7 Things We’ll Miss Most About Winter

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One of March’s biggest moments is the vernal equinox, more commonly known as the first day of spring to anyone not currently enrolled in an Earth Sciences class. As much as we enjoy t-shirt weather, blooming flowers, and the first chirps of baby birds, winter is something we are definitely going to miss. Life simply isn’t as meaningful without the biting whip of icy winds, the constant threat of looming snowstorms in your city’s forecast, and the incessant hiss of your heater. Now that bulky sweaters and long johns are no longer necessary, we’ll have an extra five hours a week saved on laundry alone, and we are in a near panic wondering what we will do with all of our free time. No, spring is definitely not our season, but as we march forth into warmer weather, let us look back and remember all of our absolute favorite things about our good friend winter. 

Extra Arm Workouts

Snow-Buried Car

There is no greater feeling than knowing that you’ve gotten tons of extra workouts for your biceps in during those snowy months. The heavier and wetter the snow is, the better. We love having to wake up two hours earlier than usual for work so that we can be on the streets bright and early shoveling out our vehicle. The best days are when the plow has already come down the road and compacted an extra foot or two of snow against our car. Spring doesn’t contribute to our physique nearly as much as winter!

And More Arm Workouts

Snow Shoveling

As if digging out a car isn’t enough fun, the days when also you have to tend to your sidewalk make winter almost too exciting to take! Better yet, nothing beats living on a corner lot, where you get to shovel twice the amount of walking space. Our hearts are filled with joy every time a neighbor mutters under their breath that our part of the block is still too icy, or that we didn’t do a good enough job. Something about the snow really brings out neighborhood friendliness!

New Fashion Trends

Salty Leather Shoe

Everyone loves the chance to change up their wardrobe as each season begins, but the surprise additions to our clothes that winter brings are truly exciting. As if itchy sweaters and layers on layers weren’t enough, winter throws in its own dose of artistry every time we walk along a freshly salted path or parking lot. We love spending money on boots and pants, only to await the new patterns added to them from excess rock salt. Whether we’re spending more money at the dry cleaner, or pouring through search engines for cleaning tips, the snowy season really helps us empty our bank account and fill up our free time without having to think too much about our plans. Thanks, winter!

Showing Off Your Skills


Our favorite new trend to hit the masses has to be “winterspreading.” No other movement has allowed us to show off as many of our refined skills as this cold weather tendency. Whenever we brave the arctic temperatures to head to a bar or restaurant, it is good to know that any patron who has beaten us through the door will take up an additional seat or table for all of their winter layers alone.  When else can we show off how patient we are as well as waiting in patience for 45 minutes for a seat to open up in a half-empty establishment?  And how else would others know what impeccable balance we have if we didn’t get this chance to juggle our coats, scarves, and extra sweaters with a full drink in hand?

Tying Shoestrings on Your Budget

Shoe String Budget

The winter months also make us budget-conscious and responsible spenders. Nothing delivers quite the same thrill as opening up your monthly bills to find that heating your home has more than tripled your expenses. Gone is the guilt of spending too much money at the mall or going out to eat an extra night or two for the week. During the winter, we don’t have any money to spend on such frivolous ventures! We are forever indebted to below freezing temperatures for forcing us to keep a watchful eye on our bank accounts.

Quality Time with the Car Radio

Car Window Scraping

The cold mornings of winter give us some extra time to listen to the latest Top 40 hits on our local radio stations. Those extra minutes spent in the car each morning, while the steering wheel is so cold you could get frost bite just by touching it, really keep us in tune with what that latest trends are in music. Thank goodness we couldn’t even get our frozen cars to drive if we wanted to!

Loading Up on Vitamin C

Nose Blowing

What should everyone’s number one priority be? Their health, of course! Winter is a great time to amp up your healthy habits and start hoarding vitamin supplements and tissues anywhere you can: your medicine cabinet, your desk at work, even in the car. The ever-present coughs and sneezes of strangers at every turn is one of the best things about colder months because they remind us to always be aware of that slight tickle in our throats, and to wash our hands nonstop. An added bonus of the incessant attack of hot water and soap on our hands? We get to spend even more money on lotion to keep our skin from cracking all season long!

Wow! With all of these great benefits, who is actually looking forward to spring? We know that we’ll be reminiscing about the good old cold when that t-shirt weather and sunshine rolls around this year.

5 Things You Can Celebrate in March

March Banner

Oh, March! As the famous saying goes, you “come in like a lion and go out like a lamb.” Spring hasn’t quite arrived, and you still gift us with the occasional surprise snow shower (or storm) to remind everyone that winter is still very much alive. However, you are also a month that has been deemed a worthy time to celebrate many important (and some not-so-important) causes and traditions that pay homage to not just for a day, but for an entire 31 days. That gives everyone significant time to show respect, and in honor of the first day of the month, we’ve brought you some of the most noteworthy, as well as most…interesting national March-long holidays. We wouldn’t hesitate to make a t-shirt commemorating any of these!

Irish American Heritage Month

Irish Shirt

The fact that March is National Irish American Heritage Month probably comes as no surprise, given that St. Patrick’s Day falls on the 17th. Declared by Congress in 1995, Irish American History Month reminds us of all of the immigrants who sailed across the Atlantic in search of a better life, along with the trials and adversity they once faced on our shores.

Perhaps one of the benefits of having an entire month dedicated to this important part of our population is that it gives everyone time to reflect on the history and achievements of Irish-American citizens on every day of the month–before and after the one where people are more concerned with downing green beer. Luckily, thanks to St. Patrick’s day, there’s no shortage of t-shirts out there to celebrate Irish Heritage!

Red Cross Month

American Red Cross Volunteers

The American Red Cross is an organization dedicated to providing aid to those who find themselves in any type of natural disaster or crisis. In reality, it doesn’t even do them justice to only have one month honoring their efforts. The charity organization is always looking for volunteers, blood donors, and cash donations so that they can make a difference for people going through unimaginable hardships. 

Let national Red Cross Month serve as a reason for you to help your community in any way you can. You can start by volunteering, or even organize your own small fundraising project and donate the proceeds to the Red Cross. 

Frozen Food Month


Okay, this one might be a bit of a stretch. Dedicating an entire month to the food stored and forgotten about in our freezers seems a little unnecessary. It’s slightly difficult for many of us to buy in to, and may even inadvertently undermine the reverence that some of the other causes of the month deserve. However, I’m sure that if we all think about it really hard, we could come up with a time or two that having those chicken nugget and mac-and-cheese dinners hidden away in the freezer actually felt like a lifesaver. 

National Frozen Food Month, we’ll acknowledge you…for now. Hey, popsicles and ice cream cones do make for great graphic tees!

Music in Schools Month

High School Band

Another noteworthy cause celebrated in March is the movement to keep music in schools. As budgets get cut and schools are forced to eliminate some of their resources, art departments (music programs in particular) are taking big hits. National Music in Schools Month draws special attention to keeping these creative outlets in schools, and highlights their value in the education system. It is important to remember that music class is so much more than notes and theory. Plus, what would a high school experience be without the choir, orchestra, or marching band?

There are a lot of causes and non-profits that advocate for keeping music in schools. Consider getting involved during the month of March to keep music and arts education alive.

Women’s History Month

Women's Rights

The first National Women’s History Month was officially celebrated in the U.S. in 1987, but has ties to events from the beginning of the century. It coincides with International Women’s Day, which falls on March 8th each year, and was created as a way to recognize all of the women who fought for freedom and gender equality, along with their achievements in our society. It is celebrated today in schools, libraries, and other organizations all over the country, where folks take time to shed light on the courageous women who helped shape the world we live in today. Year round, however, women’s rights advocates continue to attend and organize events on their mission for gender equality.

March is filled with great causes and movements to get behind. How will you celebrate one of these causes this month?

The T-Shirts Every Foodie Needs

Foodie Banner

America is obsessed with food. We’re definitely a “live to eat,” and not a “eat to live” culture. And though we love comfort food and fast food, we’re also obsessed with having a gourmet experience whenever possible. Here are 8 t-shirts for foodies that will capture your love for comfort food and complete culinary experiences, alike.

Talk Foodie to Me

Foodie T-Shirt

For the foodies who think food is a transcendent (and sensual) experience, “Talk Foodie to Me” is the ideal phrase to plaster over your chest. Bonus points if you drip some expensive dipping sauces on it.

I’m Sorry for What I Said When I Was Hungry

Hungry T-Shirt

You’ve probably seen the Snickers commercials, where people become someone else when they’re hungry. If you can relate to that experience, you probably have the tendency to get a little snippy when the hunger pangs set in. Wear this shirt to apologize afterwards (or in advance) of a food dry spell.

Bacon Flowchart

Bacon Flowchart

Bacon is a popular feature or add-on item in many favorite dishes. Think of the possibilities: bacon macaroni and cheese, bacon cheeseburgers, bacon donuts… There’s an endless range of dishes that can feature bacon. That’s why this bacon flowchart t-shirt is right on point, especially if you have any questions as to whether or not to add in bacon.

You may also want to use these similar phrases to design a shirt:

“In bacon we trust”

“Either you like bacon, or you’re wrong”

“This guy loves bacon” 

Oh Kale Yeah

Kale Yeah T-Shirt

Foodies aren’t always about dripping fat from heavy meats. Sometimes the best meals are the ones that feature fresh veggies, and we bet you–or maybe someone you know?–would love a shirt proclaiming that. These shirts work great for proud vegans and vegetarians, too!

You may also want to use these similar phrases to design a shirt:

“I’d juice that”

“Give peas a chance”

“Runs on veggies”

Future Foodie

Future Foodie

Even if your little one is happy with smoothie-esque versions of popular dishes (otherwise known as baby food), they’ve likely adopted your good taste. Once their teeth properly grow in, they’ll be begging for filet mignon and other delicacies.

Whether you have a baby or not, it’s likely you still have a food baby after a large meal, and could use one of these phrases to design a shirt:

“Food baby on board”

“Future food flinger”

“Foodie in training”

Low Key Foodie

Pizza T-Shirt

5 course meals aren’t for everyday nor everyone. The foodie who wears this shirt can attest to this fact. Wear it loud and proud if a simple (or elaborate) pizza pie would hit the spot right now.

You may also want to use these similar phrases to design a shirt:

“The only love triangle I want” (Accompanied with a graphic image of pizza)


“Love at first bite”

Enjoy (Your Meal)

Bon Appetit Shirt

Pick one or several of the following phrases that mean “Enjoy your meal” in other languages for an international-foodie appeal:

Spanish: “Buen provecho”

French: “Bon appétit”

Italian: “Buon appetito”

Click here to learn how to say “Enjoy your meal” in dozens of other languages.

Pho Shizzle

Pho T-Shirt

Are you a foodie who loves Asian cuisine? This Pho Shizzle shirt is just right for your next outing.

You could also use these similar phrases to design your own shirt:

“Powered by Ramen”

“Straight Outta Sriracha”

“Pho Sho”

“Dim sum, lose sum”

Are you inspired to design, or just getting a little hungry? Share your favorite ideas for foodie t-shirts in the comments–especially if there’s something we haven’t mentioned yet!