Support Animal Adoption with Fundraising Tees

So if you’re tired of Sarah Mclachlan ruining your day, you need to get active in helping out animal adoption groups. The biggest help you can do is to adopt an animal and give it good home, but maybe you can’t do that. You can just give them money, but unless you got a few Benjamins laying around shelters need a lot of help to maintain their facilities and provide veterinary care to pets and even more help for pets that have come in ill or abused. Adoption centers need to pay for a plethora of pet supplies like food, litter, leashes, and medicine. If you want to get involved with helping your local pet shelter or adoption group the first thing would be to contact them and see what needs they have. Maybe you could run a pet food drive in your neighborhood or work place. You could also help organize an adoption event at a local fair or pet store. If you find they just need some serious fundraising, you can run one online through social media like facebook. When you really want to roll your sleeves up, hold a charity dog wash and the proceeds can go to the shelter. There are tons of options to help pets find great homes and help out those who take care of them while they are waiting.

I know what you’re thinking, so where do tees fit into this? The easiest thing would be to sell fun and adorable pet-themed shirts to raise money. You could also give them out as thank you gift to individuals who donate money or pet food. Want some ideas for pet tees? Here you go! If you’re ready to get involved, visit the ASPCA and find your local shelter.

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Celebrate This: Unique Holiday T-Shirts for Sept. 23 to 29

T-shirts, t-shirts, t-shirts! Rush Order Tees has your roundup of unique holiday t-shirts for the upcoming week. This week we have a few extra holidays, in fact Friday, September 27 has three holidays: Hug a Vegetarian Day, Ask a Stupid Question Day, and Tourism Day. We give you t-shirts for two out of three (Tourism Day seemed to touristy for us). Once again we have a fun mix of promotional events that are great for your organization or business.

Johnny Appleseed comic book day Checkers Day good neighbors One Hit Wonders

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How to Train for a 5K


As fall approaches, many charity organizations hold fundraiser 5K’s to raise money for various causes. This is a great opportunity to get some outdoor activity in your life before we all start hibernating on the couch. 5K is a reasonable distance that even a beginning runner can work their way up to in several weeks. Along with the kick-off to fall sports, charity team running shirts are a popular order this time of year. It’s not because we want more customers, but we want to encourage more people to get involved with charity 5K’s. It will make you feel good and it will feel even better donating or raising money for a good cause.

But how do you get there? For those of use you aren’t at the peak of fitness we may need a little help, but Rush Order Tees has done the research for your. We’ve found some of the best tips and programs to help you get off the couch and get to doing good.

Runner’s World

One of the premier sources for running tips and advice has developed a six week training program for beginners. You can access the workout calendar for $19.99, but the plan looks pretty direct and easy to follow. It centers on working your way up to four miles which will make the 3.1 miles even easier, plus is schedules in days of rest to make sure you don’t overdo it.

The Mayo Clinic

This seven week program was designed by Olympian Jeff Galloway.  This plan takes on more of a circuit training approach where you alternate running and walking in order to build your way up to running greater lengths every week. It also switches up days of running and walking so you can keep up the pace, but not tire out. This training schedule requires five to six days of working out.  You can rest one day, but you can choose a light walk or a second day of rest.

If you are looking for something less structured and just filled with good advice, check out “How to Track for Your First 5K” on This article discusses basic concepts like finding a comfortable pace, setting goals and rewards, plus how to just be confident in being our own runner.  The author encourages beginners to not compare themselves to other runners, because that is one of the biggest discouragement.

So after you’ve followed these tips and plans, your friends and you are ready to tackle your first fall 5K. You’re going to need some t-shirts, right?

Of course, and here they are:

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Celebrate This: Unique Holiday T-shirts for Sept. 16 to 22

Are you ready for this week’s round up of unique holiday t-shirts? We are pretty psyched about the upcoming crazy holidays and have some great ideas on how you can use these creative days to help promote your business. We have several days that are great celebrations to raise the  awareness of healthy living and environmental consciousness. We also can’t forget about a day this week that celebrates our country and the right to write and say what we want. As always, Rush Order Tees provides you with those crazy holidays, promotional plans, and the tees to make the event a real celebration.

The majority of these customized t-shirt graphics were created with our Design Studio. We have hundreds of unique graphics as well as a few swell fonts that will help you create promotional t-shirts that will be perfect for your staff uniforms. Promotional t-shirts are still an effective and well-received giveaway for special events. Give them out as prizes or just to everyone who walks in the door. People still love free t-shirts and they love unique holidays even more. Remember, you’ve got the list and the tee ideas because you know Rush Order Tees has the insight to know the perfect unique holiday. We also know to post these early enough to help you get a good deal on shipping, if not free.


Apple a Day punch Day tee talk like a pirate watermonitoring day constitution day Hobbit Day Tee stepfamily day

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Celebrate This: Unique Holiday Tees for Sept. 9 to Sept 15

For this week’s edition of Celebrate This, we have several unique holiday tees, but we also have some very serious days. On one hand, we will be kicking off the week with Wonderful Weirdo Day, where everyone can let their odd and unusual self shine through. Companies and businesses can really benefit from Swap Ideas Day. Start planning corporate retreats or brainstorming activities to shake off all of the vacations and lazy days of summer. It’s fall, it’s getting colder, it’s time to get back to work. Executives can really get creative with day by doing everything from enhancing PowerPoint presentations to trust falls. We can’t forget fun holidays like Eat a Hoagie Day and Video Game Day.

As we said, there are a few serious days where you can really put on you activist tee and make a difference or raise awareness of troublesome issues of the day. We honor the memory of 9/11 this week. We Stand Up for Cancer and we celebrate the environment with Greenpeace Day. Even though these are serious days, you can still use t-shirts to raise money for charities, raise awareness, or wear them when you get our into the community to make a difference. There are tons of websites and organizations that can tell you ways your time and efforts can be used to benefit and support these causes.

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