5 Reasons You Should Consider Polyester Tees

If you say polyester, most people will think back to the seventies and those big tacky collared shirts. Others may think of those nasty, fuzzy blankets found in cheap motels. Let’s face it, polyester has gotten a bad reputation, but today’s t-shirts are giving polyester a second chance. Polyester tees have become pretty popular and there are five big reasons why.

Polyester is Durable

The majority of our clients who purchase our 100 percent polyester t-shirts use them for athletic purposes. Running, biking, and crossfit teams all love the durability and comfort of the G800, a 50/50 blend or the Augusta Sportswear 790, a 100 percent polyester “moisture wicking” tee. Even high impact athletes can’t break these tees. Polyester lasts forever so your t-shirt won’t fade or wear out.SAM_0560

Polyester Doesn’t Shrink

Over the years we have noticed that certain 100 percent cotton shirts do shrink after several washes. Some models will shrink from the side, while others will shrink up. The popular cotton G200 shrinks proportionately overall, but it still shrinks. Due to the nature of polyester fiber, garments like t-shirts do not shrink. Even tees that are a 50/50 blend will maintain their shape over time.

Polyester is also Very Affordable

So all of this durability comes at a cost right? Nope. The G800 is affordable and costs nearly the same as our affordable best seller, the G200. These tees are less than $8 each on a small order of 25 tees (white tee, one ink design). It is also one of our cheapest tees.

Polyester is Sustainable? Yup!

If you are environmentally conscious, you may want something with natural organic cotton and wouldn’t even consider printing a tee that contained synthetic materials. Our Anvil 450, a 50/50 tee, is made with a blend of organic cotton and recycled polyester; you can’t get any more sustainable than that. It is a comfy tee that is organic and is already reducing its carbon footprint.

Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff with Polyester

Polyester fabric has wicking capabilities which means it helps pull sweat away from the skin. Not only will polyester help keep you cool, but it will also keep sweat off of you when things heat up. Since it doesn’t retain sweat like 100 percent cotton, the chemicals in sweat won’t get embedded in the fibers which results in those weird and unsightly yellowish sweat stains.

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What Everybody Ought to Know About Organic T-Shirts

Today’s environmentally conscious consumer is continually seeking ways to reduce their carbon footprint. They own fuel efficient cars, shop with reusable bags, and seek out organic products. The market demands the availability of more eco-friendly products so Rush Order Tees provides our customers with several options for organic cotton t-shirts from manufacturers Canvas and Anvil.

Treehugger.com highly recommends Anvil’s eco-friendly line. In their article, “Beyond Organic Cotton: 7 Dark Green T-Shirts We’d Actually Wear,” the environmentally conscious website praised the company’s eco-goals. Anvil has implemented regular recycling throughout its operations. For example, the tee manufacturer even recycles their sewing needles. Anvil, who is the sixth largest purchaser of organic cotton, has even developed a tee with a zero carbon footprint. The majority of their products are also certified under the Oeko-Tex® Standard 100, an independent testing system for textiles like t-shirts. This global organization has been creating environmental certification standards since 1992.

organic cotton

The Anvil 420 is a 0.5 oz 100 percent cotton jersey tee that has Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 certification. Rush Order Tees provides this model in both a unisex and women’s fit. Another popular option is Anvil’s 450 sustainable tees. While this shirt is also certified, it is not 100 percent cotton. This 50/50 blend pairs organic cotton with post-consumer polyethylene terephthalate (PET) recycled polyester. The benefit of going with a 50/50 is the shirt is generally more durable and doesn’t shrink as often as a 100 percent cotton t-shirt. In terms of price, Anvil is the more affordable brand and is designed with the budget-conscious consumer in mind.

Part of the popular women’s apparel manufacturer Bella, Canvas is not as well-known of a brand as Anvil. The Canvas 3020 may have a higher price point, but is better fitting and designed as a fashion brand making the sizes more like the stylish tees you see in retail stores. This 100 percent super soft tee is 4.2 ounces which makes it the lightest organic shirt we offer.  Customers and industry specialists commend the quality of this shirt, but some feel it is a bit overpriced. This tee would be a great option for those looking for quality and style; it is ideal for designer clothing lines.

After choosing your product, Rush Order Tees makes the eco-design aspect easy by always using environmentally safe inks.  Certain screen printing inks contain phthalates which is a substance that is added to plastics to increase their durability and flexibility, which would be great for screen printed garments for active kids; unfortunately the chemical was found to irritate skin and could potentially causes rashes on young children. To make matters worse, as the plastics that contain phthalates break down the chemical is released into the environment. Many companies, like Rush Order Tees, have been using phthalate-free inks for years.

If you are organization a charity event, especially an environmental one, your attendees or volunteers will love wearing these shirts. Organic cotton is super soft and will leave less of a carbon footprint. If you know you will be in need of organic cotton t-shirts in the future visit our design studio to create a unique environmentally conscious t-shirt.

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