9 T-Shirts Every New Yorker Will Understand

New Yorker T-Shirts

Frank Sinatra was right when he said if you can make it here, you can make it anywhere. New York City is a wonderful place, but it can also be exhausting, overwhelming, and downright tough. Most New Yorkers will admit that they have a love-hate relationship with the city. Some people stay for years, some stay for months. Regardless, once you have lived here you realize that the city changes you. Here are nine t-shirts that every New Yorker will appreciate:

1. For the days when you just want to drink

Drink Champagne T-Shirt

We all have those days. Your morning commute took forever, you forgot your umbrella at home, the barista got your order wrong…the common tale of city living. When all else fails, there are always happy hour specials to look forward to. Drink champagne, or beer, or tequila, or whatever tickles your fancy!

2. For the times when you’re traveling somewhere outside of New York City

New York City Tee

You’re heading to your hometown for your college friend’s bridal shower. You purposely find a cool outfit to wear to the local supermarket so you come off as New York-chic as possible when your former classmates see you. You want to have pride in your city, without looking like a tourist in a ‘I Love NY’ shirt–you have to look like a New Yorker. This is your go-to. Black on white, minimal, and New York-cool.

3. For the weekend

Weekends are for Brunch

From theater shows to high-end shops, tourists flock to New York because it arguably has the best of everything there is. Yes, while New York is great at whatever it does, brunch has to be one of its strongest suits. Brunch is a staple in every New Yorker’s diet and social life–we thrive for bottomless mimosas, Bloody Marys, and tasty hollandaise sauce on a Sunday. When someone in New York asks what you’re doing over the weekend and you say “Brunch,” you can expect them to laugh and say, “Oh, of course. Me too.”

4. For nostalgia’s sake

CBGB T-Shirt

Ask any New Yorker who was fortunate (or unfortunate, depending on how you look at it) enough to live in New York City in the 1990s, and they will tell you all about CBGBs. The East Village club was arguably the birth place of punk. New York City is constantly changing–sometimes for the better and sometimes for the worse–so it’s no surprise that the club closed in 2013, but you can still be sure to spot New Yorkers paying homage to the iconic music venue with this classic shirt.

5. For the dreamer

Wake Me Up When I'm Famous Tee

New York City is the city of dreams. People don’t move to this crowded, expensive, and competitive city for the hell of it. People come here with a dream, and more often than not, those dreams are in show biz–whether it be film, theater, or music. Pursuing any of these dreams is hard work, and sometimes you just need a day off. This shirt is perfect for the days when you’re hungover and really don’t want to go to that 6 A.M. audition.

6. For laundry day

Nothing To Wear Tee

Ask any New Yorker about how difficult getting laundry done can be and you will get the same disgruntled answer. Most New Yorkers aren’t blessed with a having washing machine in their building,  much less in their apartment. Doing laundry can be an all day task, especially if you’re a procrastinator. This t-shirt is ideal for the days when you are down to your last clean outfit, and let’s everyone know that tomorrow is the day you’ll be making the long haul to the laundry mat. 

7. For your friends who live in the boroughs.

Commute T-Shirt

You live in Manhattan and your friend lives in Astoria, Queens. You rarely see each other because you both think the commute is too long. Sure, you like Astoria just fine, but ugh! As if the journey to get there isn’t long enough, it’s going to take you an hour to get home! Your friend will argue and say that her commute is easier because it only takes her 30 minutes to get to Union Square. The argument just goes in circles.

8. For when you’re just not feeling social.

Iced Coffee T-Shirt

New Yorkers get the reputation of being rude. While this may be true for some New Yorkers, most of us are actually very nice. We’re just in a hurry because we have somewhere to be and we don’t have time for small talk. But, once in a while it can be fun play up the stereotype. Why not don a shirt that will ward off the tourists?

9. For when you’re feeling overwhelmed.

Well-Dressed Tee

As we mentioned earlier, New York City can be tough. It’s competitive, crowded, expensive…the list goes on. However, appearance is very important to New Yorkers. We may be stressed, broke, and depressed but you bet your bottom dollar that we will still look fabulous in any one of these t-shirts.

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