Get Ready to Spike with Customized Volleyball Gear

Volleyball may not be the most popular of the school sports, but it definitely packs a punch. This sport is normally played indoors and draws mainly female players. The sport is high-energy and very competitive. It allows players to really let out aggression with powerful serves and spikes. RushOrderTees is the perfect place to start designing your team’s customized volleyball apparel like tees, hoodies, sweatpants, and even bags. We can use your school or team’s logo or you can design a unique design to represent the vibe and style of that year’s team.

Originally called Mintonette, volleyball was developed by YMCA physical education director William G. Morgan in 1895. The game was designed to be played with a few or many players indoors. Oddly enough, basketball was being invented at the same time. Morgan’s early version of volleyball was created in Holyoke, Massachusetts and basketball was starting to gain popularity only ten miles away in Springfield. Within a year, the YMCA continued to improve upon the rules and soon the game grew to various YMCA’s across the country.
History is uncertain when the first volleyball was made; some same it was Spalding in 1896 while other claim it wasn’t made until 1900. Either way the popularity of the sport continued to grow internationally. Canada picked up the game in 1900’s and now there are volleyball organizations all over the world. In the last century, the game has taken to the beach and a two-player version took the beaches and is now an Olympic sport.

Volleyball does have a rabid following in high schools and colleges. Like any team sport, you need to get comfy, durable gear that will keep up with your team. Rush Order Tees offers plenty of options for customizable sports apparel for your high school volleyball team or college volleyball team. We have classic tees or maybe you want to get something more stylish for your team like V-necks or fashion fitted t-shirts. We also offer soft organic cotton tees so your team can be mean and green.
Rush Order Tees isn’t just about t-shirts; we also offer lots of other clothing and accessories for your volleyball team. Consider designing duffel bags or cinch sacks for your team to carry all of their gear. Since volleyball season heads into the chilly weather of fall, maybe you should invest into warm customized sweatpants or hoodies. Plus, you can save your designs with Rush Order Tees to make reordering a snap.

Is your team geared up for the fall volleyball season? Start designing your team’s customized volleyball apparel today!

Top Fantasy Football Teams and Tees

Did you know the rules for fantasy football began back in 1963? Wilfred “Bill” Winkenbach, alimited partner for the Oakland Raiders,  Bill Tunnell, former Raiders public relations manager, and Scotty Stirling, a former reporter decided to meet up at Winkenbach’s home in August of 1963. The group grew and consisted of individuals connected with the Raiders, but the interactive sport didn’t take off too fast, mainly because the game’s scoring rules were a bit tough to follow. Leagues and games popped up in various places across the country, but it wasn’t until 1997 when CBS launched the first well-known, publicly available version of the game. In a short period of time all major sports networks and several media outlets like Yahoo had their own versions. FX has even launched a comedy about fantasy football called The League.

The process is a little simpler these days, “owners” pick and draft fantasy football players. Some drafts add tension and action by drafting in real time which mainly takes place online. The internet has allowed owners across the country to complete and play in the same league.

So here’s were we come in. The owners can name their team whatever they want so when a bunch of fans get together online to play pretend NFL, things can get a little weird, funny, raunchy, but always fun. One way to keep you league united is by designing customized t-shirts for your fellow owners. Or you can make a few tees just for your team. We did the research and carefully reviewed CBS Sports‘ list of popular fantasy football names; then we made the tees to match. If you haven’t picked your team name yet, you can take one of ours or you can check out this Fantasy Football team name generator.

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Celebrate This: Unique Holiday T-Shirts for September 2 to 8

It’s Monday morning and you’re already staring at the “Hang in There” kitten poster. Don’t worry too much, there are plenty of fun holidays you can celebrate on the horizon and as usual, we’ve got the customized unique holiday t-shirts ideas to match. This week’s round-up has some really great holidays that your business or organization can really use to create promotions that will make your business stand out. We start off with a pretty recognizable holiday, Labor Day. Hook your business to the last major barbeque and holiday of the summer. Throughout the week, we’ve got Salami Day (delish) and Fight Procrastination Day (we can put that off until later in the week). Sunday’s got three very good unique holidays to choose from so don’t make too many weekend plans because you’ve got to celebrate Physical Therapy Day, Literacy Day, and Hug your Hound Day.  We were too lazy to make three shirts, so we combined two of the holidays, you’ll see.

The key to making unique holiday promotions successful is to plan ahead (and order unique holiday t-shirts). Use social media platforms like Twitter or Facebook to let your followers know what you are planning and that it is going to be fantastic. If you are a restaurant, bar, or cafe post pics of the foods you’ll be running specials on or it can be a preview of new and exclusive menu items. Boutiques and retailers can show products that connect with the holiday. Plus, have your team wear unique holiday t-shirts ahead of time in you place of business to start getting people talking.

So enjoy the tees in our fancy new slideshow!

Fight Procrastinate Salami Day Be Late Day Newspaper Carrier Day Labor Day Welsh Rarebit Day hug dog lit Day

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Celebrate This: Unique Holiday T-Shirts for Aug. 26 to Sept. 1

This week’s edition of “Celebrate This” is even a little different. Our roundup of unique holiday t-shirts is stranger than normal, but we still have a few ideas how your organization or business may be able to benefit and use these unique holidays to develop and create fun promotions. Our goal is to help give you a few marketing ideas that are a little out of the box, but we will apologize ahead of time because this week’s holidays are about ten feet away from the box. Either way, the odder the holiday, the more it will stand out and your competitors won’t even see this coming. Unless they read this blog too.

Monday, August 26 – Women’s Equality Day and Dog Day

We start off the week with two holidays that are perfect for fundraisers. First, Women’s Equality Day started in 1971 and celebrates the day women won the right to vote. Art and literary groups can hold events celebrating powerful female leaders and their contributions. Schools can colleges can also invite female guest speakers to campus for a Q&A or several powerful women for a panel discussion. Volunteers at the event could where the t-shirts. Another option is selling the shirts and donating the proceeds to charities that assist women who have been the victim of domestic violence or need assistance with job placement and getting back on their feet.

Dog Day is perfect for animal rights groups or ASPCAs. Hold adoption days to help find these four-legged friends new homes. If you own an independent pet store, maybe you can hold classes or events to provide a service to pet owners. Sponsor a pet convention with vendors who can promote their pet products. And remember, no cats allowed.

Women's Eqaul Tee Dog Day Tee

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Top Five School Clubs that Need Rush Order Tees

The fall is quickly approaching and as school administrators across the country are crunching numbers and putting together budgets, high school clubs and organizations need to start thinking about what they need for the school year. Many schools clubs will find themselves with a need to print many, many customized t-shirts. While we are a big fan of people who order t-shirts, we always want to find new ways for our t-shirts to benefit and enhance our customers. Here are a few t-shirt ideas for high school clubs.

Customized T-shirts for Drama Club

Between the actors, the lighting crew, sound guys, set designers, and many, many more—drama clubs tend to be pretty big. They are a die-hard crew of students who spend long hours after classes are over to put together the best production with nearly no budget. A lot of times drama clubs will often run fundraisers to help offset production costs. A fun way to show off your crew’s talent and raise money would be to put on an evening featuring scenes and musical numbers from a variety of popular Broadway plays.  You can create t-shirts or canvas bags that feature a collage of the performed plays’ vintage posters.  These stylish t-shirts and bags will be flying off the shelves and between tickets sales you will be able to bump up your next production’s budget in no time. This way you can also afford to print cast and crew shirts.

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Celebrate This: Unique Holiday T-shirts for Aug. 19 to 25

This may be the first round up of unique holiday t-shirts that doesn’t feature anything to eat or drink. Although Hug and Make Up day may require a nice dinner out and some wine, but it isn’t quite Wine and Dine Day. We have another seven days with some oddball days, but this week seems to focus on t-shirts and holidays that are perfect for charities, fundraisers, and nonprofits. So listen up all you do-gooders out there, we’ve got your shiny happy t-shirts covered. All of these t-shirts were made with our pretty impressive graphic library and font selection. We have one more new thing at Rush Order Tees this week, bundles. You can get pricing for t-shirt bundles  the easy way and then add graphics or text. So check out our bundle packages when ordering your customized Hug Your Boss Day t-shirts.

Monday, August 19 – Humanitarian Day

Do you build homes for the homeless? Do you volunteer at a soup kitchen? Do you volunteer anywhere? (Most people these days don’t do anything for free). This is day is for you and your very generous and kind heart. Team up with your charity and get t-shirts for your team of heroic volunteers. Another option is to sell t-shirts to raise money for you cause. Humanitarian Day shirts are the perfect fundraising item for a variety of important causes; you could also team up with several local charities and hold a festival to inform people how they can get involved or learn more about your charity.

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Top Five Pub Promotions with Customized Apparel

Cinco de Mayo

The 5th of May is infamous fCinco de Mayoor tacos and tequila, but did you know it originally was to celebrate Mexican independence and heritage? The holiday’s come a long way, but there are so many options for a bar or pub to celebrate. Plan a special food and drink menu with classic Mexican favorites like tacos or specialty margaritas. If your menu doesn’t have Mexican food or Americanized versions, maybe you can create a fusion of cultural tastes. Irish pubs could try to do corned beef quesadillas or German pubs could try out bratwurst tacos. Look, these may not sound idea, but after a few good beers, they’ll work. Have you staff wear customized t-shirts a couple of weeks before the day to promote the event. You could also sell shirts ahead of time and if the customer wears the shirt for Cinco De Mayo, they can receive discounts or VIP specials.

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Favorite Dr. Who T-shirts Roundup

All the Who’s down in Whoville have been pretty excited since the announcement of the 12th Doctor on Sunday. Actor Peter Capaldi will be taking over the role of the beloved Time Lord as Matt Smith exits after a three year run. Capaldi will first appear as the Doctor in this year’s feature-length Christmas special; past years the Christmas special has been used to regenerate David Tenant into Smith and most recently introduce the latest companion, Jean-Louise Coleman.

After researching for Star Wars, Star Trek, Dr. Who, and various other popular sci-fi shows and films, one thing is for sure. Geeks love there unique t-shirts. We scoured plenty of sights and found tons of tees we wanted to buy, wear, and wished we designed. It is easy to see why this genre of t-shirts are so popular. They combine characters we love (like the R2D2 and C3PO/ Dalek and Cyberman tee) with a twist of creative wit. Some of these designs parody (Keep Calm, I’m the Doctor) and others redesign and spice up the characters (like this pin-up style Souffle Girl tee). Well, we only have so much blog space, so in honor of the new doctor, we’ve rounded up a few of our favorite Dr. Who tees.


His and Her, Doctor and Companion Dr. Who t-shirts

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Get Tees for Your Women's Tennis Team

Versions of tennis can date as far back as the 12th century in France.  Louis X was a known player of jeu de paume, or game of the palm, which eventually became tennis. By the 16th century racquets were introduced to the game and players began calling it tennis from an old French term, tenez which means “hold,” “receive,” or “take.” This version of tennis was only played indoors so the ball could bounce off the walls.

Throughout the late 1800’s several other versions of the game gained some notoriety and in 1877, the first tennis tournament, Wimbledon Championships, were held in London. Around the same time a young American socialite, got her hands on an early tennis set and put a court in the Staten Island Cricket Club. The first American championship was held at the club in 1880. American tennis had a few variables from court to court, until 1881 when the United States National Lawn Tennis Association (later called the United States Tennis Association) standardized the game. Continue reading “Get Tees for Your Women's Tennis Team”

Celebrate This: Unique Holidays T-shirts for August 12 to 18

This week’s edition of Celebrate This: Unique Holidays T-shirts bring your unique holiday t-shirt ideas for August 12 through August 18. The roundup for this week includes some great promotional ideas for small businesses like record shops, barbers, spas, and even small presses. Unique holidays are great reasons to run a special or start a tradition. By promoting these not so known days, you get to highlight a new holiday (who doesn’t like a reason to celebrate?) and get a few great ways to get your business’ name out there on unique holidays t-shirts.

Monday, August 12 – Vinyl Record Day

Vinyl Record day is a perfect promotion for record shops, and yes, they’re still out there. Celebrate the day by spinning vinyl all day and maybe running some specials on record player to keep the format alive. Vinyl Day could also be a great promotion for trendy vintage shops who are bound to have a few records. The retro nature of vinyl fits in perfectly with vintage clothing shops as well. If you happen to be a social or charity organization, maybe you could do a fundraiser selling members’ or volunteers’ old records. Which ever promotion you choose, don’t forget to order the tees. Use them for your staff or sell them and keep the profits spinning.

Vinyl Day

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