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10 Funny Thanksgiving Shirts That Will Make You the Talk of the Table

Kyle Greco

November 14, 2019

Assuming your Thanksgiving festivities are casual affairs, custom T-shirts are the perfect thing to wear. Not only are they comfortable, but they also show your appreciation for the holiday— not to mention your sense of humor and creativity.

We’ll help whet your appetite for a fun Turkey Day with these funny thanksgiving T-shirts that might ruffle a few feathers.

1. Feast Mode

Channel your inner Marshawn Lynch… or at least your inner Eddie Lacy. Click to customize.


When it comes to fitting as much food as we possibly can into our corporeal husks, we all take a different approach. Some of us prefer to go slow and steady, never overfilling our plate. Others build up to a crescendo, usually around dessert time. 

But you? You go all-out for Thanksgiving. You’ve fasted for the last 16 hours, and you’re primed to plow through plate after plate piled high with your holiday favorites. Nothing can stop you. This feast mode shirt will give fair warning to those sitting next to you. 

Want to take this design to another level? Add a little glow-in-the-dark action to it. 

2. Twerky Turkey

This turkey’s dance moves are deeply, deeply unsettling. Click to customize.


Do you remember this viral hit? 2017 was a weird time. Personally, I’m not entirely sure how to feel about a twerking turkey, but to each their own. 

This shirt will definitely add a little extra spice to the evening’s proceedings when Grandma asks what twerking is, and your little cousin shows her.

3. All About That Baste, No Gobble

“You know my mama she told me don’t worry about the thighs/ those guests like to hold a li’l more room for pie.” Click to customize.


Meghan Trainor’s 2014 hit was always ripe to be twisted into a funny Thanksgiving parody. Certain cooking experts say that basting isn’t necessary— that it won’t lead to a juicier, more flavorful bird.

To that I say leave nothing to chance. Especially if Uncle Carl is hosting this year. Remember the last time it was over his place? He started roasting the turkey the night before, and poured all the juices down the drain. It definitely won’t hurt if you print a gentle reminder across your chest for him to ensure moist meat.

4. He/She’s My Sweet Potato. I Yam!

You two are so cute it makes everyone sick. Maybe that’s just Uncle Carl’s cooking. Click to customize.


(Click here for the “I yam” shirt.)

Thanksgiving is a great time to introduce your new sweetheart to the family. Get all that crazy out in the open right away (just kidding). Why not show what a perfect pair you two are with matching t-shirts? It’s a great way to show everyone that you know how to coordinate together and have fun! If neither one of you wants to be the “yam” (yain’t?) add your S.O.’s picture (with a border) to show everyone they’re your sweet potato!

This is also the ideal shirt set for the longtime couple that is a bit competitive, and needs to remind everyone how cute they are together. What better way to flex on your cousins and their S.O.’s  than with some adorable wordplay? You two are sick.

5. Pies Before Guys

Pie can never break your heart. Click to customize.


On the other hand, you might be single this Thanksgiving. That’s totally okay! More food for you, right? And when Aunt Beth asks you why you haven’t found anyone yet, or where that nice boy Derek is, you can just point to the shirt without having to explain. Men are trash, Aunt Beth.

6. Girls Just Wanna Have Drums

They just a-wanna, they just a-wanna. Click to customize.


At any other time of the year, the dark meat fanatics have to hear about how white meat is healthier for you and therefore the superior cut of poultry. But on Thanksgiving? We can all get down with some dark meat. That includes you, not just your brother who hogs the thighs year after year. Assert yourself with this shirt, which gives you automatic dibs for one leg while reminding everyone of Cyndi Lauper’s best song.

You still have to sit at the kids’ table, though. Nothing we can do about that.

7. It’s Leg Day!

The only exercise I’ll be doing on Thanksgiving. Click to customize.


Couch potatoes and workout fanatics may not agree about much, but they can unite behind one thing on the fourth Thursday in November. Like I said before, no meat eater can fully ignore the allure of the dark (meat, that is) on Thanksgiving Day. It’s the best part of the bird! 

That makes it leg day for all of us.

8. Leftovers Are for Quitters

Yeah, but have you ever had a Thanksgiving sandwich? Click to customize.


Thanksgiving is about family, friends, and football. But it’s also about perseverance. It’s perhaps the only time of the year where you can chow down like a competitive eater and not look like a pig. Let this shirt serve as a reminder and motivation for you and your comrades in gluttony: leftovers might be okay for some families, but not this one. Leave no crumbs! 

Remember, it’s a marathon, not a sprint. On Thanksgiving, you can return to the table as many times as you like. Use the microwave to your advantage.

9. Save The Turkey, Eat More Pizza

Grab a different slice of pie this Thanksgiving. Click to customize.


Okay, look, is it a little weird to not have turkey on Thanksgiving? Sure. But let’s be honest, it is a bit overrated, especially when the cooking responsibilities are given to someone who’s out of their depth (*cough* Uncle Carl *cough*). 

Pizza is a lot harder to mess up. Plus, it’s a friendlier main course for vegetarians. Wear this shirt if you want to remind everyone that there’s no national mandate for what has to be on the Thanksgiving menu.

10. Going Off the Rails on a Gravy Train

Ozzy will be proud. Click to customize.


A dry turkey is rarely a tasty turkey. Unless it’s doused in gravy, in which case it’s no longer dry. But then is the turkey itself what we’re actually tasting, or are we masking it with the ambrosia of its juices? What makes a turkey? Philosophical arguments aside, this might be the perfect year to show your love for the sauce. 

And, you know, Black Sabbath.

If you want to command attention in the best way this Thanksgiving, any of these hilarious T-shirts will do the trick. Which idea will you run with and make your own?

Kyle Greco

About the Author

Kyle Greco is the resident writer at RushOrderTees, where he blends word nerdery with his love for T-shirts. A graduate of The College of New Jersey, he is interested in exploring the intersection of clothing and culture. In his spare time, he makes music, builds guitars, and cooks with his wife. He enjoys hot dogs, sports, and collecting too many hats.