National Puppy Day: Fashion for Your Furry Friends

National Puppy Day

If you have a puppy at home, today’s your day to celebrate. Happy National Puppy Day!

Founded in 2006 by Colleen Paige, one of America’s leading pet and family lifestyle experts, National Puppy Day is an internationally recognized holiday held to honor our furry friends. Paige’s mission in creating the day was to “celebrate the magic and unconditional love that puppies bring to our lives.” She also encourages adoption to help save orphaned puppies around the world.

To celebrate our pups and all the joy they bring us, we’ve gathered five of our favorite fur-tastic fashions to help you dress your dog up in style.

Cuddle up with Fido. It’s time to go (online) shopping!

The Hoodie

Dog Hoodie

Ah, the hoodie. Originally intended as sportswear, the hoodie is now ubiquitous in American closets. It’s the ultimate garment for you and for your pet pal. You can both wear hoodies when you take your overactive pup for a walk in the fog of the early morning, or you can lounge around on the couch with it.

While you’re at it, take a nap with your warm-bodied friend, who’s even warmer with a nice fleece hoodie. If you’ve got twin dogs, you could even color code them to tell them apart, or have their names printed on the backs. The possibilities are truly endless.

The Sweater

Dog Sweater

Not everyone has the luxury of bringing their puppy to the office, but for those who do, the sweater is a great choice for a business casual environment. The dapper dog in your family would look right at home in the office wearing a sweater, especially in the winter months when we’re all more susceptible to the cold.

Who knows, maybe your puppy will become your company’s unofficial office mascot outfitted in a nice sweater? Some people might even say your dog dresses better than you!

The Polo

Dog Polo

A time-honored tradition, the polo shirt was first worn by tennis pro Rene Lacoste at the 1926 U.S. Open. Since then, the polo has become a staple in American closets for both men and women. Commonly distributed as freebies for work events, career days, even sports tournaments, the polo is a classic way to add a little pizzaz to your canine companion’s style.

Throw a polo shirt on your pooch with its name printed on the right side of the chest, and you’re bound to get compliments on owning the most spiffy of all dogs.

The Raincoat

Dog Raincoat

Some of our four-legged friends seriously do not like to get wet. When it’s bath time, you may find that man’s best friend becomes man’s mortal enemy. But rain happens, and sometimes you just need to go somewhere and can’t bear to leave Spike at home alone. The raincoat protects your pup from the elements anywhere you go.

If you’re a hardcore runner, you can even get one that’s reflective so you can take Spike out on the go for a late-night exercise session.

The Matching T-Shirt

Matching Dog T-shirt

Besides getting your dog all dressed up with no place to go, maybe the best way you can celebrate your pooch is to get a t-shirt printed with matching designs, or a photo of the two of you. This is a great way to commemorate not only the love you have for your dog, but also the love your canine companion has for you. Every time you wear the t-shirt, you’ll be reminded of the unbreakable bond you share with this young puppy. These shirts also guarantee to always bring back fond memories of all the joy and happiness that you and your best friend enjoy together.

Join us in celebrating National Puppy Day and leave photos of your fashionable pooch in the comments!

12 Creative Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses

Creative marketing ideas

When it comes to large corporations, it’s nothing to drop a few million dollars into an online advertising campaign to grow and maintain their consumer-bases. Small businesses, however, can’t compete with behemoth ad budgets. But where they lack in deep pockets, they can make up for in creativity.

Here are 12 creative marketing ideas for small businesses:

Host fun events in-store or at the office

Business Workshop

Hosting events can be a great way to increase foot traffic and build excitement for a small business.

Bookstores can host author visits, retail stores can host product demos, and grocery stores can show people how to use new products. More traditional offices can host speakers relevant to their industry, or host product how-to sessions. Think about what makes sense for what you’re selling, and design an event to introduce people to your products!

Another useful application of this strategy is hosting workshops in partnership with other, more established businesses. Take advantage of their existing audience to build yours up!

Contests to create user generated content

Even the smallest marketing budget should have some room for contests, as they can be incredible accelerators of customer interest and acquisition. The best contests for small businesses include two essential elements:

  1. Paying with your product, like with a gift card or subscription, depending on what you sell. This will ensure that the people who enter your contest are actually interested in what you do, as opposed to getting many entrants with little real interest, especially when offering a general big-ticket item, such as an iPad.
  2. Getting user-generated content that can be used in other marketing campaigns, like someone taking a picture with your product.

Contests are also a great way to grow a social following or get email addresses–just make sure you structure them in a way that ensures quality results rather than pointless entries.

Loyalty and referral programs

Loyalty Rewards Cards

People love being rewarded for being great customers, which is why it often makes sense to create some kind of loyalty program. Besides rewarding loyalty, you should also be rewarding customers who bring you new business through a referral program. There are many different ways to set these two things up–find a structure that works best for your business and product offerings.

Find business partners in a complementary industry

Business Partnership

If you’re part of a service industry, and clients are always asking for a service you don’t provide, you don’t necessarily want to tell them “no.” Instead, it makes sense to find business partners and other firms who offer services complementary to your industry. In exchange for sending them business, you’re likely to get business referrals from them, too! Don’t underestimate the value of a good business partnership.

Networking Events

Business Networking

Get to know your community and others in your industry by creating a consistent presence at local networking events. They can be a great source of partnerships and business if you establish yourself as a regular member. It’s also useful to attend trade shows and industry conferences to speed up the process of meeting useful connections.

Partner with influencers

Influencer Marketing

Local and industry-relevant influencers can be a cost-effective way for small businesses to get in front of their target audiences on a large scale. A best case-scenario is offering to pay influencers with your product, instead of cash. An influencer who’s excited about what you’re offering will be able to create the most authentic campaign to promote your business.

Find a relevant hashtag on Twitter and start conversations

Twitter engagement

You don’t have to shell out a lot of money to be effective on social media. One of the best tips for increasing your reach on social media is to do some hashtag research and find one or many that have relevance for your small business–especially if it’s location-specific. From there, see what people who use the hashtag are saying and join in on the conversation!

Avoid being pushy or sales-y here, unless the person is actually asking for a product or service recommendation.

Offer social media-specific deals

Another great way to be effective on social media is to offer social followers special deals, along with other exclusive and valuable information that they wouldn’t find elsewhere. Offering deals encourages engagement, and is an excellent way to start building your audience on these platforms.

Advertise on your email signature

An often-forgotten, but valuable piece of marketing real estate is your email signature! It’s a non-pushy way to share about your business to anyone and everyone you converse with over email.

Add in links to your website and any relevant social profiles. Some signature programs like Wisestamp make it easy to dynamically display the title and link to your latest blog post–no intervention required.

Hire college students to pass out flyers

College Campus Flyers

Hire college students to pass out flyers to their colleagues on campus, around town, or at big events where your business could be relevant to people. It may also be useful to create a promotional code to encourage them to make a first purchase, and to track overall the effectiveness of this strategy.

Build a float in a community parade

There’s no better way to build your business’s relevance in your community than by getting involved in a local parade. You can choose to build a float, or to assemble a lively group of walkers. Make sure your business name and it’s purpose is large enough for people to see.

Bring candy to win over the kids on the parade route! Another great way to maximize this strategy is to pass out some kind of promotional product with a small new customer discount and address to your website.

Create branded shirts

Promotional T-shirts

Use employees and community members to help you to passively spread the word about your business. Make branded shirts and encourage employees to wear them. Give customers the chance to win a shirt, or give them out with specific orders. You can start the design process on Rush Order Tees.

These represent just a few creative marketing ideas for small businesses, but we’d love to hear from you. What are some other creative marketing ideas that have worked for your small business or others you admire? Let us know in the comments!

Spider-Man: With Great Power Comes Great Responsibili-tees

Spiderman Tees

Several weeks ago, when the trailer for Captain America: Civil War dropped, die-hard fans and general audiences alike were treated to their first shot of Spider-Man.

People. Went. Nuts.

Yes, it’s true–the wall-crawler is finally home in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and it seems that Peter Parker’s alter ego finally has a solid film career ahead of him.

This popularity has, of course, made merchandise for Spider-Man a given. He has his own theme park ride, and he’s been formed into different action figures for decades. It’s also pretty much a guarantee that you can find a Spider-Man t-shirt at any given clothing store on any given day. So what Spider-Man shirts are essential? There’s a vast ocean of wall-crawler wardrobe staples, but best start from Spidey’s beginning.

Amazing Fantasy

Spiderman Amazing Fantasy Tee

Spider-Man has pretty much been the poster boy for Marvel Comics since he swung onto the scene in the 1962 comic Amazing Fantasy No. 1. He’s since been adored by children and adults all over this planet of ours.

Amazing Fantasy No. 1 broke new ground in the comic book world, as a teenage superhero had never been done before. The cover itself has become iconic–it’s been utilized for comedic effect by other comics, television advertisements, and magazine art over the years. However, this tee documents the first-ever appearance of the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man, and is a must-have for those who have been following Spider-Man’s adventures for longer than they’d be comfortable saying.

Spider Costume

Spider-man Costume Tee

Those who adore the web-head also have the option of pretending every day is Halloween, and slipping into a “Spider-Man Costume” t-shirt. Several places have made this tee available for kids and big kids (adults) alike. The shirt itself would be perfect to wear as a makeshift Peter Parker costume on October 31st, or to the gym on any regular day to make that superhero physique work for you. Needless to say, it’s a must for any worshiper of the wall-crawler.

The Marvel Clan

Marvel Clan T-shirt

It would be rude to honor Spider-Man and not pay tribute to other valiant superheroes that come to the rescue and provide backup for him. But, since Spidey is normally hanging out with the rest of the Marvel Comics clan, a fan who shows pride in Spidey’s “sidekicks” knows that he’s even better when he’s swinging alongside Iron Man, Cap, and other notable Avengers assemblers. Or aiding the X-Men. Or swinging alongside the Fantastic Four. Yes, Spidey gets around, whether he’s swinging through the city or hanging with a super-team.

Venom Suit

Spider-man Venom Shirt

Of course, Spidey’s “help” hasn’t always been the good guys. The red and blue clad superhero has been known to keep his enemies closer when times call for it. This is the case with Venom, AKA Eddie Brock. Venom was an extremely popular Spider-Man villain who took possession of Peter’s black symbiotic suit. The suit ended up giving him incredible powers, similar to Peter’s, and manifested the dark hatred he had for the wall-crawler already. There’s no doubt that t-shirt featuring the Venom logo is iconic, and it’s probably in the closet of an ongoing Spidey devotee or Venom supporter.

The Amazing Spiderman

Amazing Spider-man Shirt

Spider-Man remains one of the most recognizable and beloved superheroes around, just as he has been for decades. His history since 1962 has been like that of Peter Parker himself–rocky at points, but with many highlights. Ultimately, Spidey is an iconic figure, and his entry into the Marvel Cinematic Universe is a huge accomplishment that was never thought possible. With that being said, there’s no better tee to sum up Spider-Man than one stating the adjective that has been describing him for over 50 years–amazing.

Andy Warhol’s Art of Screen Printing

Andy Warhol banner

When you think of the term “pop art,” what comes to mind?

You’re probably thinking Andy Warhol and his famous works of art such as “32 Canvases of Campbell’s Soup Cans,” and his prints of Marilyn Monroe titled “Marilyn Diptych.”

Warhol was a controversial figure to both artists and to the general public. Amidst cultural expectations and social norms of the 1960s, he was everything the artist was not supposed to be.

Warhol became known for ditching the conventions of traditional art. He eschewed classic techniques and styles for mass production techniques and casual artistry, mistakes and all. His art captivated the imaginations of Americans everywhere–magnifying our conscious and unconscious desires, and mirroring our consumerism and fascination with celebrity culture.

Andy Warhol's Campbell's Soup

One of the artist’s most intriguing artistic and cultural contributions was his use of screen printing. Largely ignored by serious artists of the time period, screen printing was seen only as a mass production technique before, and even during Andy Warhol’s most influential years. There was no value in the mass production of art. Artists didn’t see their work as commodities.

Andy Warhol changed that perception. In fact, Warhol even argued that there was an art to business itself, and that it was just as beautiful and interesting as any fine art. This mentality helped define his printing philosophy. Soon, Warhol’s mass-produced prints took hold in the zeitgeist, and pop art was born.

The Man

Andy Warhol

Andy Warhol was the son of Slovak immigrants and grew up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. As a young child, he contracted a nervous system disease that left him bedridden for parts of his childhood. During the resulting down time spent at home, Warhol developed his artistic abilities. He often spent time drawing and listening to the radio.

When Warhol graduated high school, he attended Carnegie Institute of Technology to study commercial art, which likely further contributed to his love of the designs that bombard us in everyday life, refining what would soon become his “pop art” sensibilities.

After college, he worked in advertising and as an illustrator, but slowly made his own personal work into his career in the 50s and 60s. By the time he was in his thirties, he had created some of his most famous works.

Artistically praised as an illustrator for magazines and ads, Andy Warhol began to experiment with his well-respected, distinct sense of artistic styles. His work was already known for its similarities to printmaking, as he would sometimes blot wet ink to create characteristic images for advertisements. Imperfections, smudges, and smears became hallmarks of Warhol’s process and individual style.

The Process

Andy Warhol Screen printing process

This led the artist to screen printing, a technique similar to the work he was already doing in the world of advertising. In an interview with Art News, Warhol once said “The reason I’m painting this way is that I want to be a machine, and I feel that whatever I do and do machine-like is what I want to do.” Despite the effort to create a mass produced image devoid of an artist’s touch, Warhol’s technique was so unique at the time, that you’d immediately know if a work was a “Warhol.”

Andy Warhol would typically use photographs to create his prints. The steps in Warhol’s process generally went like this:

  1. Discover an image that he wanted to use for a print.
  2. Crop and process the image on a high contrast black and white film to make it print-ready.
  3. Send the film positive to a printer to be transferred to framed silkscreen that was covered in a light-sensitive emulsion, fixing the image to the screen and creating a “stencil” to push the ink through.
  4. Trace the image onto the canvas to create a guideline for his work.
  5. Choose the colors and decide whether or not to paint the canvas within the lines.
  6. After the paint dries, line up the silkscreen with the guidelines on the canvas and run ink through the screen, creating the classic “pop art” image we all know.

The Factory

Andy Warhol Factory

Keeping with the industrial vibe of his work, Andy Warhol created his art in a studio that became known as “The Factory.” While it was actually located in several different buildings over the years, the studio became known for its silver painted, tin foil-covered walls and fractured mirrors, and it housed the equipment Warhol used to create his assembly line screen prints.

Throughout the sixties, The Factory also became known as a hangout for hip, artistic types. Warhol would host parties and collaborate with artists, musicians, and models. The Factory was also a regular hang out spot for 60’s cultural icons, like Mick Jagger, Bob Dylan, and The Velvet Underground, as well as many other writers and artists.

The Style

Here are some of our favorite and most inspiring prints from Andy Warhol:

[slideshow_deploy id=’6820′]


C.D.O.T.W: Littlstar

Design of the Week--Littlstar

We all go about escaping reality in our own ways–for some of us it’s a good movie, others take a trip to a new place. But there’s something about traveling to a different, virtual reality that combines all of our creative visions and fantasies into an experience unmatched.

This week’s design of the week, created by graphic designer Konstantin Bratishko, captivated us with a little bit of that power. With its vibrant color layers and bold contrasts, the image perfectly portrayed the vibrant and thrilling experience of virtual reality. The design was sent to us from our friends at Littlstar, who specialize in immersive VR experiences and equipment, creating life-like 360 virtual experiences.

While there’s more we could say, we’ll let our design pro’s take it from here:

Littlstar Design

Imri: Here’s a bold, fun design that captures the excitement of virtual reality gaming. A great illustration combined with strong color combinations and a modest layout gives this shirt the high score. The shading is excellent, creating a sense of depth, and the light blue highlights are nice touch, hinting at some glowing electronics nearby.

The logo is simple and understated, with spaced out letters that allow the whole thing to breath. The combination of all of these things makes this one a winner. And it looks like this kid is the winner at whatever he is playing, although it’s probably not fair that he has extra arms.

Littlstar T-Shirt Design

Mike: This week’s CDOTW reminds me of a modern comic book illustration style. The figure’s anatomy is not 100% realistic, instead drawing from cartoon and comic influence. This really fits the modern and virtual reality aspects of the brand. The typography at the top is clever and conceptual, using various characters in different ways and challenging the viewer.

Perhaps the strongest facet of this piece is the color palette. The designer uses oranges, reds, and yellows to pop the color forward on the navy blue shirt, and makes an interesting choice to use light blue as a highlight, really drawing the palette together and making it cohesive.

Joe: Great Goro’s ghost! Does that kid have four arms? This week’s awesome art belongs to Littlstar, who is helping to produce what may be some of the most interesting technology emerging right now. Their virtual reality software is capable of immersing you into the worlds created in video and photo. I just watched a live band play as I sat here and was able to spin around 360 degrees, as if I was truly there in the crowd! Pretty amazing, and the possibilities and applications are endless. The only downside is I was unable to tell the guy standing on my heels to back up.

Littlstar’s t-shirt design is equally as interesting. The endless possibilities are represented by the character’s four arms, all holding a different interactive controller. This technology is definitely a hot new ticket– maybe that’s why this guy is on fire. The sans serif font is clean and easy to read, and the addition of the star substituted for the “A” in star is an interesting touch to the brand’s logo.

To learn more about the virtual reality experiences Littlstar’s churning out, check out their Facebook page!

Designer’s Playlist: Weekend Edition IV

Designer's playlist banner

Once again, it has been a long week. A forty hour marathon, some extreme politics, and all of the green beer you consumed last night for St. Patrick’s Day has undoubtedly left you feeling slightly haggard. But now, it’s time to give yourself a big pat on the back. Friday’s here and you made it through the week (hopefully) unscathed!

Time to forget about all those spreadsheets and RFQs, because now is your chance once again to blow the dust off your passion project, and we’ve got another playlist to help you stay focused and committed. Just remember to include us in your acceptance speech whenever you become an award-winning artist.

Weekend – Priory

If the beginning of our post wasn’t enough of a reminder, we’ll let Priory give you the message again what time of the week it is. You’re no longer bound to the bullet points of your day job description.

Think about what you want to accomplish over the next few days, where you want to be, and who is going to help you get there.

Thunder Clatter – Wild Cub

Wild Cub delivers a good track to help get your project into full swing. The lyrics are happy and hopeful, and their volume is at a relatively low level that allows them to sound almost like another instrument in the song, which will help you focus on your work and not get carried away by the music.

Take Me Up – Coleman Hell

Coleman Hell helps you keep your momentum going with another upbeat, fun song. Your mission this weekend is to stay centered and concentrated, and this one will keep you there.

The precious weekends between winter and summer are the best of the year for new inspiration and bursts of energy, so you don’t want to waste one of them! Let “Take Me Up” keep your work on pace and your thoughts from straying too far off the topic at hand.

Breezeblocks – Alt-J

If you’re thinking about throwing a brand new perspective into your project, Alt-J is definitely a surefire way to reach that altered state of mind. Their bars are put together in such an original way, no one can match their sound. Each line is different from the one before, but they all inspire a unique awesomeness.

Hurricane Season – Trombone Shorty

The one way to guarantee that the lyrics in a song don’t distract you from what you’re working on is to listen to a song that has practically zero lyrics in it. Trombone Shorty is the master at crafting songs that are exciting and entertaining, but that let you come up with the lyrics yourself.

What are you trying to say with the project you’re creating?  Let “Hurricane Season” help your message really flow.

Top of the World – Major and the Monbacks

And there you have it! You put in the time to get paid–then you put in the time to bring some beauty into this world. Celebrate and relish the rest of the time on the clock this weekend, and let Major and the Monbacks remind you that you really are on top of the world.

That’s My Kid! The T-Shirts of Proud Parents

Proud Parents

There’s nothing more pure than the unrelenting love parents have for their children. Parents, while your children may put you to the test like no one else can, despite the low spots, you’re proud of your kid.

They say bragging is unfavorable, but when it comes to your child’s accomplishments and how they turned out, is it really considered bragging?

Let’s take a look at parental pride in its many forms—specifically, how your offspring spun your teachings and care-taking into ways of life.

Win or Lose, They’re Yours

Child Athlete shirt

Keep this tee in mind when you’re at your daughter’s next tee-ball game and you see that red-faced, fellow parent who’s always yelling through the chain-link fence. Can you blame the guy? He’s invested! This tee is for him and the parents like him, who put true passion into their kid’s athletic abilities.

Between driving them to practices during the week, and tournaments over the weekends, their hobby became your hobby. And through winning streaks and slumps you are your kids commissioner, agent, and number one fan. Who knows, you may replace your sideline t-shirt for a bona fide jersey one day? Or maybe you wear this tee because you already did?

A Pride that was Initially Hard to Swallow

Child chef shirt

Years ago, you purchased your culinary-inclined cutie their first Easy-Bake Oven. Afterwards, you braved bitter sauces, under cooked pork, and potentially volatile chemical reactions. Then, over the years, they destroyed your pots, pans, and sometimes your taste buds. But today, they are the kings and queens of kitchens, and this shirt says it proudly.

The next time you enjoy a meal at your favorite restaurant, just remember that before the flavors dancing on your tongue were created, there were hundreds of trials and errors faced by the parents who stomached each disaster. Not only did they stomach it, but they encouraged it. Compliments to the chef, but more importantly, to the proud parent that wears this tee. You’d insult the chef if you didn’t!

Ode to our Caretakers

Nurse mom hoodie

You bandaged their wounds, kissed their bumps, administered medicine, and trusted them to doctors and nurses when your home care tricks were just not enough. Now look at them! They’re grown and they’ve chosen careers of service. Passing the healing touch on to others is the ultimate homage to your parenting skills.

After watching your offspring grow from playing ‘nurse’ with the medicine cabinet First-Aid kits, to buzzing around the whirlwind floors of ERs and ORs, any parent of a nurse reserves bragging rights.

Society’s Safety Keepers

Firefighter Mom shirt

You used to tell them to avoid danger–not to touch the stove, the iron, or candles. Along with stop, drop, and roll, one of the first things you taught them was to call 911 for help if there was danger. Now, they’re all grown up, and they’re the ones responding to the call!

We know you worry about them–we do too—but society wouldn’t have the brave men and women in society without the parents who helped them get there. You protected them, now they are the protectors. As proud as their communities are, we know their parents are prouder, and reserve every right to show it off.

Which of these tees would you wear to show off your parental pride? Let us know in the comments!

7 Mascots to Make a March Madness Champion

March Madness Banner

It’s that time of the year again! Everywhere you look in your office, people have been attempting to surreptitiously fill out their March Madness brackets and organize their block pools without getting caught by their bosses. Suddenly, people who have never watched ESPN before are experts on college basketball stats, and sports bars in America have become unusually packed on every night of the week.

So which profile fits you best–the diehard fanatic that has been cheering your heart out all season long, or the fair weather friend that shows up once the playoffs start? Whichever category you fall into, we’ve come up with a list of the teams in this year’s NCAA Tournament with mascots that are so cool, no one will question whether you bought that t-shirt years ago or just last week.

Butler Bulldogs

Butler Bulldogs logo

The bulldog is certainly a common theme when it comes to college mascots, especially when you look at the teams that have made it into the tournament this year. The Butler Bulldog, however, just seems a bit more fierce than the rest of the pack.

He looks like the kind of bulldog that would chase the mailman down the street–as opposed to hunting down the same stick to play fetch with over and over, that is. In that sense, he perfectly represents some tough ballers.

Iona Gaels

Iona Gaels mascot

Iona definitely gets some points for originality when it comes to the school’s logo and mascot. The Gaels–a term that refers to a group of people associated with the Gaelic language–have cheered on their team and mascot, Killian, all the way into the brackets this year.

Plus, their association with Ireland can only get the team’s adrenaline pumping that much harder as they play their first March Madness game on St. Patrick’s Day.

St. Joe’s Hawks

St. Joe's Hawks Logo

As usual, we love to throw some Philly facts into the mix, since it is our hometown, but don’t discredit St. Joe’s just because of our bias. The Hawks have certainly fought hard this season to make it into the tournament.

Sometimes we wonder who is more deserving though–the group of basketball players that earned all the points, or their mascot, the Hawk, who literally does not stop flapping his wings the entire game, every game. It’s a tossup for us.

Oregon State Beavers

Oregon State Beavers

While the beaver doesn’t seem like the most intense or awe-inspiring mascot a college could have picked, there’s no denying that Benny from Oregon State does have a sort of fierceness about him. He has a certain fire in his eye, and his particularly sharp-looking teeth serve as a fair warning for others to stay away from him and his team as they dribble and dunk their way to the championship.

Providence Friars

Providence Friars

Providence College is another school that has a mascot to inspire a little head-scratching. The Friars were named after the Dominican Order that runs the school, and their mascot Friar Dom is always around to cheer on their teams, all of which (except for hockey) compete in the Big East Conference.

Don’t be surprised to see Dom egging the fans on to sing “When the Saints Go Marching In” once the team gets on a roll.

Wichita State Shockers

Wichita State Shockers

The historical significance of WuShock the Shocker is something you don’t find at many universities. The early students of the school often paid for their tuition by harvesting (or shocking) nearby wheat fields in the area, and sports games were played on the fields once the crops were picked.

It’s always a good thing to have a strong connection to your roots, but we’re hoping that Wichita remembers to keep looking forward this March as they compete for the national championship.

Kansas Jayhawks

Kansas Jayhawks

The Jayhawks may seem like just another college with an angry-looking bird as its mascot, but there is much more to the story at Kansas University. As Big Jay was in the process of officially becoming the university’s mascot, another student had Baby Jay in the works.

At a game in 1971, he was literally hatched from an egg, and he and Big Jay have been best friends ever since. Let’s hope that their companionship and commitment are enough to help Kansas U power forward through their games this tournament.

The Daredevil Made Me Buy These Tees

Daredevil Banner

Daredevil season 2 is hitting Netflix this Friday, March 18th. Nothing like a dark and gritty show to binge watch after a few too many green drinks the night before, right?

In any case, the character of Daredevil was created for Marvel Comics in 1964 by Stan Lee and Bill Everett. By day, Daredevil’s a blind lawyer who upholds justice within the legal system. By night, he’s a street-level vigilante, donning a red suit with horns, and fighting those who don’t uphold the law.

Those familiar with “The Man Without Fear” know that he had a weak entry into the cinematic world. Starring Ben Affleck as the titular character, the 2003 film Daredevil received lukewarm responses from both critics and fans alike. After several years, the character finally got a chance to redeem himself when Marvel Studios earned back the film rights to the property and gave Mr. Murdock a 13-episode run on Netflix. The show, using a superhero-infused Law and Order-type atmosphere, went on to become a huge hit.

The upcoming second season promises to offer way more, and feature other infamous Marvel Comic characters, including The Punisher, a man out to avenge the death of his family, and Elektra, a super acrobatic and deadly assassin. 

These aforementioned anti-heroes have had their time to shine in the wardrobe department alongside Daredevil. Due to their popularity, floods of t-shirts featuring imagery and designs honoring the more “rough around the edges” characters of the Marvel Universe have hit clothing racks.

Let’s take a look at some the nifty t-shirts that focus on Daredevil and his superhuman friends.

The Man Without Fear

Daredevil Tee

Despite his existence in the comic book world for 52 years, Daredevil never reached the popularity of, say, Spider-Man. However, Daredevil’s ability to fight crime despite being blind has definitely appealed to many, and those who dig Daredevil’s duds would definitely want to own a tee sporting the crime fighter’s logo in his signature maroon color. It may be simple, but the design shows off the subtle simplicity of Mr. Murdock’s costume in comparison to the rest of the Marvel clan.

The Punisher

Punisher Tee

Frank Castle, AKA The Punisher, shared his first appearance with Spider-Man. This man, clad in his signature black skull tee, made quite an impression–so much so that he had three of his own feature films. Unfortunately, they all failed in some way, so now is a perfect time for the guy to get his revenge and join Daredevil on Netflix for a comeback!

While the Punisher skull t-shirt would be the obvious choice, those seeking a bit more in a Punisher tee needn’t look further than a “throwback” artist rendering of Castle sketched in white against a black background. The skull outline blends with his belt, and while the image itself is very clean-cut compared to the crazy designs you see in modern day comic imagery, it still showcases that the man is out for blood, which is terrifying in and of itself.


Elektra Tee

The once-love-interest of Matt Murdock, Elektra Natchios hit the comic book scene in a 1981 issue of Daredevil. The character was portrayed by Jennifer Garner in the 2003 film alongside Ben Affleck, and then had her own film in 2005–which, quite frankly, didn’t resonate. Marvel Studios later scooped her up, and now she’s got a chance to redeem herself in season 2 of Daredevil, where she’s sure to prove that she can kick as much butt as the guys.

Elektra sadly doesn’t have a lot of t-shirts of her own–she’s normally running with the devil. If you search hard enough, however, you’ll find our Elektra tee of choice. This features the assassin’s face, with acrobatic figure art making up her hair. Simply put, it’s unique and creative, and could definitely be worn proudly by a fan of Ms. Natchios.

Don’t forget to check out season 2 of Daredevil on Netflix Friday, March 18th!

9 Shirts for Introverts to Wear at Home

Shirts for Introverts

You’ve seen plenty of those t-shirts that loudly proclaim the wearer’s very extroverted thoughts and feelings, or beg for attention in some way.

Examples surface in the form of goofy ugly christmas t-shirtsspring break partying t-shirts, and sports t-shirts proclaiming a team affiliationBut if you’re an introvert, it can be hard to wear your heart on your sleeve (or t-shirt).

These t-shirts for introverts are best worn at home, behind closed doors, mainly without anyone else around. Even if you’re not an introvert 24/7, we bet there are days when you just want to shut out the rest of the world in one of these tees:

Introverts Unite

Introverts Unite

As any real introvert knows, it’s tough to leave the house sometimes, but it’s even tougher to stay out. So say “hello” really quick, stay for maybe one drink, then make an excuse to leave.

And as any real introvert knows, sometimes FOMO (fear of missing out, for those not in the know) brings you out on a night where you’d be better off catching up on sleep. In either case, it’s all about finding the balance.

You Read My T-Shirt

Enough Interaction Shirt

That’s enough social interaction for today, am I right? That actually might be more than enough social interaction. Time to get going home.

Bye I’m Shy

Introvert T--shirt

Get straight to the point in style. Block letters are all the rage. Just don’t let anyone look too long, it makes for an uncomfortable situation.

Leave Me Alone, I’m Only Speaking to My Dog Today

Leave me Alone Shirt

Listen, just because you don’t want to talk to humans, doesn’t mean you don’t want to talk to anyone. And anyway, dogs are great listeners…

Introvert Superhero

Introvert T-Shirt

Remember Spider-Man? He was pretty introverted. But he was also pretty great at vigilante justice and defeating the bad guys. Maybe your inner introvert is a superpower that can be used for good–you just have to figure it out how to best use it!

I’m a Strong Independent Introvert

Independent Introvert

One of the greatest things about being an introvert is the fact that you really don’t need anyone else to feel complete. So celebrate the fact that you’re a strong, independent introvert who doesn’t need a social life.

My Weekend is All Booked

Booked Weekend Shirt

If you’re the type of introvert who gets your social interaction through reading about the lives of characters in books, then this t-shirt is for you.

Oops, looks like next weekend just “booked” up, too…

Sorry I’m Late

Introvert T-shirt

Everyone knows you didn’t want to come–but you did, and everyone can thank you later. You know, for showing up and everything. Okay, is this thing over yet?

I’m Good in My Shell

Introvert T-shirt

For a cute approach to introversion, try a turtle-inspired shirt. Turtles are nature’s introverts.

If you’re an introvert, you can probably at least identify with one of these t-shirts. If you decide to design one at Rush Order Tees, you can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that it can all be done over the computer–no human interaction required.

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Which one of these shirts would you rock (at home, of course)? Let us know in the comments!