Ugly Christmas… T-Shirts?

Ugly Christmas T-Shirt Banner Photo

The weather is getting colder and the holidays are finally upon us. It’s time to bust out the eggnog, sinful treats, and get in the spirit for merrymaking. You’re probably familiar with the concept of an ugly Christmas sweater, but do you really want to be itchy and maybe a little too warm when you should be having fun?

We didn’t think so! Instead, opt for an ugly Christmas t-shirt! Here are some designs that are sure to go over well in all the different situations of your life. We’ve got you covered for your Christmas work parties, Christmas family parties, and Christmas friend parties!

Christmas Work Party

More so than anywhere else, you’ve got to keep things classy at work… Well, unless you have a really cool office. But even so, it never hurts to use discretion.

Keeping the classy factor in mind, here are two options for rocking the work ugly sweater t-shirt contest (whether it’s an official contest or just one you’re secretly having against your coworkers):

Sweater Vest Tee
Via Pinterest

Combine your layers into one super layer with this sweater vest t-shirt. You’ll definitely go down in office history as one of the most practical ugly sweater practitioners ever.

Ugly Christmas Sweater Design on a T-Shirt
Via Fashionably Geek

Another tried and true way to win the office ugly Christmas t-shirt contest is by taking a design you’d typically see on a sweater, and recreate it on a t-shirt. There’s certainly some humor and irony in this little switcharoo. Plus, it will work in all of your other ugly Christmas t-shirt situations!

Here’s another thought! Ugly Christmas t-shirts are perfect for people living in more tropical climates that want to celebrate Christmas like they’re in a colder state (minus the below freezing temperatures, of course).

Rush Order Tees design t-shirts

Christmas Family Party

Merry Christmas You Filthy Animal T-Shirt
Via Pinterest

Being around family means catching up and reminiscing. Bring nostalgia to the forefront of the conversation (and dodge Aunt Martha’s constant questions about your non-existent love life) with a shirt like this, featuring a quote from a holiday favorite, Home Alone. Nothing says “Happy Holidays,” like “Merry Christmas, Ya Filthy Animal.” Feel free to get creative with your favorite holiday movie quotes!

Christmas Friend Party

Ugly Christmas T-Shirt Meets Starwars!
Via Pinterest

If your friends are complete nerds, then you’ll definitely be #winning when you wear an ugly Christmas t-shirt featuring your favorite geeky franchise to your next holiday party. This ugly Christmas t-shirt features Star Wars (and is extremely timely!), but isn’t the only nerdy ugly Christmas t-shirt you can rock this holiday season. If you’re more of a Pokemon, Doctor Who or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles kind of fan, there are plenty of other options out there to suit your needs.

Funny Beer Christmas Long Sleeve T-Shirt
Via Rebel Circus

At the end of the day, nothing beats a blatant ugly Christmas t-shirt that gets straight to the point. Your friends will appreciate that all your creativity went into the fact that you’re wearing a t-shirt instead of a sweater.

Rush Order Tees design t-shirts

Do any of these designs strike your fancy? Or have you been inspired to create an ugly Christmas tshirt of your own? We can help you design something sure to win an ugly Christmas sweater/tshirt contest!


What’s your favorite ugly Christmas tshirt design? Share your thoughts in the comments!

C.D.O.T.W: BRÜ Craft & Wurst

BRU Craft & Wurst

If there’s one thing we love more than a good beer-and-brat session, it’s a solid design. This week, we were lucky enough to encounter both! This Customer Design of the Week comes to us from our neighbors over at BRÜ Craft & Wurst in Center City, Philadelphia. BRÜ is exactly what you think it is—a Bavarian-styled bierhall and wursthaus with nearly 40 beers on draft and a whopping 200+ bottled imports in stock. Everything on the menu is made in-house (including all the different sausages!), and even though they’ve only been around since 2013, they’re a hit around town. If you’re in the Philly area and love a good beer (or a few), this is the place to be.

ANYWAY, back to the design…

Our judges fell in love with its old-style typography and design elements, along with its simple, yet standout color palette. The contrast between the ornate white bordering and the solid red words really does this design justice.

For more, let’s go to the judges:

BRU Craft & Wurst

Mike: BRÜ Craft & Wurst is a unique bar in the heart of Center City Philadelphia. Part of their distinct nature is in their aesthetic. For their branding style, BRÜ draws on old-tyme typography and design. The logo is bold and stands out great on this shirt, while the surrounding design elements highlight the central typography well. These design elements harken back to old European woodcut illustrations, and that really fits with the classic look and feel of this craft bar and bratwurst restaurant.

BRU Craft & Wurst proof

Colton: The season of food and drink is upon us, and this design elegantly depicts that sentiment. Nice branding through and through makes this a great looking shirt design to be worn in and out of the establishment. Intricate but simple, two colors on a black shirt–who could ask for more? Considering visual impact and sizing really come into play when designing a successful shirt, and this design demonstrates what’s possible with spacial awareness. Consideration for what you’re trying to showcase on a shirt can be the difference between monumental success and a dismal flop. This design definitely hit one out of the park!

Joe: Solid font choice with all the bold and strong stance of many other Old English-type fonts, but with excellent legibility. The strong and simple aesthetic of this design works well to frame the name of the company and its tag line “Craft & Wurst,” insuring a strong impact and lasting impression that this is the place you want to be for tasty German food and brews. We loved it!

7 Ways to Ruin a Good T-Shirt: Thanksgiving Style

7 ways to ruin a good t-shirt thanksgiving style

Ahhhh, Thanksgiving. The most underrated holiday on your calendar. No, seriously. We immediately time travel from Halloween to Christmas, and Turkey Day is like the kid who gets picked last for dodgeball. We have no idea why—it’s easily one of our favorites. This is the day you can eat all you want, nap at your leisure, and crack open beers while your favorite football team is either winning (or losing—but who cares, because turkey!).

Thanksgiving may be awesome, but it may not be so kind to your clothes. Every edible element placed in front of you may be of severe danger to your extra large tee (we are not saying you wear an XL, you may just want to be comfy as you shovel food in your mouth). Here are the best ways to ruin a good shirt, Thanksgiving edition!


Thanksgiving turkey with gravy
Via Rick E. Martin

You pour it over everything—even your cranberry sauce. And we’re certainly not judging. However, one little drop of that delicious turkey tea can completely destroy your Thanksgiving ensemble. The bigger problem is, you won’t even notice it for like, an hour, until you’re done eating and kicking back in the recliner, falling in and out of a food coma.

Cranberry Sauce/Any Cranberry Anything

Cranberry Sauce
Via Food Network

Cranberry Sauce is the best. It’s basically dessert on your plate. But if you’re the kind of person who digs wearing white tees, cranberry sauce on your wardrobe could be enough to ruin your whole holiday. Your mouth may be happy, but your soul is not. If you’re at a relative’s place, consider the situation even worse because you didn’t think to pack extra clothes (because who does that?).

Pumpkin/Sweet Potato/Apple/Some sort of pie

Pumpkin Pie -- Don't Forget the Whipped Cream!
Via Business Wire

Your belly is happy, your gut is running over your sweatpants, but you still have one more course to go: Dessert. You listened to grandma; of course you made room. You’re ready! You shovel into that delicious dessert treat, start bringing the fork to your mouth, but a quick finger flick or twitch of the wrist later, and you forked up. Pie is sliding off your utensil and before you know it, WHAM! It hits your chest like a ton of sweet, sweet bricks. Will you be the bigger person and scrape it off, or go full-on mouth-to-shirt? We’ll leave that up to you to decide.


Thanksgiving Stuffing
Via Food Network

Anyone who eats real thanksgiving stuffing knows that its consistency should be more like solid lumpy oatmeal and less like soggy breadcrumbs (WE’RE LOOKING AT YOU, KRAFT STOVE TOP STUFFING!). That said, your favorite Thanksgiving side can also be your shirt’s worst Thanksgiving nightmare. It’s an inherently messy food, and can easily mush itself into fabrics. Indulge this holiday delicacy carefully, especially if you’re topping it with gravy.

Leftover Sandwiches

Via Foodnetwork
Via Foodnetwork

Thanksgiving is a time to be thankful; thankful for loving family, good friends, the roof above our heads… Blah blah blah blah blah.

Really, Thanksgiving is about being thankful for one thing—leftover turkey sandwiches. We get a tear in our eyes just thinking about it. The drippy gravy, the stuffing, the coleslaw, the cranberry sauce, the turkey… This perfect combination of Thanksgiving glory is probably a death sentence for any shirt, but the thought of being elbows-deep in all of our favorite things about Thanksgiving is beyond worth it. BEYOND.

Marshmallow Yams

Sweet Potatoes and Marshmallow Casserole
Via Chowtastic

Marshmallow yams. MARSHMALLOW YAMS. MARSHMALLOW YAMS! Are they a side or a dessert? Who really cares? All we know for sure is that they’re absolutely delicious, and are a really great way to completely ruin your outfit. The bright orange of the yams, plus their natural greasy texture, multiplied by that sweet, sticky, savory marshmallow goodness, equals a quick knock out for any fabric they meet. It’s definitely best to keep this hot mess off your shirt and on your spoon.

Literally Everything


Thanksgiving is a wonderful holiday, but foods can be both a blessing and a curse. The key to keeping your tees clean is a fight. It’s you against everything on your plate, and to a larger extent, everything on your table. Enjoy every last morsel, but keep in mind that even the smallest stain can make your day go from hungry to angry. Safe eating, safe tees, and from our family to yours, Happy Thanksgiving!



What’s Next for Rosa’s Fresh Pizza?

Rosa's Fresh Pizza Update Banner Photo

We walk into the parlor and see it’s packed with customers; dozens of smiling faces, chowing down on delicious slices of pizza. Two feet into the place and the smell of garlic, basil, and dough baking in the oven tantalizes our nostrils. We start heading in the direction of the cash register until the literal hundreds—probably thousands—of Post-It Notes adorning the walls remind us that we’re here on business.

And at the back of the room, near the ovens, with a pizza peel in hand, stands our friend Mason Wartman, owner of Rosa’s Fresh Pizza in Center City, Philadelphia.

Mason with Pizza Peeler

You’ve probably heard of him, and rightfully so. A little under two years ago, Mason implemented what he calls a pay-it-forward program for The City of Brotherly Love’s homeless population, wherein for one dollar, his customers could pre-purchase a slice of pizza for someone in need.

We heard about his incredible program around this time last year, and decided to head on down to Rosa’s and see what we could do to help. We wrote a little blog you may have read, and the rest is history.

Post-It Notes Wall

Since then, he and his pizzeria have been featured all over, in places like The New York Times, NPR, Upworthy, Today,, Reddit, and he even made an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

This week, millions of other people will catch Mason on Good Morning America, spreading the good pizza-charity gospel. He’s a busy man, but he’s never too busy to sit down and talk with us about what’s going on.

What Have We Missed?

Mason Tossing Pie

A lot, according to Mason, who tells us that the media spotlight has really helped business. When we first met up with him last year, he’d given over 7,200 slices of pizza in roughly 8 months. There was a lot holding him back, back in those days. He could only afford to give out so many slices of pizza per day.

But now, Mason tells us he typically feeds between 125-150 people per day with the charity system. He receives donations from average customers, along with companies and organizations, and even private donations from the website, which come in from all over the world. And according to our math, that means Mason is giving away upwards of 45,000 slices of pizza every year—all paid for and provided by generous people from Philadelphia and beyond. He says he’s given away a little over 45,000 pizzas total in the year and nine months the program has been around, but at 125-150 per day, our projections are optimistic, but fair.

More Clothing for The Homeless

Mason Employee

Last year, we teamed up with Mason to put out a line of clothing to help not just feed the homeless and less fortunate, but keep them warm. We helped Mason design and print t-shirts and sweatshirts that he usedaway to homeless people, as well as raise funds for the program (for every t-shirt sold, Mason gives half of the profit—10 dollars—to the pay-it-forward program).

We started with one t-shirt and one sweatshirt design. Now, Mason has a full shop, filled with several different designs, garment colors, etc. He even offers baby onesies, beanies, and his own custom branded Rosa’s Pizza cutter!

And new for this season, Mason is teaming up with us again to release limited edition gloves and socks, which will be given away to the city’s homeless and also used to enrich the current pay-it-forward program.

A Couple Big Announcements

Mason Wartman Thinking 

With all the success and growth of Rosa’s Fresh Pizza over the last 12 months, we can’t help but ask Mason what the next 12 months are looking like, too. With such incredible success in 2015, it’s only fair to ask how he plans on outdoing himself for 2016.

And his answer doesn’t disappoint.

Mason tells us that he’s going to spend a huge amount of time over the next 12 months trying to hammer down the location for another Rosa’s Fresh Pizza. In fact, he hinted that he may be trying something other than pizza, this time around. Rosa’s Taco Fresco? Rosa’s Cheesesteaks? We have no idea, but if it’s anywhere near as good as his pizza, we’ll be there in droves on opening day!

For the time being, Mason says he’s also looking to expand on the menu at his current location, and hopes to start offering things like more solid starches and proteins, appetizers, etc.

He doesn’t have any solid dates locked down, but if there’s one thing we know about Mason, it’s that when he says he’s going to do something, he’s going to do it. (Remember that time he told all his friends, family, and colleagues that he was going to leave his cushy finance job on Wall Street to move back to Philly and start his own pizzeria? We rest our case.)


We’ve got our eyes on you, Mason. Congratulations with all the success!

C.D.O.T.W: Blue Valley Southwest High School Choir

BVSW High School Choir Banner Photo

We want to preface this edition of C.D.O.T.W. by saying this week’s design is pretty special to us. The concept came from the awesome students at the Blue Valley Southwest High School Choir, in Overland Park, Kansass.

But what makes this design special is that it started as a hand-drawn sketch, sent in by the customer. It’s an awesome concept and we really loved the illustrational aspects of it; the wild and fun Dr. Seuss-esque font, and the rigid and gritty wolf. But for us, it showcases what our team is really capable of doing when we’re given a good idea, and demonstrates that we can work with anything.

From there, one of our world class designers worked her magic and rendered the final design, based on the sketch. We’re really proud of how it turned out:

Before and After BVSW High School Choir

In the picture above, the left side is the original sketch submitted by the customer, and the right is what our very own Laura Kao was able to come up with, after learning what, exactly, the customer was looking for.

Before we hear from our judges, we figured it would be cool to hear what Laura had to say about the process, and how she tackled it.

Laura: This is a great example of how the Art Department at Rush Order Tees takes your design and tries to make it the absolute best it can be, while still keeping in line with the style of the customer’s original artwork. As the designer for this particular project, I was very happy with how the final design turned out!

When this assignment first came across my desk, I knew what I wanted to do with the rough sketch. In particular, I loved they way the customer sketched out the wolf silhouette and used cross hatching to subtly display the details of the animal and give the design some dimension. I decided to keep the wolf the way it originally was in black ink to keep that sketchy feel. I cleaned up the text for better legibility and applied our in-house distress effect. The text was designed in white ink so that it contrasted with the wolf image and really popped on the shirt. The customer was very happy with the end result, and making customers happy makes us happy.
BVSW Choir Final Proof

Our judges fell in love with this design, especially after learning how it came to be.

Joe: Here at Rush Order Tees we get a lot of different kinds of designs that come through our doors in the art department, as you may be aware of if you are following along with the blog (as I assume you all are, because it’s the best blog on the Internet). This week’s winner is a great example of what we can do with a customer-submitted sketch when adjusting it to be used for screen printing. This particular example started as a relatively strong sketch, clearly laying out the overall look and feel this customer was hoping to achieve. We then adjusted it to ensure the best possible print quality while still maintaining the overall aesthetic the customer was looking for. As you can see, the sketch type quality was maintained in the wolf which also helps portray the illusion of fur. The text was simplified to a solid rendering to ensure its readability. It was simple and effective, and we really feel that Laura did a great job.

I would also like to add that upon initially viewing this art I was immediately whisked back to my childhood and watching Disney’s adaptation of Sergei Prokofiev’s “Peter and the Wolf.” That wolf is iconic and the silhouette used here really captured his long snout and lurking stance. Intentional or not, the fact that this choir used imagery that immediately called reference, in my mind, to the Russian composer earned them extra points in my book.

BWSW Choir Final Design

Mike: It doesn’t take an artist equipped with a design skill set or a lengthy portfolio to come up with a dynamic shirt design. You could have a solid design idea but just need some help turning it into a t-shirt. In this example, the customer provided a very rough sketch that required some work to make printable. Our artist was able to see the dynamic composition the customer was going for in their original sketch and take that to the next level, while keeping a part of the original style. When you take a good idea and add one of our experienced artists to it, you wind up with a standout t-shirt that is unique and fun. A great final product always starts with a solid design concept, and that’s exactly what happened here.

Colton: We went with today’s design because of the simplistic chaos and the energetic pencil sketch. This design showcases the customer’s vision and our skill and ability to recreate it into a successful shirt design. When it comes to choir shirts, this is definitely one I would feel proud to be walking the school halls in. Developing a solid, sound ideas is just important–if not more important–than the execution, when it comes to creating a successful graphic design.

6 Nostalgic T-Shirts From Your Youth

6 Nostalgic T-Shirts From Your youth Banner Photo

Everything today seems to be moving at a faster pace than the day before. Once you get around to updating your phone, a whole new model has come out, or once you save enough money to buy those shoes you’ve been salivating over, that entire trend is out of style. What happened to the days when the latest technology was a hand-stitched baseball and the coolest style was grass-stained jeans and your big brother’s hand-me-down shirt? No matter what gadgets you’ve found yourself addicted to in this day and age, here are a few nostalgic t-shirts guaranteed to transport your mind back to a simpler time.

The MTV Logo Tee

MTV T-Shirt

Remember when MTV used to play music all day long? We barely do either, but it definitely happened! Founded in 1981, MTV changed the way people listened to (and watched) music. After a couple of decades of bolstering some of your favorite bands from your middle school years though, it switched tracks and became one of the most watched stations for reality television shows by today’s youth. Regardless of how far the channel has progressed, that squiggly font logo and its infamous Moon Man award statue will always remind us of how we used to love music videos so much, we needed to have it displayed on our shirts.

No Fear Tees

No Fear T-Shirt

If there was ever a time to declare your love for extreme sports and your aggressive outlook on life, it was the 90’s. In this decade the No Fear brand found true success and made its way into the closets of teenage boys everywhere. Pairing well with the classic grunge attitude of the 1990’s where no one cared what others thought of them (but everyone wanted you to know that they didn’t care), No Fear tees were a great way to show how tough and intense you were, especially if you were still too young to make use one of their bumper stickers or decals.

Tweety Bird/Looney Tunes Tees

Tweety Bird T-Shirt

What was it about Tweety Bird tees that were so mesmerizing when we were kids? Was it the bright captivating colors or the fact that this canary was the original Angry Bird, decades before we even knew what Angry Birds were? Whatever it was, you could be sure that there was at least one of these in your t-shirt drawer and that the Warner Bros. were happy to create dozens and dozens of versions of it for you to choose from. The best part? No matter which design was your favorite, you were going to look simultaneously sweet and spunky when it came time to sport it.

Neon Pattern Tees

Neon Pattern T-Shirt

Thumb through any yearbook from the 1990’s and you are bound to stumble upon tons of kids wearing neon patterns. Whether it was their t-shirt, jacket, or vest, geometric shapes and bright colors were a staple in any cool kid’s wardrobe. Even the Fresh Prince was on board with this style, so you know it was one for the books.

Mickey Mouse Tees


Let’s be honest… Everyone loved Disney when they were kids (and part of you still does). Whether you’re building blocks in preschool or working a 9-to-5, there’s something about Mickey Mouse and the rest of his gang that gives you those warm, fuzzy feelings inside. Even if this was a tee that you were rocking 30 years ago, we won’t judge you if you’ve kept it all this time. We’d probably recommend saving this one for a bed time t-shirt, but we won’t judge you either way!

tie-dyeTie Dye Tee shirts were perhaps the best thing that ever happened to fashion, especially when we were kids. Not only were you sure that no one else could ever have the exact same shirt as you, but you got to pick all of the colors that went into it. Plus, you could turn any boring shirt you had lying around into something envied by all. Sure, you may have given your mom a heart attack when you ruined her nice white rug fashioning your masterpiece, but your pride outshined any negative vibes on tie dye day. These staples of hippie culture in the 60’s and 70’s paved the way for grunge, rock and roll, and ironic punk rock in the 90’s. And for that, we’re grateful!

In Case You Missed It: Questlove LIVE in Brooklyn!

Reading Partners NYC Staff

Our friends over at Reading Partners NYC were kind enough to invite us up to Brooklyn this past Tuesday evening for their fundraising event at The Bell House, featuring a DJ set from our  favorite famous Philly native, Questlove!

We had a great time meeting some of the kind people involved with this incredible organization and, of course, getting an up-close-and-personal look at Questlove doing what he loves. It was a surreal experience watching the historic drummer, producer, and turntablist spin everything from reggae and soul classics to modern favorites.

Questlove Holding up his Reading Partners NYC hoodie!

In case you missed it, here are some photos from the event. Big thanks to Reading Partners NYC, the awesome people at Coppa Sandwiches (they were delicious!) and, of course, Questlove–thanks for showing us some love!

The Cheater’s Guide to Stain Removal: Tips and Tricks You Need to Know

The Cheater's Guide to Stain Removal Banner Photo

Old shirts frequently become fodder for the chore-mill. They are what we wear when we paint the front porch. They are catchalls for things like our old automobile oil, the gunk behind the oven, the dust in the attic, and rogue grass clippings. While these trusty work uniforms may get dirty, it doesn’t mean that every dirty task or tough chore has to be the end of the road. In many cases, these shirts can be saved from the trash can, if treated quickly and properly.

Whether you just poured some pasta sauce on your favorite dinner shirt, or you just came in from a day in the yard, here are useful stain removal cheats to treat those pesky accidents and slip-ups:



It’s common knowledge that one of the best uses for old t-shirts you no longer want is for painting. Unfortunately, once the paint dries, it becomes stuck. It’s not coming off. But here are some tips to help you save your t-shirt before that happens.

Water-based paint: Rinse fabric in warm water when stains are still wet, and launder.

Oil-based paint/Varnish: Use the same solvent listed on the paint can as a thinner, or turpentine. Rinse, pretreat with stain remover or detergent. Then, rinse and launder.


Spilled wine on fabric

You’re drinking wine in a t-shirt? Props to you, because you either go to really cool events, or don’t care what anybody thinks.

Although red wine is the biggest offender here, most alcohol stains can be treated in the same manner.

Sponge the stain with cool water and soak for 30 minutes. Then pretreat with a prewash stain remover. Launder, and add a little chlorine bleach to the water. When doing this be careful—if undiluted bleach touches your fabric it leave a stain that’s even worse!


Grass Stains

If you’re an active person (or maybe just clumsy!), you probably have t-shirts or other clothing with awful grass stains. These stains are particularly rough on the eyes if the fabric is a lighter color, or worse, white. We shudder at the thought.

To treat a grass stain, run a liquid laundry detergent with enzymes (think: Arm and Hammer plus OxiClean, Ultra Plus, Tide original liquid formula, etc.) on the stain and let it sit for 5 minutes. Then, launder with hot water and diluted bleach.

Tomatoes (Ketchup, Pasta Sauce, etc.)

Ketchup Stains

Some foods are messier than others, and when push comes to shove, we’d bet that most people are more likely to get a tomato stain when eating sloppy meals like burgers, hotdogs, or pizza. No need to change your barbaric ways (we kid)! Here’s how to treat that stain:

Flush the stain with cold water from the inside of the garment. Apply liquid detergent, then tap with a toothbrush to break it up. Rinse, sponge the stain with white vinegar, and rinse again. Repeat this step until stain is mostly gone, and then launder.



Eating chocolate can be a very involved process. It’s glorious, and it’s delicious—but it’s also messy. (Seriously. Have you ever eaten a chocolate bar and somehow found chocolate on your fingers/keyboard/notebook/phone hours later? No? Just us? Ok, cool!) And chocolate seems to easily stain when little chocolate pieces fall and melt into t-shirt fabric.

Getting rid of a chocolate stain is tough, but not impossible! First scrape off whatever chocolate remains in place. Then, soak in cold water. Pretreat with prewash stain remover and launder on HOT. If the stain persists, try washing your t shirt again using a bleach safe for fabric.


Blood Stain

We’re not going to ask where it came from, we’re just going to tell you how to deal with it!

… Kidding. Paper cuts, slips and falls, scrapes–accidents happen. We can’t make you less clumsy, but we can help you clean yourself up!

First, blot the fabric with paper towels. Then, pretreat the garment with laundry soap, prewash stain remover, or dish soap, combined with 1 cup of hydrogen peroxide. Apply this mixture with a soaked sponge. Make sure to wash in cold water and air dry.


Sweat Stains

Don’t feel bad—deodorant stains happen to the best of us, and it’s actually partly caused by your deodorant (well, antiperspirant…). The aluminum compounds in antiperspirant, when mixed with sweat, create that gross yellowish stain.

Instead of shouldering a little awkward embarrassment about deodorant stains, here’s how to get rid of them:

If it’s light, pretreat with laundry detergent, and wash.

If it’s heavy, pretreat with prewash stain remover and let stand for 5-10 minutes. Then launder with oxygen bleach.


What other stains have tried to ruin your beloved t-shirts? What did you do to get rid of them? Please share in the comments so we can save more t-shirts!

SpreadSpirit Spotlight: 1st Battalion 8th Marines

1st Battalion 8th Marines Banner Photo

If you’ve ever done business with us before, you know that we’ll bend over backwards and jump through hoops of fire (probably literally) if it means making our customers happy. When we beta launched our newest product, SpreadSpirit, last month, we did so hoping that it would change the way our customers spread messages, shared ideas, and raised funds.

And last week, when our friend and customer Serge Huber launched his campaign for the 1st Battalion 8th Marines, its immediate success blew us away. In less than 24 hours, Serge’s campaign exceeded its goal of 250 pieces, and raised several hundred dollars for charity.

A Big Surprise

When we spoke with Serge, he was just as surprised as we were with the campaigns viral success.

“Every year for the United States Marine Corpse Birthday, the men and women of the 1st Battalion 8th Marines get together and celebrate,” he explained, noting that there’s a closed Facebook group dedicated solely to men and women who’ve served in the 1/8. “But when we go and celebrate, it never really feels right that the people we lost aren’t there with us. So, I went to the group and told them I was thinking about making commemorative t-shirts with the names of everyone we lost, and they all loved the idea. I found SpreadSpirit, made the campaign, and… It was really surprising to see how fast we hit our goal.”

Paying Respect to Fallen Family

1st Battalion 8th Marines Honor Shirt1st Battalion 8th Marines Honor Shirt Front

Corporal Huber really appreciated the opportunity to pay respect to his fallen brothers and sisters, whose names appear on the back of every t-shirt, and says it made him feel better about being here without them.

“We just want to be able to remember the people we lost and celebrate with them,” he said. “It’s important that they not be forgotten.”

The front of the honor shirt, also designed by Cpl. Huber, features the 1/8’s logo on the top left breast, over the heart. It’s simple, sleek, and looks great.

A New Way to Raise Funds

Cpl. Huber says he doesn’t have a specific charity in mind to receive the donation from his campaign, but only because he’d like to give people in the group an opportunity to vote for a charity of their choice. He’d like to see it go to an organization that provides veterans with financial, medical, and psychological support to help them readjust to civilian life back home.

Some quality prospects include:

When we first conceived SpreadSpirit, we did so with generous people like Cpl. Huber and the men and women of the 1st Battalion 8th Marines in mind. We did it for the people who want to make a difference and do something good–for their families, their communities, and beyond. We did it because charity and philanthropy is an integral part of our culture, and we really hope to help make it a part of everyones. 

About SpreadSpirit

Over the last 12 years, Rush Order Tees has firmly established our position as one of the premiere screen printing companies in the country. We’re always looking for the next great thing that’ll help us make our customers’ experiences better than ever before, and we’re excited to announce the soft launch of our newest product and latest addition to the Printfly Corporation family, Spread Spirit.

SpreadSpirit is a crowd funding platform that allows our customers the freedom to host campaigns with zero upfront costs and no risk. You create the campaign, upload a design (or create it in our first-class digital design studio), name your price, set your goal, and we take care of the rest. We take the orders, print every garment, and then ship them out. All you do is sit back, raise awareness for your cause and, in the process, raise money for your excellent cause.

Reading Partners NYC Fundraiser feat. QuestLove LIVE-11/17!

Reading Partners Questlove Banner Photo

Our good friends at Reading Partners, a national non-profit for children’s literacy serving school districts in 10 states and Washington, DC, are hosting a fundraising concert next week, Nov. 17th, 2015, at the legendary Bell House in Brooklyn.

Brooklyn’s own Questlove, legendary drummer and frontman for The Roots, an incredible DJ, producer, and multi-instrumentalist in his own right, will headline the show.

These Events are Important

Reading Partners Logo

According to one of Reading Partners New York City’s organizers, Isabella Cucchi, the event is a huge milestone for the organization, and events like this are crucial to their program.

“These events help us raise awareness about our program, engage new contacts, and deepen relationships with our current network, all while raising funds needed to support our 920 students this year,” Cucchi says. “Because of the education crisis we face and the critical work of Reading Partners to move the needle on literacy proficiency, it’s vital for us to get the word out about our program so that we can serve as many students as possible each year. We are so grateful to have people like Questlove and amazing venues and vendors like The Bell House and Coppa. helping us in this effort.”

The charity event will benefit the organization’s New York City chapter, which partners with 17 under-resourced elementary schools throughout the city to provide one-on-one reading instruction to children in kindergarten through 4th grade.

Come Out and Show Support

Children Reading Reading Partners NYC

We love working with groups and organizations like Reading Partners because, as a company, charity, philanthropy, and social awareness are integral parts of our business model. When we learned that Reading Partners works to ensure that socioeconomically disadvantaged elementary school students with below grade-level reading proficiency get the foundational skills and help they need to succeed, we knew it was an important cause to spot light.

Tickets are $60, and attendees are encouraged to bring new or gently used age-appropriate books to donate to Reading Partners. Questlove goes on at 8 p.m., and attendees will enjoy complimentary food, provided by Coppa Sandwiches.

If you’re interested in attending the event, or simply want to learn more about Reading Partners, check out the event page or the Reading Partners NYC website.