reader, AKA the call-to-action. The call-to-action should send the reader to your website where they can purchase your product or service, or to another asset in your PR campaign that shows the value of your company, like an informational website or product page.

Social Media

Social Media

The digital king of all word of mouth, social media can be a public relations dream. Not only can you use it to create fun and interesting content for your subscribers, but you can also use it to encourage your subscribers to share and spread the word about your company, product, or service. The tricky part about social media, however is making your content interesting and useable for the consumer.

Visuals are a great option for social media, including infographics, fact sheets, videos, and more. Fun collateral always makes for a more interesting and shareable post. Make sure you interact with your audience too! A page that interacts with its users is much more likely to have a devoted following than a page that does not.

And there you have it, a PR pro’s starter kit. While this is not a complete list of all the PR tactics out there, it’s a great way to dip your feet in the world of PR if you’re just starting out.

The 7 Most Excellent X-Men Tees

X-Men T-shirts

The X-Men leapt onto the pages of Marvel Comics in 1963. The books dealt with issues regarding segregation and being accepted into society, as the mutants themselves were different in their abilities and strengths, which scared off the general public. Back in 2001, before the comic book movie genre hit it really big like it is now, the X-Men transitioned from page to screen in their first film. Featuring Wolverine, Cyclops, Jean Grey, Storm, Professor X, Magneto, and many other mutants, the X-Men movie was a box office hit, paving the way for a film franchise that has now been going for 15 years straight!

After 2001’s X-Men, we were given X-Men 2: X-Men United (2003), X-Men: The Last Stand (2006), X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009), X-Men: First Class (2011), The Wolverine (2013), and X-Men: Days of Future Past (2014). The next movie in the series, X-Men: Apocalypse, releases May 27th, 2016. So, without further ado, pop those claws and check out some really X-cellent X-Men tees! 

The X-Men Logo

X.Men Logo T-shirt

Simple in nature as it may be, the X-Men logo is a very familiar image that has been abundantly used in a wide variety of comics, films (not just the X-Men ones either) and–as shown here–t-shirts. Those who adore the X-Men gang would be untrue fans if they don’t already have one stashed in their closet.


Wolverine T-shirt

Wolverine #1 had a cover with a haunting image of Logan popping his claws and enticing the onlooker to come closer. While the adamantium-infused hero has been pretty tame in the films, he is undoubtedly animalistic in nature in the comics, and willing to slice anyone who crosses his path in a bad way. This sole image of Wolverine leaves quite the impression, and fans of the character or the X-Men in general need to own it on a t-shirt of course.


Magneto T-shirt

Magneto, the master of magnetism, has been a thorn in the X-Men’s side for several decades, and one of the leading bad guys in the movies themselves. His abilities to hover, bend metal, and keep thoughts from the good guys out of his head causes him to be one of the coolest villains in the entirety of Marvel Comics. He wants the humans to bend to the power of mutants, and you should oblige by nabbing a super cool Magneto shirt like the one above.


Gambit T-shirt

Gambit was portrayed poorly in the X-Men films (X-Men Origins: Wolverine was his only appearance), and his solo movie is having trouble getting off the ground. But ultimately, the Cajun card thrower remains a fan favorite, thanks to his powers and personality. Gambit can charge playing cards with kinetic energy and toss them at opponents, making for a really sweet attack. Those who worship the smooth slinger will no doubt be right at home in a Gambit tee. Go and buy one, mon’amie!


Pheonix T-shirt

Jean Grey is one of the most powerful X-Men members, if not the most powerful. Not only can she read minds, but she can also move objects with just her own. However, her abilities have been used for both good and bad. Succumbing to the strength of her skills has led her to become the Dark Phoenix, a mutant with extreme talents that sadly can lead to devastating consequences. Thankfully, Jean has also taken on the role of just regular Phoenix, which is beautifully displayed in this stained glass artwork.

Fastball Buddies

Fastball T-shirt

The Fastball Special is an iconic move performed by two popular X-Men. Basically, the metallic man, Colossus, takes Wolverine in his hand (Wolverine is way smaller in the comics than he is in the movies) and just launches him at a bad guy. This infamous attack actually happened in X-Men: The Last Stand, much to delight of fans (sadly, the rest of the movie itself was a disappointment). It evidentially also has a permanent place on the torso of X-Men advocates everywhere.

Team Triumph

Giant Size X-Men T-shirt

While the t-shirts discussed before have featured just one character from the X-Men squad, it’s important to remember that the X-Men are a team. There may be individual characters who have had their own comic or spin off, but ultimately, they have fellow mutants to call on in times of trouble. That’s why the Giant Sized X-Men comic tee is a perfect example (or is it an x-ample?) of why the X-Men are so famous–it’s because they have something for everyone to enjoy, especially when they unite as one. That’s what has made them unique for decades and will continue to do so long into the future. 

Year in Tees: 1984

Year in Tees 1984

In terms of Big Brother and Thought Police, George Orwell wasn’t too far off in his 1949 dystopian novel, 1984. But we’re not going to revise history like the characters of the novel—a lot of great stuff happened in 1984! We’ll give it to you straight. We don’t have all the answers regarding history or politics, but we like to ask some of 1984’s biggest questions, like, “Who you gonna call?” and “Where’s the beef?”

Here are some of our favorite tees for 1984. 

Who you gonna call?

Ghostbusters T-shirt

Murray, Aykroyd, and Ramis—that’s who!  Well, those are the actors that played the Ghostbusters.  This 1984 hit film took paranormal activity to comedic levels.  If you are familiar with Zuul, Gozer the Gozerian, proton packs, and a giant Stay Puff Marshmallow Man, then you know Ghostbusters.  Fans of a certain age may be a bit torn about the fact that this classic has spawned a modern remake.  But with leading ladies like Kristen Wiig and Melissa McCarthy taking on the roles, we trust it is in good hands.  So if you want tees, give us a ring, but if you’ve got ghosts…well, you know who to call.

Where’s the beef?

Where's the Beef t-shirt

This catchphrase raises so many questions: why do some phrases become catchphrases?  Why do some catchphrases become part of the zeitgeist?  And, seriously, where is the beef?  That’s what the angry old woman in Wendy’s iconic 1984 commercial wanted to know.  While other burgers like Big Macs and Whoppers were using large hamburger buns (as Wendy’s claimed), Wendy’s boasted big patties.  The little old woman raising flame-broiled hell over competitors’ lackluster burgers was Clara Peller.  Let’s remember 1984 and Ms. Peller with this tee.  Thanks for the catchphrase!

The first Moonman

MTV Moonman t-shirt

Up until September 14, 1984, savvy pop culture lovers probably thought they knew what an award show was supposed to be: well-dressed celebs behaving themselves with, at most, a mild zing here or there.  Enter the MTV Video Music Awards inaugural 1984 broadcast, hosted by Bette Midler and Dan Aykroyd.  This award show was way off the mark of tradition.  For example, Madonna’s performance of “Like a Virgin,” clad in lace stockings, a wedding dress, and a bustier, where she writhed and gyrated across the stage revealing her stockings and garter. Among other first-ever VMA performers, there was Ray Parker Jr. performing the theme from Ghostbusters, titled, you guessed it, “Ghostbusters”.

“When Doves Cry”

Prince T-shirt

Oddly, when doves cry, there is no bass-line.  Prince, always a trend setter in music and culture, didn’t need a bass-line to crank out another number one hit. This one topped the 1984 charts, and was considered by many (and Billboard) to be the number one hit of the year. From his Purple Rain record, “When Doves Cry” made it onto the top 100 charts again following Princes’ death back in April. It’s not just doves crying—American music has lost one of its greats, so rock this tee in remembrance of Prince.

25 Inning Stretch

Brew Crew T-shirt

Some people find baseball boring.  Let’s hope they weren’t at the ballpark on May 8, 1984, when the Milwaukee Brewers played the Chicago White Sox in a game that would go on to become the longest MLB game ever played.  Now, in terms of innings, there were games that went on longer, but as far as playing time is concerned, this one takes the cake–or the peanuts and crackerjacks.  The 25-inning game went on for eight hours and six minutes, and, after being suspended in the top of the eighteenth inning, was continued on May 9 where the White Sox took the win, 7-6.  Talk about getting your money’s worth, baseball fans! 

So, now you know where the beef is, who to call, and all about emotional doves.  1984, we thank you for shaping pop culture and giving us 25 innings to “root, root, root for the home team”. 

8 Shirts That Scream America

Shirts that Scream America

Memorial Day Weekend is right around the corner! If you’re lucky, you get this day off from work to spend relaxing with friends and family, grilling some burgers and ‘dogs, and playing some fun lawn (or beach) games. Cornhole, anyone? 

Whether you end up at a picnic, barbecue, beach, or pool party this Memorial Day, show your patriotism with these t-shirts that simply scream “America” (and that can later be recycled as your 4th of July outfit)!

American Flag Shirt

American Flag Shirt

It doesn’t get more simple or patriotic than a beautiful American flag print. There are so many different ways to customize it to your unique style, but it’s really the type of image that complements anybody.

Marvel fan? Captain America’s signature American flag style shirt also looks great and gives you the chance to easily connect with other fans!

Star Spangle Hammered

Star Spangled Hammered

With a day off work, Memorial Day has become a drinking holiday for America’s young adults (and for America’s adults that have simply stayed youthful). So go ahead, let loose, and get star spangle hammered (if you’re into that).

Not the exact message you want to promote? Here are a few other ideas with a fun, party twist:

  • Four Score and Seven Beers Ago
  • Red, White & Brew
  • Party like a Patriot


Camo T-shirt

In the spirit of Memorial Day, we’d be remiss to make this list without a mention of camouflage print, otherwise known as America’s away colors. Camo can either look really great, or kind of gaudy, but that’s just our opinion.

A good rule of thumb is to limit the print to one article of clothing (like a t-shirt!). Get crafty by overlaying it with a patriotic phrase!

Make America Great Again

Make America Great Again Shirt

Trump supporter or not, these words have become somewhat iconic in the time of the 2016 presidential race. Wear them as is, or add a sarcastic spin. Either way, this t-shirt definitely screams “America,” and is sure to get a reaction from those around you.

In the same category as this are funny or serious shirts supporting candidates or past presidents you love–or perhaps love to hate.

These Colors Don’t Run

Colors Don't Run Shirt

Patriotic shirts also make great workout shirts. But if you’d rather pump iron than run laps, you’d do well to wear a shirt or tank with a phrase like, “I don’t do cardio because these colors don’t run.” The phrase doesn’t need to be work ironically–it is also appropriate if you don’t work out at all.

World War Champs

World War Champs shirt

Memorial Day is all about remembering people who’ve served in the military, especially those that are no longer with us. Support their past efforts by wearing a t-shirt that boasts our back to back world war champ status. It’s okay to be a little proud, America.

Party like it’s 1776

Party Like it's 1776 shirt

…or Party like tis 1776. The devil’s in the details. No matter your style of speech, America’s patriotic holidays make us nostalgic. Sure, parties may have been a little different in 1776, but they definitely weren’t boring! You may recall the Boston Tea Party (technically 1773)? Not just scones and biscuits!


Patriotic Eagle Shirt

There’s no question you’re representing America when you have the national bird emblazoned on your chest. Of course you get bonus points if your eagle is also doing something cool or fun. Throw in some entertaining text and you may have just won the American t-shirt game.

We’re ready to celebrate America! Which of these 8 t-shirts that screams, “America” would you wear? How would you customize them to your unique tastes? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

Nostalgic Shirts for 90s Kids

T-shirts for 90s kids
They always say, what goes around comes around. That may be true in life but it is definitely true in popular culture and fashion. Hey, we appreciate a small dose of nostalgia! Arguably one of the best decades, the 90s brought us iconic boy bands, pop princesses, scrunchies, high waisted jeans, and movie blockbusters. What’s not to love?
These shirts would make great gifts for that one person in your life that finds themselves living in the past.

For the Fashion Label Enthusiast

Calvin Klein shirt

Much like the decade before, teenagers in the 90s spent a lot of their time shopping at the mall. Every teenager had their favorite store, but fashion brands like Calvin Klein appealed to the masses. The Calvin Klein brand is definitely a 90s trend that has made its way back into the mainstream scene, with celebrities like Kendall Jenner and Justin Bieber rocking CK apparel. But for anyone who grew up in the time, the brand takes us right back to the pre-millenium days.

For the One Who Will “Never Let Go” 

Titanic T-shirt
The 90s was filled with iconic blockbusters. It was the decade of Forrest Gump, The Lion King, Men in Black, Twister, and Jurassic Park. It was an excellent decade for moviegoers because there was a film for everyone. Whether you preferred romantic comedies like You’ve Got Mail, or science fiction films like Independence Day, the 90s had something to offer.
Of all the great films of the decade, however, Titanic was the highest grossing and arguably the most popular–and for good reason! With a young Leonardo DiCaprio, a beautiful Kate Winslet, the hit Celine Dion theme song, and the story of two star-crossed lovers, Titanic was a hit!

For the Political Activist

Clinton Gore shirt
Now this shirt isn’t solely for the 90s fan. It’s a great throwback during this election year, and makes us reminisque on the days before presidential campaigns involved Twitter.

For the Teeny Bopper

Nsync T-shirt
The biggest rivalry in the 90s was between the two popular boy bands, The Backstreet Boys and *Nsync. Chances are you were either team Backstreet or team *Nsync. It was Nick Carter versus Justin Timberlake. Both were excellent, so there was no wrong answer, and perhaps you were a fan of both. This shirt is ideal for the nostalgic *Nsync fan that still remembers the choreography to “Bye, Bye Bye.”

 For the Sk8er Boi

Okay, so perhaps Avril Lavigne’s “Sk8er Boi” was released in the early 2000s, but this Spitfire shirt would make a great gift for the 90s surfing, skateboard-lovin’ athlete that still shops at Pacsun and Hot Topic.

For the Tommy Girl

Tommy Hilfiger shirt
Much like Calvin Klein, the Tommy Hilfiger logo could be found everywhere in the 90s. Anyone who was anyone could be seen wearing the brand, from Destiny’s Child to Britney Spears. Tommy Hilfiger became one of the decade’s most recognizable fashion labels. Tommy Hilfiger is still popular today, but nothing beats the Tommy hey day of the 90s!

For the Anti-Teeny Bopper

Nirvana T-shirt
While the 90s were a time of pop icons, emerging rap artists, and unforgettable hip hop music, it was also a decade of excellent rock music, with bands like Green Day, The Cranberries, and Red Hot Chili Peppers. But for the teens who couldn’t agree with anything else, the angsty rock anthems of Nirvana were much easier to identify with.

For the Clueless Fan 

Clueless T-shirt
Anyone who grew up in the 1990s has definitely said “As if!” a time or two, a learned phrase from the cult classic Clueless. Cher, the lead character in the film, embodied 90s fashion and trends, and is arguably one of the decade’s most iconic movie characters.
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