Custom Event Memorabilia

It is something that everyone has and that everyone wants more of.  What is it?  It is custom tees.  However, creating custom tees is the most common “must have” to any event.  Custom tees can be found at trade shows, concerts, sporting events, and fundraisers giving attendees a free gift and a sense of unity among the crowd.  Event tees often elevate the status of an event, creates pride and provides the perfect souvenir for the attendees.  Custom event t-shirts serve as a constant reminder of the event for several years to come or until the next event while providing viral marketing with a sense of unity. The custom tees can create awareness for a cause, future events, and instantly get more individuals involved.  However, majority of the shirts are usually never worn more than once at the event.  There are several factors that play a part in this with the main reason being the designs tend to not make the “fashion” scene.  However, there are several ways to avoid this to create addition revenue rather than increase expense. Continue reading “Custom Event Memorabilia”