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Screen Printing Services

Trust the nation’s most trusted t-shirt company with your screen printed t-shirt and apparel order. From printing on whites or darks, 1 color to 14 color prints, flashing on dark color garments, 4 color process (pictures of people or full color photos), we can handle it and still hit your deadline!

What EXACTLY is Screen Printing?

Screen printing is a process used to print images and artwork onto apparel and other accessories. Essentially, it is the process of placing ink into a screen, then using a rubber tipped squeegee to pull the ink through a mesh screen, and drying the image to create a perfectly printed t-shirt or other apparel. While we could talk about every detail of screen printing for hours on end, we thought it would be best if we gave you the BASIC run down of how it works when placing an order with us!

Step 1: You send us your image, almost any image, and we will figure out how to screen print it properly.
Step 2: We separate the colors in Photoshop or Illustrator and then expose each color on separate screens.
Step 3: We manually ink up each screen with the approved color.
Step 4: We print each color in the correct print order while flash drying in-between each color.
Step 5: We dry your printed item at 380 Degrees for approximately 25 Seconds on a Conveyer Dryer (Kind of like Quizno’s Rolling Heater) to ensure even temperature and curing of your ink. This step of the process ensures no cracking, no fading, no wash off, and no peeling.
Step 6: We double check your print for quality and then begin printing the rest of your order!
Step 7: We ship your order to your door, you’re the happiest customer in the world, you call us next time... rush or no rush!

Most Common Screen Printing Questions

1 Will your screen printing wash off?
Never, with the curing process and rolling dryer, it is cured at the right temperature for the same amount of time for every single piece of apparel we print.

2 Will you flash your prints on dark color garments?
YES, always. We are perfectionists, we do not ship any screen printed products less than perfect. And chances are, we have a better eye than most people when it comes to print quality and accuracy. We staff some of the country's best screen printers (One of our printers holds the record for "Most t-shirts loaded in 15 minutes") to ensure that every job is printed correctly and to the best of your design's possibilities. We are confident that above all, your end product will be 100% satisfactory, or give us a call and we will be happy to fix it for you!

3 How do I know what your printing quality is like? Can I trust you guys to do a good job?
We get asked this question everyday and we understand where you are coming from. With Rush Order Tees, there is nothing to worry about! We gain the trust of over 100+ new customers everyday and service hundreds of reorder customers every month. Chances are, our headquarters are not within walking distance from your workplace or home, but we understand quality. Quality is what drives this company forward. Our number one core value in our company handbook is, "Quality is king," and it is a core value every member must understand fully before retaining a full time position with Rushordertees. Every order is reviewed by a designer, then a printer, then the production management team, then the quality control department. Our staff goes above and beyond to ensure your product is printed perfectly so that you can worry about what is most important, your event.

If you have any further questions, check out our FAQ, or give us a call at 1-800-620-1233 to speak with a customer service representative.

Custom t-shirts are commonly associated with screen printing. While they are our top selling product, we also screen print on a multitude of apparel, such as screen printed sweatshirts, womens apparel, caps, sweatpants, towels, and bags, and more. You can view our full catalog or give us a call at 1-800-620-1233 for product or printing questions.