Making Your Family a Meme

Making Your Family a Meme

With all of the memes on the Internet, why have your own family meme, you may ask And, the bigger question: If I had a family meme, what would I do with it? First, let’s tackle why. You want a family meme because memes are hysterical, and if your family is anything like our family, holiday meet-ups and birthday dinners are 75 percent healthy ribbing and smack talking, and 25 percent food. What can you do with your very own family? Well, the possibilities are endless, really. Think of it as a crest, except more ridiculous.

Here’s our guide to making your family meme:

Find Some Good Meme Inspiration

Papa & Dorothy

The emergence of a family meme almost always happens naturally. And if you try to force one into creation, it will probably be cheesier than an 80’s infomercial. It just won’t work. When you set out to create yours, first get inspired. You know that old photo of your grandpa where he sports an uncanny resemblance to George W. Bush? Imagine the endless possibilities of combining that photo with some basic photoshop skills. Think that kind of inspiration.

Add A Quote to Your Meme

willy wonka meme

No meme is complete without a proper quote. We’ve all seen a million versions of “Game of Thrones” and “Willy Wonka” memes–you know what we’re talking about. Does your family have a long-running inside joke? Up your meme game and incorporate it. One does not simply call a photograph a ‘meme’.

Let Your Meme Go Viral 

Dog Photobomb

In your family, at least… Just as you can’t force the creation of your family meme from scratch, your meme creation also can’t be forced on your family. It’s okay to plant the seed, but from there, let the creation take on a life of its own. It isn’t quite a family meme if you’re the only one using it to spam your whole family’s inbox. You can send it first, and if they like it, they’ll use it. If the meme does catch on, all the real fun begins. From spamming your family members’ inboxes, popping up in family group-chats, hanging out on your desktop background, gifted coffee mugs, birthday cards, custom t-shirts, and more… That darn picture will start showing up everywhere!

Take The Meme Far (Almost Too Far)

JRay Mom

While we can think of a million ways you could have fun with your family meme, the best use we’ve seen so far in the real world came to us from our client and friend, Jonathan Ray. While drawing up his list for family gifts this year, Jon wanted to get his difficult-to-shop-for family members gifts that were creative, out-of-the-ordinary, and more personal than the gift cards he’d resorted to in the past.

What’s more, his family had a particular meme of their own that they’d been passing around for some time. He thought, “what’s more creative and personal than my own family’s favorite meme?” For Jon, it was a no-brainer: he got the famous family photo of his grumpy 3-year-old mother stamped on a t-shirt for each member of the family. While Jon couldn’t guarantee everyone was going to love it (he wasn’t sure his mother would), the t-shirts were the highlight of his entire family’s Christmas (she, too, thought it was funny).

If you’re ever in doubt of this whole ‘family meme’ idea, just remember they’re all for fun. The ‘why’ part is simple, and the uses for them are endless. From t-shirts and hats, to mugs and birthday cards, there are infinite stages to showcase your meme and wager a laugh or two. When you set out to create your family meme, get creative, let everyone in the family have fun with it, and just remember – it’s all fun and games, until someone prints your face on 35 t-shirts.


I Went to ________ and All I Got was this Stupid T-Shirt: A Travel Guide


A vacation away from home isn’t complete without a last-minute trip to the airport tourist shop. You spent so much time having fun and relaxing that you forgot to think of Uncle Bob and Aunt Sue, or all your friends.

Hey, don’t feel bad. Vacations are about you! Uncle Bob will understand.

But the most difficult part of travel for pleasure isn’t forgetting to get your family souvenirs (that’s the easiest part!)–it’s picking a place to go! If spinning a globe and pointing a finger aren’t exactly your style, fear not. We put together a list of the 7 most beautiful travel destinations in the world.

When Uncle Bob gets his, “I went to _____ and all I got was this stupid t-shirt” t-shirt, at least he’ll know it was worth it.


Northern Lights travel

When you think of a country where volcanoes are still erupting and hot springs and lagoons abound, are you thinking of a land right next to the Arctic Ocean? Probably not. But Iceland has no short of surprises when it comes to the incredible sights and activities you can experience there. Go scuba-diving between two of the earth’s tectonic plates. Marvel in the beauty of the Northern Lights. Take a once-in-a-lifetime trek across a glacier.

And if adventure like that sounds exhausting, enjoy the burgeoning culinary scene and captivating music and nightlife that have permeated its larger cities like Reykjavik.



If you are craving a little more guaranteed sunshine in your travels this year, try stepping off the beaten path and into Palau. A country in the Western Pacific, Palau is made up of 250 islands. It’s a convenient location for those who want to experience something new, but prefer to be able to speak English and use the American dollar. If the picturesque landscapes and beaches aren’t enough to draw you in, perhaps the chance to snorkel and dive your way through barrier reefs and historic WWII wrecks will!



Looking to really get off the grid during your next vacation? Try out the West African county of Gabon. Located on the Atlantic Ocean near the equator, you are sure to have some truly original experiences. Explore the national parks, which have abundant landscape of both savannah and forests, and house species like elephants and gorillas. Spend some time on the coast, where you can relax on the beautiful beaches or venture onto the water for a superb fishing or whale-watching trip.



Travel across the continent to Southeast Africa and get a taste of Mozambique where tourism is a rapidly-growing industry. Hike along the rugged border of Zimbabwe for an amazing camping experience in the pine and mahogany-laden mountain range, or explore the historic Mozambique Island that was once an important center of trade in the colonial era. Spend some time on the coast of the Indian Ocean, where you can feast on some of the freshest seafood in the world and even go on special tours to help newly-hatched sea turtles reach the ocean waters for the first time without facing danger.



The Eurasian country of Georgia is another destination with a quickly expanding tourism industry. Loaded with history, and home to four UNESCO World Heritage sites, Georgia is situated below Russia and to the east of the Black Sea. The country is packed with different climate zones, making it possible for you to go skiing, explore the rich wine country, or even relax in its infamous sulfur baths. Its many national parks are perfect for those looking to spend some time outdoors and catch a glimpse of exotic wildlife, like the Caspian sea wolf or Caucasian Lynx.



If all of these action-packed locations are already wearing you out, you are probably someone who would prefer a whimsical visit to the Mediterranean above all else. Look no further: Malta is the place to be. This island country is located south of Italy, giving it a euphoric climate and perfect weather for diving, boat trips, and just relaxing on shore. Wander through the romantic streets of Malta’s cities to get a feel for its history, and don’t forget to stop by a few of the UNESCO World Heritage sites that reside here. This is the trip to take when you don’t want to have to recover from your vacation.

Book Quotes That Would Make Great T-Shirts

7 Book Quotes for T-Shirts

There may be no pleasure as simple and divine as relaxing with a good book.

Book lovers deserve a platform for showing their love of literature, and we propose that platform be a t-shirt with quotes from literature plastered across the chest. In the spirit of that idea, here are 7 of our favorite quotes from literature, as seen on our favorite t-shirts!

“How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.” — Anne Frank, The Diary of a Young Girl

Diary of Anne Frank

If you haven’t read The Diary of Anne Frank, put it on your list. This is a classic nonfiction work that begs to be read and shared for generations to come. Anne’s uplifting attitude during some truly horrible circumstances is beautifully displayed here as an inspiring message for all.

“All that is gold does not glitter, Not all those who wander are lost; The old that is strong does not wither, Deep roots are not reached by the frost.” — J. R. R. Tolkien, The Fellowship of the Ring

The Lord of the Rings

Even if you haven’t read J. R. R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings, you’ve probably heard bits and pieces of this quote outside of their original context. Have you ever noticed how the best quotes extend far past their original medium? It’s on the wordier side for display on a t-shirt, but styled correctly, it will fit just right.

“Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.” ― J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

Harry Potter

It’s hard to pick the perfect representative quote from J.K. Rowling’s 7-book Harry Potter series, but this one clearly captures a recurring theme throughout the books. Protagonist Harry Potter is always fighting for good against evil in the pursuit of happiness for himself and his loved ones. This quote is the perfect reminder to stay positive in the face of adversity.

“We accept the love we think we deserve.” – Steven Chbosky, The Perks of Being a Wallflower

Perks of Being a Wallflower

The Perks of Being a Wallflower is the quintessential teen coming of age story. It’s a short book, but the pages are packed with insightful tidbits like this one. A good book makes you think, and a good t-shirt makes others think.

“Don’t Panic.” – Douglas Adams, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy


One of the silliest but clever “sci-fi” series out there is Douglas Adams’ The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. A fan of the books would immediately recognize the implication of this phrase and will likely get excited about it. Think about it this way – you may have just found a new friend for life by simply wearing a t shirt! Don’t forget your towel.

“I just don’t want to die without a few scars.” -Chuck Palahniuk, Fight Club

Fight Club

Ah, Fight Club. Just one of Chuck Palahniuk’s amazing-but-slightly-creepy literary masterpieces. One of the main characters is going through an existential crisis of sorts, and this quote is an illusion to him going through the process of trying to find where he fits into the world.

Another t shirt quote from Fight Club that would resonate with a fan of the book (or movie)? “His name is Robert Paulson.”

“Tomorrow is always fresh, with no mistakes in it yet.” -L. M. Montgomery, Anne of Green Gables

Anne of green gables

Anne of Green Gables is a classic in it’s own right, set on picturesque Prince Edward Island, Canada. This quote is a powerful reminder that no matter how bad your outlook may look today, it can completely change with a new day. How’s that for an inspirational t-shirt?

What are some of your favorite book quotes that would make awesome t-shirts? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments!


Breakfast Week Banner


Breakfast is not only the meal of champions, but it’s our single favorite meal of the day. Bacon, eggs, oatmeal, cereal… Ugh! And when it came to our attention that our favorite meal had an entire week dedicated to its greatness, we couldn’t help but partake in the pancake-y, bacon-filled, hash brown-laden, coffee-flooded, blintz-blitzed festivities!

We’re actively calling on everyone everywhere to celebrate the greatness of National Breakfast Week, because the only thing better than bacon and eggs is more bacon and eggs. And toast. And coffee. And Belgian waffles. And pancakes.

… And home fries. And breakfast burritos. And Eggs Benedicts. And…

Anyway! Here are 5 t-shirt designs we put together to promote this beautiful, beautiful holiday. Enjoy!


National Breakfast Week Cereal

We’re starting our National Breakfast Week list off strong with cereal, a kitchen staple in households the world over. Cheerios, Cap’n Crunch, Special K (with strawberries!), Frosted Wheaties, or our personal favorite, Reese’s Puffs—all cereals are great, and no breakfast is complete without them. Cereal, we thank you for your service, for without you, we’d be lost.

Bacon and Eggs

bacon and eggs

The great American breakfast! Entire cities were built on bacon and eggs, and when we think about our National Breakfast Week plate preference, it’s one that’s at least partially packed with bacon eggs. While we won’t posit the theory that bacon is healthy for you, it—with its low carbs, healthy fats, and high proteins—certainly isn’t as bad as many other processed meats. Eggs, however, are amazing. They’re high in proteins, vitamins, and minerals; abd they’re chockfull of good fats (yes, those exist!) and antioxidants!



Another staple for people on the go, the ol’ coffee and donut routine is definitely one of our favorites. Think about it: Dessert, but for breakfast. With a cup of coffee, you get caffeine, carbs, sugar, and all the other fairy dust you need to get a jump on the day. Additionally, there are so many different varieties of filled, flavored, and topped donuts out there that there’s a breed of donut for every person’s palate.



Is coffee in and of itself a breakfast? Absolutely not. However, it is the glue that holds every good breakfast together. It washes down our donuts, accentuates the flavor of our bacon, cuts through our home fries, and gives us the fuel we need to seize the day, smash deadlines, run errands, and do laundry—and we hate laundry!



Pancakes. The Holy Grail. The Crème de la Crème of breakfast foods. Individually, flour, sugar, water, egg, and salt are just five unassuming and altogether inconsequential cooking ingredients. But together, they make the greatest breakfast food of all time: Pancakes. Our tables are nothing without it, and bacon and biscuits and donuts and cereal can only satiate our hunger for so long. Pancakes are inexpensive (we love bacon as much as the next screen printing company, but man is it expensive!), easy to make, and 100 percent delicious. If there was a test on deliciousness, pancakes would get an A+.


So here’s to breakfast, our favorite meal of the day!

7 Country Flags That Look Good On Print

7 Country Flags That Look Good On Print

The question “Where are you from?” can elicit many different answers, depending on if you mean physical location, or if you’re talking more deeply about culture and heritage. We all may be born and live in America, but have familial roots and cultural heritage in another. How you celebrate your heritage is up to you, but here are 7 flags we think look excellent on print:

Italian Flag

Italy Flag

If you’re an Italian and you’ve watched that one awful T.V. show about the beach (you know exactly the one we’re thinking of), you’re probably a little ticked off about how Italians were represented. People should know that there’s a huge Italian community in the United States that keeps traditions alive through classic foods, cultural events, and family togetherness. Though simple, the Italian flag would make for an iconic and beautiful t-shirt design. Plus, there’s no better way to celebrate your pride and heritage than wearing it on your chest.

Catalonia Independence Flag

Catalonia Flag

Our next flag is interesting, in that it represents a “country” that currently exists as part of another nation. The Catalonia Independence flag is used to represent a small region of Spain that wants to secede from the overall country. The Catalonians are a lot different than the rest of Spain; they enjoy different types of food, don’t believe in the practice of bullfighting, and even have their own language (Catalan). There are actually two different Catalonia independence flags, and although they come in different iterations, the lone star is the most significant aspect of the design–it means Catalonian independence. The one pictured here, utilizing red, white, yellow, and blue, would look beautiful on a white t-shirt. The other version, not shown here, would look great layered on a black tee.

American Flag

American Flag

Does it get any more patriotic than the American flag? To Americans, this flag the symbolic embodiment of FREEDOM. The freedom to enjoy an adult beverage on a hot summer day; The freedom to remain silent, and speak loud; to keep and bear arms; to pursue, unhindered, the rights to life, liberty, and happiness. Really, it represents the freedom to be whoever you want to be. Thanks to our forefathers for fighting the good fight to make this a possibility.

So feel FREE to put this flag on a tank top, t shirt, sweatshirt… whatever!

Can we get an anthem up in here?!

Canadian Flag

Canadian Flag

The United States plays hosts to a lot of transplants from the north, and we can’t get enough of them. Just like America, Canadians have a lot of pride for their country, which is evident in everything they do and how they celebrate the things that represent them, like their flag. They’re so into being Canadian that they were actually  named them sixth-most patriotic country in the world by Forbes. Sometimes we like to poke fun of them, but we promise it’s just us showing our love. It’s all aboot love, eh?

Irish Flag

Irish Flag

A side-by-side comparison of an Italian flag t-shirt and Irish flag t-shirt wouldn’t appear to have much of a difference (save for the lighter green and orange in place of red), but each culture has its own unique features that set them apart. There are so many Irish transplants in the United States, and Irish culture and traditions have survived the test of time. Irish culture is celebrated all across the United States in museums, pubs, Irish dancing, and families who uphold traditions.

P.S. Ireland called and told us to tell you you’re all welcome for one of the world’s most perfect beers–Guinness. Slainte!

Brazilian Flag

Brazilian Flag

Brasil is a hot topic this year, being the 2014 World Cup destination, and now the host to the 2016 Olympic games. Brazilians have a lot of pride for their flag, and for good reason! Brazilian models? Arguably among the most beautiful people in the world, and it’s not because they’re stick-thin! You’ve got to appreciate the fact that the Brazilian flag has some unique stylistic elements, including a phrase. Wondering what it means? “Order and Progress,” which is inspired by Auguste Comte’s motto of positivism, “Love as a principle and order as the basis; progress as the goal.”

Positivity? Beauty? Top athletes? Incredible culture? All great elements represented by the Brazilian flag.

New Zealand Flag

Flag of New Zealand

New Zealand is Australia’s funny cousin, and they’re super proud of everything they represent. In fact, Forbes named them the eighth-most patriotic country in the world. Known fondly as “kiwis” (after an unfortunately now-extinct bird), New Zealanders spend most of their time being surrounded by immaculate beauty. You’ll know what I mean if you’ve ever seen The Lord of the Rings trilogy, which was filmed in New Zealand. Their flag is really a hybrid of their culture, meshed with their previous ruling body, the United Kingdom. They’re now independent, but still support Britain.


Are any of these country flags representative of your culture? Are there any we should have included, but didn’t? Tell us a little bit about you and your flag in the comments!

C.D.O.T.W: The Hussey Team

CDOTW Hussey Team Banner Photo

Amidst the upwards of 1,500 designs that buzzed in this week, our production team had one that soared above and beyond. This week’s Customer Design Of the Week gets awarded to a magical design sent to us from The Hussey Team, out of Conshohocken, Pa. Is that the Magic School Bus? No – that’s the HussBus, flying hopeful home-buyers to their home-owning dreams. Not only were we impressed with the astounding use of color and detail, but we were blown away by the whimsical graphics of the design.

For an in depth view, let’s hear from our panel of judges:

The Hussey Team Design

James: When setting this up for print, I applied a nice base white layer to give it a tad more brightness when printed. I went with our aqua and golden yellow to make sure we would get the closest color matches possible. Additionally, making sure the line weight was consistent throughout the design was crucial, as well as ensuring the small circles in the background were just the right size and didn’t blob together in production. To give the prints a unique edge, I removed all the black elements in the design and instead used the black color of the shirt.

team hussey design proof

Joseph: GREAT FRIZZEL’S GHOST!!! This illustration is magical! Buying a home can be very complicated and sometimes scary, but have no fear! The Hussey Team is all aboard the HussBus, cruising on down main street to help you along the road to homeownership!

Overall, this design clearly conveys the message of helping homeowners. With its strong presence, clean sans serif font, and a simple, effective representation of a half-bus-half-home, Optimus Prime himself could be proud to battle mortgage lenders with this dazzling creation. Buckle up! The HussBus is here and ready to take you on a magical ride to the front door of your new home!

Mike: No matter who you are, buying a home still seems like an intimidating process. The Hussey Team came up with a fun design that really conveys how they curtail the more scary aspects of the operation. These shirts, given out to folks who close a loan to purchase a home, are bright and colorful, which make them fun and welcoming. The typography is modern and accessible.

The concept here is as strong as ever: The HussBus will carry you through the process of buying a home, keeping you safe and sound the whole way. The road to homeownership can be harrowing and difficult to navigate, but the Hussey Team wants to guide you through it. This shirt does an effective job conveying that.

And of course, with great design and great messaging, came a great tee! If you want to learn more about The Hussy Team and what they specialize in, check them out here!

First Impressions: What Your T-Shirt Says About You

First Impressions Banner Photo

First impressions are made within the first seven seconds of meeting someone–based on the way we talk, the way we shake hands, and largely on the way we dress. And much of the time, that first impression–those first seven seconds–can mean the difference between success and failure. It’s not the fairest truth out there, but it’s a truth, nonetheless.

We can’t help you with your handshake, but we can serve as your t-shirt guide of the world. Here are five different t-shirt designs, and the first impressions that might go with them:

The Band-No-One-Has-Heard-Of Tee

Are you petitioning for an increase in NASA’s budget? No, it’s the name of my favorite band! The band-no-one-has-heard-of t-shirt can be construed as anything from wild, quirky, and fun, to plain-old weird. Take this gentleman below… Stick To Your Guns? Is he a fan of a great American hardcore punk band, or a vehement defender of the Second Amendment? Who’s to say! What we do know is that either message is just as likely, which can mean sending mixed signals to people making your acquaintance from the first time.

Sweet: Your unique taste may catch the eye of a fellow devotee, sparking conversation, love, or friendship, as you discuss the musical stylings of…well, insert any jumble of verb/noun combinations.

Sour: You may risk confusion, insult, or pretension. Is that t-shirt an opinion, a piece of advice, or a warning?

Suggestion: Rock ‘n’ roll is a lifestyle, so rock those tees. Let Rush Order Tees know your favorite band that no one has ever heard of.

The Bacon Tee

A lot of popular tees talk about people’s affinity for bacon–“Bacon is great,” “Needs more bacon,” “Blah blah blah blah bacon.” We get it! You think bacon is delicious! Your cholesterol may not agree with you, but who cares about that guy, anyway? What may concern you, however, is the impression people get from you for wearing a pro-delicious-cured-meat t-shirt.

Sweet: You are what you eat, so why not wear it on your shirt? Bacon is great, and the world should know it!

Sour: This fella needs a juice cleanse or a colonic.

Suggestion: If versatile food is your thing, how about a tee in avocado green? Screen-printed scrambled eggs? Branch out and give another breakfast meat some airtime.

The Vote for ‘X’ Tee

Remember the “Vote for Pedro” t-shirts from the American cinema cult classic Napoleon Dynamite? Well, in real life, announcing your dedication to a candidate can be both a smart move and a bad move, depending on context and situation. In terms of what is emblazoned across your chest, we’d like to suggest applying the same rules for a cocktail party conversation: Keep politics out of it.


Sweet: That person thinks like me—I love them.

Sour: That person thinks differently than me—I hate them.

Suggestion: Do not retire the style—the ringer T, often politicized, is very fashionable and a good way to incorporate simple design with your company, team, or town colors. But it might be best to leave the politics to the voting booth.

The Deep V-Neck Tee

The T.V. show Modern Family had a character who incorporated the t-shirt V neck into the spelling of words that were printed on the shirts. But when you see those V’s dipping below a fella’s breast bone, a part of you is judging.

Sweet: In the case of Deep v. Necks, the V lurks in a purgatory between a crew neck and a tank top. Why fear the in-between? Y?—No, V.

Sour: Does he just want me to see a glimpse of his abundant chest hair, or his efforts at the gym? Do you even lift, bro?

Suggestion: Go for it! Just keep it in the realm of casual wear. If you got it, flaunt it!

The Profanity Tee

The profanity t-shirt is probably the only t-shirt on this list with no real “sweet.” Unless you want to freak our your significant other’s parents the first time you meet them, or get kicked out of your high school algebra class, this t-shirt is better left at the bottom of your t-shirt drawer.


Sweet: We are neither moral police, nor do we encourage profanity, but if you must publicly express yourself this way, keep it in the adult world.

Sour: What the f*** is that guy thinking? I’ve got my f***ing kid with me!

Suggestion: A thesaurus. There has to be a better way to express how you feel.



This is a guest post by Ryan Latini

5 Embroidery Items You Haven’t Considered

Embroidery Banner

The words “cool” and “embroidery” aren’t really used in the same sentence very often, and we don’t understand why. To be fair, we think everything we do is pretty cool, but think about it… Embroidery is taking an idea—a logo, a cool design, an illustration—and then sewing it onto whatever you can stick a needle through. A bunch of different-colored string comes to life and is transformed into a beautiful work of art, one stitch at a time.

Unfortunately, when most people think of embroidery, they think of names, basic logos, and mostly corporate stuff. They think embroidery is boring.

But embroidery is anything but boring, and can be a unique and fun way to stand out in a crowd. Don’t get us wrong! We love a classic embroidered polo as much as anyone! But when it comes to your next art project or event, be bold! Consider these 5 things you never thought to embroider:

Tote Bags/Gym Bags/Travel Bags

tote bag tackle twill

Whether you’re looking to expand your client base, show your employees some heartfelt appreciation for hard work, or motivate your intramural soccer club to win, bags are always crowd favorites. Embroidery adds an authenticity and class to an already elegant garment.



When it comes to embroidery, the possibilities are near endless. We say “near,” because if you told us you wanted to embroider a pile of rocks, we’d have to turn you down. Well, first we’d probably be like, “Ugh, man, why are you trying to troll us?” But then we’d tell you we can’t do it. But if it can be embroidered, we will absolutely do it—including sneakers. Purchasing your team a new set of cleats? Adding a custom and heartfelt touch to a quirky groomsmen party? Embroidery is the answer.


Cheesesteak Festival Apron

Colleagues, customers, friends, patrons—everybody lives a lighthearted gift. Aprons are the perfect touch to add to many different events, including the grand opening of a new café or restaurant, a gift leading into the annual company BBQ, or a touching and personalized memento for the greatest dad on Earth.


With colder weather upon us, cold weather accessories like beanies, gloves, and scarves make great gifts for anyone and everyone. Great marketing and advertising is about one’s willingness to think outside the box. People expect t-shirts and hoodies, so give them something they won’t see coming, and something they can actually use.


pre school towel

Custom his & hers sets for you and your sweet heart, a thoughtful one-of-a-kind wedding gift, a fun invitation to your child’s birthday party, or a fun and interesting gift for your running group, custom-embroidered towels and robes are an excellent outside-the-box approach to classic embroidery. We can also embroider shop rags, wash cloths, hand towels, etc.

If you’re still on the fence about going with embroidery for your next piece of custom apparel, check out what we can do with three-dimensional embroidery. When we say the possibilities are endless, we mean it!


C.D.O.T.W: RED Digital Cinema

CDOTW RED Digital Cinema

This week’s Customer Design Of The Week comes to us from our friends at RED Digital Cinema. The crew over at RED is–as I write this–embarking on a righteous journey up the beautiful West Coast, through California, up into Oregon and Washington, and then even farther up into beautiful British Columbia, Canada.

Long story short, we’re super, super jealous.

For us, this design was an absolute show-stopper. The illustration work is beautiful, the edgy contrast is great, and the graphic–two guys in a van, bombing down the road with a slew of camera drones in tow–pretty perfectly describes their epic road trip, RED Recon 2016. According to RED’s very own Sean Ruggeri, the design itself was done by the very talented graphic artist John Le.

For more, let’s go to the judges:

RED Digital Cinema Design

Mike: Red is a company focused on advancing the tools used in making everything from music videos, to skateboarding clips to, cinematic masterpieces. This illustration, for the Red Recon road trip the company is embarking on over the next week, perfectly encapsulates their exciting and unabated forward movement. The dynamic contrast, complex linework, and gritty style of this piece work so well in creating a marketable and memorable image.

The visual of this coastal road trip undertaken by the folks at RED is highlighted so well in this caricature, which features skull dudes driving the one-of-a-kind truck, surrounded by the drone cameras that they will demo along the way. All of these images are cleverly rendered and arranged to really move the viewer’s eye. This is a really great shirt, and we should expect no less from this dynamic company.

RED Digital Cinema Proof

Joe: Here comes a big truck covered in skulls and full of drones, high tech gear, wild cameras and lenses that could easily be confused for a bazooka, piloted by two guys in black tees barreling up the coast! Talk about the gnarliest run-on sentence ever. Is this a matter for national security? Maybe. But then, maybe not? I’m not sure. What I am sure of is that the RED Recon sounds like my kinda bash. 

As far as the design goes, it’s real detailed and “in your face.” It looks like it’s coming right at you, hellbent and crazy fast with a swarm of drones set to “Sting.” Despite this being a simple one-color, two dimensional print on a t-shirt, the motion is undeniable, and I really love that. Look out, West Coast, ’cause these guys are on their way through you, as we speak! I, for one, am excited to follow along vicariously through their blog to see what kind of visual masterpieces they come up with.

RED Recon Shirts and Hoodies

So, there you have it! To our friends at RED Digital Cinema, good luck this week, fellas! Have a lot of fun, and most of all, stay safe!

To everyone else, if you want to learn more about the RED Recon Tour 2016, click here. To follow along with the guys on the RED Recon on instagram, you can find them below:

7 Gym Slogans to Kick Start Your Workout Regimen

7 Gym Slogans

Ladies and gentlemen, that special time of year is upon us! Everyone is focusing on their health and fitness more than ever–eating healthier, sleeping better, stressing less (or trying to, anyway). And part of satisfying this part of your New Year’s resolutions list means getting your butt to the gym! But if you’re anything like us, finding the motivation to stick to it can be awfully tough, especially if it’s cold out, you’re tired, you don’t feel like fighting some meat head over a set of dumbbells, or all of the above.

But sometimes the right gear can put you in the right mood to give your workout your all. Here are some of our favorite fun gym slogans:

Beast Mode.

beast mode

This quintessential gym t-shirt slogan is usually block letters accompanied by a picture of the wearer’s favorite beastly superhero or cartoon character. If you’re designing your own gym t shirt, fill in the (picture) blank with your favorite beast to inspire you to let out the animal within on the squat rack.

I Must Go; My Gym Needs Me.

i must go

In a similar category as the above gym t-shirt idea, this gym t-shirt slogan should be accompanied by your superhero of choice. Remember how Captain America suddenly found himself change from scrawny to ripped? Ugh… If only it could happen to us!

Six Pack: Under Construction.

Six pack under construction

Let’s be real–your six pack is about three months and negative six trips to Wendy’s away. That being said, it’s good to have the right attitude when fitness goals are harder to achieve than you wish they’d be. The important thing? At least you’re working on it. You know what they say: “You’re lapping everyone on the couch!”

I Don’t Sweat, I Leak Awesome

I don't sweat, I leak awesome.

For the person who’s freaked out by his or her own sweat, but wants to lose a few pounds. Sweat is an indicator of a good work out! Plus, that’s not sweat pouring out of your body, it’s simply awesome. Or that’s what you can keep telling yourself, at least! But really, take it from us–there’s nothing wrong with a little sweat. Work hard and get the results you want. Just don’t forget to wipe down the bench when you’re done!

Your Pace or Mine?

Your pace or Mine

Dedicated runners deserve a shout out and a t-shirt slogan of their own! It takes incredible mental power to get through an eight-mile run in January (or anytime of the year, really). This shirt works great for someone who runs with someone that’s a littler faster or slower than them. Sometimes, you’ve got to compromise! Especially if you want a gym/run buddy.

Another excellent running slogan t-shirt idea? “Run like there’s a hot guy in front of you and a creepy dude behind you.” Hey, whatever motivates you–run with it! (See what we did there?!)

I’m Just Here For The Savasana.

Just Here for the Savasana

Yogis take their training pretty seriously, but they have their own meditation and pose-related humor. A shirt like, “Yoga? I’m Down Dog” bridges the gap between the truly dedicated and the people who’d like to get up at 5 a.m. for Yoga class before work, but end up making it every other Tuesday at 7 p.m. Another fitting potential t-shirt slogan, “I’m just here for the savasana.” Gotta love that final relaxing pose.

Exercise? I Thought You Said Extra Fries.

Extra Fries

And finally, for when it’s February 1st and you’re over the whole health and fitness thing, just admit the thoughts that are floating around your subconscious. No judgement, here! We’re in the same boat.

If you want to give your own creative flair to any of the above slogans, take a look at Rush Order Tees design tools and design your own gym slogan t shirt! If you have a gym buddy, think about making one for them, too.

Would you wear any of these gym t shirts? Or do you have any along these lines? Let us know!