Ultimate Guide to Custom T-shirt ROI for Small Businesses

For large and medium sized businesses, custom printed garments with company branding is a no-brainer. The cost of screen printed t-shirts or other branded apparel is a small percentage of a robust marketing budget, and businesses of this magnitude are expected to don branding in appropriate places. Companies in this category also probably participate in industry or trade conventions, ventures, and other business-to-business interactions where branded swag is commonplace. The return-on-investment (ROI) of branded swag is fairly easy to estimate in a closed system like an industry convention, where networking contacts made at the event can be tracked for future business opportunities and revenue increases.

But what about for small businesses? The decision to purchase custom-printed apparel isn’t as easy to justify when it comes to companies with more restrictive marketing budgets and fewer networking outlets. Determining the ROI of screen printed t-shirts with a local deli’s name and phone number, for example, isn’t as simple as putting the t-shirt recipients’ contact information into a database and tracking their sandwich purchases. To truly see the value of branded garments for small businesses, we need to dig a little deeper. Continue reading “Ultimate Guide to Custom T-shirt ROI for Small Businesses”

Check Six Gaming Looking Good in Custom Screen Printed Apparel at MLG Columbus

This past weekend, Major League Gaming held its annual Columbus invitational, kicking off the regular 2012 season. Among the teams that entered, Check Six Gaming sported custom hoodies printed by yours truly, Rush Order Tees. Branding is a key component of most successful e-sports organizations, and is one of the most important aspects for growing the e-sports industry and legitimatizing its image in mainstream culture. That’s why we were happy to supply Check Six with the highest quality custom branded apparel. Here are some photos of our apparel at the event, looks like a great time was had by all. Continue reading “Check Six Gaming Looking Good in Custom Screen Printed Apparel at MLG Columbus”

Removing Stains from Custom T-shirts and Other Cotton Garments

Custom t-shirts might be for one event or occasion, but they will last for years as part of your wardrobe. If you’re as active in t-shirts as we are, stains are bound to occur. How do you remedy such a tragic event? Surely your custom printed t-shirt isn’t ruined forever. Following some of these tips will ensure that your custom t-shirt lasts for years to come. Continue reading “Removing Stains from Custom T-shirts and Other Cotton Garments”

5 Memorable T-shirts from Popular Films

T-shirts are everywhere nowadays. Everywhere you look — plain tees, printed tees, designer tees — it’s hard to imagine a society without the iconic t-shirt. Out of all the t-shirts that have existed over time, only a very select few have had the honor of being immortalized on the silver screen. Even fewer still are the tees that are memorable, the ones that create a little blip on the radar of pop culture all on their own. Here are a few of those iconic garments, the elite of the elite, t-shirts that made an impact. Some of them even spread as real-life fads thanks to licensing agreements and retail sales. Without further ado, five memorable t-shirts from popular films in no particular order: Continue reading “5 Memorable T-shirts from Popular Films”

For Custom T-shirts, Good Service is Good Quality

One neat thing about being in the screen printing and garment customization industry is that we sell both products and services, all at the same time. At the end of the day, people pay us money to receive a product, but they are really purchasing a service. And we think we have some of the best service in the industry. If we prioritize having the best service out there, the best product quality and customer experience will surely follow. Here’s what separates ordering from Rush Order Tees compared to some other options out there. Continue reading “For Custom T-shirts, Good Service is Good Quality”

A Brief History of Screen Printing

As an online retailer, we produce thousands of screen printed items on a daily basis. Screen printing is efficient, ideal for working on fabric and other materials, and yields excellent results for our customers. Today, most people associate screen printing with t-shirts – but this printing process has a much richer historical context than most of our customers even realize.

Originating in China, the screen printing process has changed dramatically with technology, demand, and primary use; however its methodology remains largely intact. Though first patented in 1907 in England, screen printing dates back to the Song Dynasty, around the year 1000 A.D. in mainland China where silk was easier to access and printmaking and inking techniques were already well formed.

working hard at the ancient screen printing project

Continue reading “A Brief History of Screen Printing”

Customized T-shirts for Cheap: An Art Driven Style Indeed!

Honestly, custom made t-shirts have now unveiled the new face of the fashion industry whilst letting you express yourself in lines ,images, colors and patterns. Just like the designer brands the customized shirts and tees also moved ahead with the simple goal to make clothes appeal to the senses. Finally the new line of style was created where effort was put to make you express better with words and images and to help you stand apart in the clutter.

With hand drawn art work done by the best art directors and by the popular artists the customized t shirts adds the ultimate fashion statement boldly. Typically, the focal point on quality and attention to detail has been mirrored in the long legacy of the success story of the screen printed shirts, which has time and time again defined creativity, expressed perfection and silhouetted style. Do you still think that fashionable clothes are determined by the brand names? Do you still believe that style is all about paying the hefty price? Tell me honestly – do you think that clothes become more stylish if they are endorsed by famous celebrities? Well, you are certainly not wrong wholly; however there is a rather cheaper way available if you just know where to find the haven of the trendy customized t – shirts for cheap.

Correct; etching a discrete mark in the fashion world, and carrying the world of fashion to another level altogether Company logo shirts have made a name as an art-driven style rooted in the urban lifestyle and tattoo art culture. It’s certainly not a hyperbole when said; custom printed shirts have transcended the boundaries of genre. It has also succeeded in carrying the challenge of creating your own style statement at a realistic rate.

If you are interested in keeping up with the latest trends in fashion industry it is possibly the best time to reap the advantages of these customized t shirts fast because these actually sell like pancakes! The cheap custom shirts are hot and are in demand not only because of their low price tags but also owing to the fact that these can make you look fabulous!

Yes, you are now free to design these special t shirts based from your style or based on what can bring out your ATTITUDE.

Find out more about customized tees at Rush Order Tees.