T-Shirt Designer: Tools For Experts and Beginners Alike

Ideas are a dime-a-dozen. Good ideas, on the other hand, don’t come along very often. You know what we’re talking about – those few-and-far-between strokes of genius that just seem to “click” the moment they pop into your head.

For us and our thousands of customers, many of those ideas come in the form of designs. There’s nothing more rewarding than coming up with a t-shirt design you just know is going to be perfect. But believe it or not, most of the people we work with aren’t professional designers.

They’re professional dreamers.

And when it comes time to take the ideas in their heads and translate them onto fabric, they know our simple, efficient, and comprehensive design studio is the best way to make it happen.

tshirt design maker tools


Be a Shirt Design Maker Extraordinaire

Twelve years is a long time to perfect an art. While we’re always teaching ourselves new tricks and striving to be better, we feel pretty confident that we have the design process down pat.

Our fancy schmancy computer programmers have spent hours upon hours painstakingly going through every aspect of our state-of-the-art design studio, analyzing beta feedback from our customers, testing and retesting, writing and re-writing — all to ensure that when you click “Start Designing,” your life gets easier.

Upload your own design directly into our studio, or become a master t-shirt design maker and use it to create your own custom one-off masterpiece. Whatever method you select, our design studio makes the process of turning your dream tee into a reali-tee as seamless and hassle-free as possible.

design your own

We also encourage our customers to check out the thousands of pre-made design templates and fonts in our massive graphic library, accessible from the design studio. Whether you’re a small or large business, school organization, church group, sports team, rock band, charity, or just a person with an awesome idea, we have design templates for everyone.


Design and Make Your Shirts Quickly: All-In-One Easy to Use Tool

We very proudly offer one of the widest selections of custom apparel in the industry, and we make sure our services are as accessible to our customers possible – all from our design studio.

Sure, t-shirts are our most popular item, but we also offer a multitude of other options. From women’s and youth clothing, to sweatshirts, hoodies, and even aprons, towels, bags, hats, and business apparel – if you need it, we have it right in our design studio, all at your fingertips.

And when we say we have the most comprehensive design studio in the business, we mean it. Selecting colors, adding art, changing products, adding text and effects, picking fonts, and even making special notes is all right there in front of you in a neat, color-coordinated, intuitive display. View your edits in real time and make the t-shirts you want, the way you want to make them.


make t-shirt designs for your business or event

t-shirt maker designs from pre-made templates


Need a Personal T-Shirt Designer? We’re Here to Help!

After you submit your order and your work ends, our talented teams of graphic designers and project specialists take over. They look over every single design we receive, and decide whether it’s acceptable to print or needs a little more work. Whether your design needs a few minor edits or a complete facelift, they’re here to help. And as always, nothing goes to print until you approve the final proofs.

Our team of customer care representatives and project specialists are here seven days a week to offer one-on-one tutorials on the different features and benefits of our design studio, as well as help troubleshoot any issues that may arise.

Get Started on Your Design – Choose a Product and Use Our Tools

See how easy and user-friendly making a t-shirt or custom product can be.  Visit www.rushordertees.com and get started.  Don’t forget we are here to help with any and all your questions 1-800-620-1233.



design your own

Cool Shirt Designs – Get Ideas, Create Your Own

Get the Coolest Shirt Design Ideas at RushOrderTees.comFrom rock and roll bands to businesses and even political figures, time has proven that cool shirt designs are the medium from which culture is shaped; the pages upon which history leaves its impressions.

And on smaller scales, families use them for reunions. Schools use them for spirit week and field trips. Police, Fire, and other first responders hand them out at fundraisers.

We can’t imagine our lives without them. Whether you wear them to cover your body, advertise your business, spread the word about your organization, unite your group, make a political statement, or simply just look cool, t-shirts have shaped decades of culture and heritage.

Cool T-Shirt Designs Turn the Medium into the Message

T-shirts are like billboards in that they advertise a specific message, statement, image, etc. But unlike billboards, they are less expensive to produce, last longer, and are completely mobile. They travel anywhere and everywhere, and no one can resist the appeal of a creative, cool, and unique t-shirt – regardless of what it’s advertising.

Using a cool t-shirt design as a means of advertising your business is a time-tested way to increase revenue and create brand awareness. Whether your message is that Smith Brothers is the least expensive and most reliable construction company in town, or that Susie’s Café’s maple lattes are the best in the business, eye-catching t-shirts with cool designs will grab – and keep – everyone’s attention.

While cool t-shirt designs are a surefire way to garner attention to any business, they’re great for any occasion, event, group, or organization. Whether you’re planning the birthday party to end all birthday party or organizing a team for your favorite charity 5k run, cool t-shirt designs separate the best from the rest.


View thousands of pre-made templates and get more ideas here.

The Best Cool Shirt Design Ideas Made Easy

After 12 years of being in business and working hands-on with our thousands of customers, we’ve learned that coming up with the perfect cool tee shirt designs are sometimes more easily said than done.

That’s why we’ve spent so much time and effort making our design process as simple, efficient, and comprehensive as possible. Our customers can upload their own custom designs right into the application, or use our state-of-the-art design studio to create completely custom one-off logos that are sure to turn heads.

We also offer our customers access to thousands of completely customizable pre-made design templates and fonts in our expansive graphic library.

Cool High School Sports T-Shirt Design Ideas

Design Cool Custom T-Shirts at RushOrderTees.com





The Best Design Support Team in the Business

You’ve had a look at our design studio, looked at the templates in our graphic library, and wracked your brain trying to come up with the best cool t-shirt designs ever – but ya still got nothin’.

No worries! We employ a team of top-tier designers and graphic artists, and we’re proud to say they’re the best in the industry. We make their expertise available to every single one of our customers. Whether your design is excellent but just needs some looking over, or whether you need a full-on consultation, they’re here to help, and they absolutely love a good art project.

We understand the importance of an eye-catching t-shirt, and we make turning your dream tee into a reali-tee our number one priori-tee.

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St. Patrick’s Day Party Ideas: Let Your Event Shamrock & Roll!

st-patricks day party ideas for your bar or event

For party planners, promoters, and bar and restaurant owners, March is a pretty rough month. It falls in that lost abyss of time, right between the lucrative holidays of Valentine’s Day and Memorial Day. By this point, most people are just waiting for the lull of winter to recede, and spring to, well, spring.

There is, however, a saving grace – a special day that just about everyone with an appetite for good food, good drinks, and good times looks forward to. His name is St. Patrick’s Day.

He walks in wearing a pair of sun glasses, donning a beautiful red beard, a pork-pie hat, and, oddly enough, flip-flops. He brought his friends Jame-O and Jack D., and he doesn’t really care who you are, where you’re from, or what you look like. The only thing he cares about is having a great time.

And for you, St. Patrick’s Day is a recipe for success. All you have to know how to do is reach out and grab it:

Don’t Wait to Promote Your St. Paddy’s Day Event

promoting your st patrick's day party

Going to a party is a lot of fun. Throwing a party usually isn’t. And as with most, throwing the perfect St. Patty’s Day bash is dependent not just on execution, but on proper planning.

Waiting to prepare for and promote your festivities could be a potential nail in your coffin, so be sure to get all of the planning out of the way early. Order your customized St. Patrick’s Day t-shirts from a company like RushOrderTees, hire your DJ, rent the necessary equipment, plan the logistics, and solidify as much of the experience as possible before your guests arrive, to help ensure a successful party after.

Remember: The old adage, “If you build it, they will come,” only works in Field of Dreams. Okay, and Wayne’s World 2. But only those two!

Offer Early Bird Arrivals Some Irish Style Incentives

Properly Planning Your St. Patrick's Day EventEver been to one of those parties that started at 8 p.m., but you showed up at 10 p.m. feeling terrible about being so late, only to realize that hardly anyone was there? You pull the flyer out of the pocket of your jeans, gander at it again, and… Yup, “Start: 8 p.m.” You’re not crazy – there’s just no one there.

Offering your guests and patrons certain incentives to arrive on time is a great way to keep your St. Patty’s Day party on the right track. Food specials; discounted drinks; free pint glasses, t-shirts, and food – give people a reason to show up early, and they will! We suggest drink tickets (it is a St. Patty’s Day party, after all), or some cool custom stuff to commemorate the occasion – t-shirts, bar rags, mugs.

Sort Out Some Creative Drinks and Specials

Drink Selections and Ideas for St. Patty's Day Party

Mark Twain once said, “Too much of anything is bad, but too much good whiskey is barely enough.” While we’d never dare protest the father of American literature, we do believe there should be a bit more variety in your bar to help appease the palates of all of your varied guests and patrons.

A carefully constructed, concise, and relevant drink menu, complemented by specials (say, for instance, early on in the evening, to help entice guests to arrive earlier!), is always popular.

Some of our favorites:

Irish Car Bomb:irish-car-bomb-cocktail This St. Patrick’s Day staple is always a hit – even on days that aren’t March 17! Fill a pint glass about half full with an Irish stout (Guinness). Take a half ounce of Irish cream (Bailey’s), a half ounce of Irish whiskey (Jameson), and put it in a shot glass. Take the shot glass of the whiskey and cream, drop it into the stout, and drink it. It’s delicious, and as far as beer goes, Guinness is one of the healthier selections on the menu.



Black and Red:Microsoft Word - Document1
For those patrons who aren’t typical whiskey drinkers, this cocktail is a bit sweeter and easier on the taste buds than, say, a straight shot of Jameson. Mix Black Bush Irish Whiskey with sweet vermouth and a couple bitters, with a Maraschino cherry for garnish.



Giants’ Gate Cocktail:Giants-gate-cocktail

This cocktail is the crème de la crème of Irish-themed drinks. Mix a Scotch whisky (the “official” selection is Bushmills 16-year), lime juice, sugar syrup (1-to-1 ratio), Guinness, egg white, cardamom pods, and raisins for garnish. It won’t be cheap, but having this cocktail on any menu will demonstrate how astute you were in preparation of the party, and how skilled your bartenders are (and we hope they are!).

And, of course, don’t forget the quintessential St. Patty’s Day Pint – green beer!


Put Effort into a Good St. Paddy’s Menu – No Tacos!!

Traditional Irish St. Patrick's Day Meal Ideas for Pub or Event


I know the last two words up there probably broke a lot of hearts, but we promise this is the absolute first and last time we will ever discourage you from serving tacos.

Food is as important to St. Patty’s Day aficionados as proper drinks, and a diverse, yet culture-centric menu will have your patrons applauding (and maybe calling their friends to come hang out, too!).

First and foremost, find a good, homemade Irish Soda Bread recipe. This one looks great, but we’re not so sure about the addition of orange zest. Put the extra effort into keeping this stuff well stocked. It’s more of a dessert thing, but soda bread is the perfect food to munch on while drinking – it’s tasty, can be handled with fingers, and cheap to make (or purchase, if you’re strapped for time!).

Of course, no St. Patrick’s Day celebration is complete without some good corned beef and cabbage, of which we recommend preparing a lot. A big ol’ pot of Irish stew is a great idea, too!

And don’t be afraid to get creative! These mini Sheppard’s pies are the sliders of St. Patrick’s Day, and Blarney Puffballs sound like the perfect drinking food, to us.

Your Music Selection is Important

Play Good Music for St. Patrick's Day CrowdSure, it can usually go without saying that the overall vibe of a good party is dependent upon the DJ, but special emphasis should be placed on the tunes selection for a St. Patty’s Day party.

One of the most beautiful things about Irish culture is its rich and varied music history. You can select everything from the “Shamrock ‘N Roll” of bands like Dropkick Murphys and the Real McKenzies, or the more traditional folk-y stuff from groups like The Pogues, The Tossers, The Dubliners, etc. And of course, no Irish heritage celebration is complete without a decent selection of traditional pipes & drum music.

Keep in mind, however, that you’re also catering to a wide array of people. Though everyone is Irish on St. Patrick’s Day, not everyone is actually Irish. Feel free to mix in some more popular tunes, or keep the jukebox open to selection.


Get People to Come Back After The Event – Give Them Something to Remember

What’s better than getting a bunch of awesome customers to an event?  How about getting them to come back again and again to keep your venue happening!  Don’t miss the chance to remind people that your place is the place to be, all year long.  Consider some custom shirts, hand-towels or other fun items to get your fans spreading news about your business.  This is a effective and very affordable way to drive repeat business and new business to keep your staff busy through all seasons!

 make custom t-shirts online

Giving and Good Business: How a Creative Design is Helping to Feed and Clothe the Homeless

Giving and Good Business How a Creative Design is Helping to Feed and Clothe the Homeless Rosa's Pay-It-Forward Pizza Charity

Good business is about more than just quality products and hard work; about more than fair prices and excellent customer service. Good business is about more than just profit and growth. It’s about putting your best foot forward in everything you do, and about giving back to and supporting those who support you.

When we learned that our friend, Mason Wartman, owner of Rosa’s Fresh Pizza in Center City, was looking to expand on his popular Little Rosa’s pay-it-forward pizza-sharing program, we were all ears.

Innovative T-Shirts for an Innovative Charity


Mason’s pay-it-forward pizza program was already popular with Philadelphia’s residents because it’s so simple: Buy one of Rosa’s delicious dollar-a-slice pieces of pizza, then donate another dollar to to buy one for someone in need. Personalize a Post-it note, slap it on one of the shop’s walls, and let history run its course.

Feeding the hungry is a noble cause, but Mason knew from the very beginning that he wanted to do more with his Charitable endeavor. He wanted to not only feed those in need, but provide them access to the education and tools necessary to leave poverty and hard times behind.

Enter RushOrderTees.com.

We first heard about Mason’s philanthropic business model from one of our employees. Our team of project specialists reached out to him and learned about his interesting and innovative ideas regarding how to move forward with the Little Rosa’s program.

Mason made it very clear that he wanted to have apparel that not only sent a message, but served a purpose. So, a crew from RushOrderTees.com got together and went to meet him, personally. Their mission was clear: sit down, brainstorm some of Mason’s ideas, and develop a plan of action (and maybe sample a bit of this pizza we’d been hearing so much about).

… The pizza was great, by the way.

 A Message of Charity for Those Who Matter


The talented design team at RushOrderTees.com was tasked with turning Mason’s great ideas into real-deal apparel, and they did a great job.

The team re-worked the Rosa’s Fresh Pizza logo for both the t-shirts and sweatshirts. The outside of the t-shirts features the logo, along with the slogan, “THIS SHIRT HELPS ME FEED THE HOMELESS. ASK ME HOW.”

But things get really interesting with the sweatshirts, which feature the same logo and the slogan, “ASK ME TO TAKE MY SHIRT OFF / I’LL SHOW YOU HOW TO HELP THE HOMELESS” on the outside, and on the inside, feature a table with information about soup kitchens, free meals, shelters, and educational resources available all over Philadelphia.

The apparel doesn’t just help keep people clothed and warm on the frigid nights for which Philly is so well known, but provides useful resources for those who truly need them.

For every t-shirt sold, seven slices of pizza are donated to the less fortunate. And for every person who purchases a sweatshirt, Mason gives one to someone in need.

Giving Back in More Ways Than One


At the end of the day, RushOrderTees.com takes great pride in our continued partnership with Mason and the crew at Rosa’s Fresh Pizza. We always love finding new opportunities to give back in our communities, especially when they’re with businesses and organizations like Mason and Rosa’s Fresh Pizza, who are not only giving back, but finding new and innovative ways to do it. There’s nothing better than people teaming up and working together to make a difference.

This kind of partnership also ties in to our core business values. We firmly believe in the “one drop, many ripples” philosophy. You don’t have to be the world’s largest company to care and make a difference, any more than you have to be the world’s wealthiest person. And everyone at RushOrderTees.com works hard to make as many drops and spread as many waves as possible, both in our immediate community and beyond.

Plus, call it what you will, but we just plain enjoyed the challenge of printing these innovative, quality t-shirts and sweatshirts. Being able to help Mason’s interesting ideas come to fruition has been an excellent experience, and one that we’re really proud of. We can print on anything and everything; sleeves, pant legs, hats, aprons, towels – if you think of it, we can most likely do it. But figuring out how to make this apparel work and deliver the message Mason wanted, in the way he wanted to do it, was tremendously rewarding.

RushOrderTees.com takes great pride in being a part of this initiative and our work with Rosa’s Fresh Pizza, and we hope that other businesses take note of this truly innovative (and completely economically self-sustainable!) method of giving back to the community. And when you do, we hope you’ll look to us, RushOrderTees.com, for help.