Intramural Sports Team T-shirts and Jerseys

With summer just around the corner, many intramural sports leagues prepare for the busy season. Around the country, many people will participate in leagues for all kinds of activities at all different levels of competition. From team sports like soccer, football, and softball, to more recreational and non-traditional competitive leagues like dodgeball, every team deserves to look as good as they can on the field.intramural shirts Continue reading “Intramural Sports Team T-shirts and Jerseys”

Tips for Washing and Drying Screen Printed T-shirts

There is no doubt that if you’ve owned a printed t-shirt, you’ve seen the effects of repeated washing and drying on the printed ink. Many people’s favorite t-shirts are faded and cracked from overuse and years of wear, washing, and drying. Here are some tips to make sure your t-shirt lasts as long as possible: Continue reading “Tips for Washing and Drying Screen Printed T-shirts”

Some Great Font Resources for Custom Screen Printing

Most designs for custom t-shirts include a text element of some kind. For the best typographical results, font selection is probably the most important factor to consider. Here are some resources from around the internet for your perusal to help steer you in the right direction. Use this codex of web resources to maximize the effectiveness of text on your next order of custom printed apparel. Continue reading “Some Great Font Resources for Custom Screen Printing”

Where to Sell Custom T-Shirts

make money resellng t-shirts

For those who are graphically or comically inclined, printing custom t-shirts and reselling for a profit is a rewarding and potentially very lucrative side income. Businesses like, make outsourcing the printing of your intellectual property easy and cost effective. You can sell custom t-shirts for extra income.

Leave the printing to professionals. Pros can deliver the highest quality products at fair prices with plenty of room to markup for retail purchase. The quality of the finished product directly represents you and your venture. Don’t skimp, since double checking ensures quality! Make sure the shop you select is reputable. They should use the latest industry practices, adhere with CPSIA industry regulations, and, most importantly, don’t contract out their jobs. Finally, businesses that contract out jobs can’t control another shop’s quality and ability to deliver on time. Continue reading “Where to Sell Custom T-Shirts”