Direct to Garment Printing and How it Differs On Light and Dark Garments

There are a lot of things that are the same when it comes to direct printing on light and dark garments. Both shirts must be 100% cotton. The artwork must be submitted the same way. And the inks must be cured. However there is one major difference; pre-treatment. After the jump we will explain to you what pre-treatment is.

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The Color Run

Want a one of a kind experience where you can express yourself, exercise and have fun?  You’ve done the mud runs, now it is time to add a little color to the mix.  This color will allow you to feel, taste and be a rainbow.  Throughout the country people have the opportunity to participate in an event called “The Color Run.”  The Color Run is in a different city each weekend throughout the United States and tickets for the event tend to sell rather quickly.  However, many hesitate when purchasing tickets for this one-of-a-kind event.  Runners either find themselves wanting to preserve the color or wanting to wash it out as soon as possible.  This is especially true when wearing their very own custom tees with their teams name, logo or their names printed on them. Continue reading “The Color Run”