2016 Election Shirts that are Okay to Wear in Public

election t-shirts

In case you haven’t heard, 2016 is an election year, and this one is kind of a big deal.  In fact, in about five months, voters will be electing the next President of the United States.   Also in case you haven’t heard, this has been one of the most controversial elections that the country has ever seen, and could very well soon result in (for the first time) a woman running against (also for the first time) a millionaire businessman with no background in politics. 

On paper it looks like this is a great step forward for America–we are shattering glass ceilings and challenging the Establishment at every turn.  Unfortunately, this race has written more headlines related to name-calling, slander, and insults rather than actual politics. 

If you’re feeling particularly American this year and are searching for a way to show you care without starting a brawl or getting locked into a debate of circular logic wherever you go, we’re here to help.  We’ve pulled together a ballot of qualified tees that’ll let you show your passion for politics, but won’t incite an angry mob.


VOTE t-shirt

Admittedly, this may be the most basic and obvious shirt in the world when it comes to promoting trips to the polls.  However, that type of simplicity is what is sometimes needed to get the message across.  After all, it requires a great deal of skill to twist or misconstrue one single word.  Plus, this logo looks like Pepsi may have branded it, so anyone who gazes upon it will get a subliminal shot of sweet caffeine. 

Vote or Die

Vote or Die T-shirt

This phrase was coined by the first person everyone thinks of when they think politics: P Diddy. The rapper/voters’ advocate has a surprising number of theories to explain the meaning behind “Vote or Die.”  Whatever the hidden truth may be, it undoubtably carries the positive message that any person submitting a ballot has the chance to change the course of his or her life.  And whether it was intentional or not, we appreciate the patriotic throwback to Ben Franklin’s “Join or Die” cartoon he used to help unite the colonies that eventually became the U.S. of A.

Uncle Sam

Uncle Sam Vote T-shirt

Uncle Sam and his pointed finger create perhaps the most influential persona that has every graced a poster (or a t-shirt).  Who can say no to that stern gaze without being overwhelmed by the guilt of letting down an entire country?  Just do like Uncle Sam says and vote.

Everyone’s Voice Counts

Every Voice Counts T-shirt

Did you not listen to Uncle Sam a second ago?  Yes, everyone can and should vote!  Okay, okay – maybe there would be an issue or two if you showed up to your local polling place with a cat ready to pick our country’s next leader, but after you proudly voice your opinion via ballot, you can certainly go home to celebrate with your furry friend.

Reasons to Vote

Voting Checklist T-shirt

This list may make light of the necessity for every citizen to vote, but, nevertheless, it makes some valid points.  Everyone has a different opinion about how this country should be governed, but the only way you can “save America” according to the values you maintain is to get out and vote.  Plus, there is no other way to get your hands on the first socially acceptable sticker to wear in public since elementary school.

Rock the Vote

Rock The Vote T-shirt

Rock the Vote may be the name of an organization committed to empowering the country’s youth and getting them out to the polls, but it also serves as a valuable message that everyone should heed.  After all, who wants to end up in a little town like the one from Footloose where no one is even allowed to dance?  Rock your vote–make sure you always have the right to play your music loud and shake it like a Polaroid picture.

Pizza Party

TMNT Vote T-shirt

Speaking of things that cater to the country’s younger crowd…a cheesy, fresh-baked pizza may seem like a welcomed alternate to one of the major political parties our country has to offer, but thanks to the civil liberties of the United States, you don’t have to choose a pizza over a candidate.  Taste the freedom that comes with being able to have your pie and eat it too when you discover a candidate whose values align with yours that you want to support this November.

So many t-shirt designs are out there to display your commitment to our political process. Unlike those ambitious people running in 2016’s race, however, you do not have to select only one to show how much you care.

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