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Custom Dress Shirts

Look Sharp and Promote Your Business

Custom Dress Shirts

Choose a Shirt to Customize Quickly and Easily

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Get a little fancy with your custom t-shirt design when you order custom dress shirts through What better way to spruce up a professional uniform than with custom embroidery? You can use one of the many graphics from our huge clip art direction, or you can upload one of your very own. Make your business stand out when you create your own custom dress shirts.

With long-term staying power, Custom Dress Shirts are a cost-effective way to promote your business, group or event.

Custom Embroidered Polos with your logo make great client and employee gifts while getting your name seen by other potential customers. Custom tees and polos also make inexpensive uniforms and memorable trade show give-aways for employees, strategic partners, potential & existing customers, and more.

Whether you represent a company, group, social network, school or non-profit... custom shirts offer budget-conscious gifts with repeating return and promotional value.

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We can help you from exceeding your budget! Our low prices and free nationwide shipping allow you to get the best bang for your buck - all without sacrificing service or quality.

Free Design Help | Print Optimization

Unlike some online printers, we do everything in-house at our Philadelphia Headquarters. Our design professionals are the best in the industry in terms of talent and friendliness. Whether you need a new design created for you, or just some tweaking of an existing design, you'll get the benefit of their knowledge and expertise, for free. It's like having you're very own in-house design team!

Most printers process your order exactly as you design it without any review or optimization. This can often lead to disappointing results. At Rush Order Tees, even if you don't need help creating a design, our designers and printers review every order automatically to make sure you get exactly what you want and envisioned, always.

What's In It For Us?

Our company would have never grown to where it is today without total commitment to service and value in our products. We've gained a customer retention rate that's over 99%, with 5-Star ratings and amazing reviews.

Don't stress! We'ere here to help you. Then tell us your story, write an honest review, and rate us. We're certain you'll feel the same way as our "Customers for Life", or as we like to call them, "Rushtomers". We can't wait to work with you.