T-Shirt Round Up: Grammar Humor Shirts

When my English class studies the parts of a book I do a little experiment. I grab a couple of tomes from my shelves that they may not be used to and ask them to tell me what the book is about by just examining it. There is one book that always gets them—Eats, Shoots and Leaves by Lynne Truss. This book’s cover depicts an adorable panda adjusting the title and then walking away with a firearm thus explaining the importance of the Oxford comma which is used to separate items in a series of items or actions to let the reader know they are indeed separate items.

“It’s about a panda and he has this gun,” I was told.

“But what is it about?” I got a few blank looks from this group. Maybe I’ve spent too much time in English classes or with other English teachers, but grammar humor does make me chuckle. Many of my “teachery” friends enjoy posting little quips of grammar humor on Facebook or other blogs, but recently I’ve noticed the growing popularity of grammar humor shirts. Yes, you can get a shirt with a dinosaur that proclaims it is a Thesaurus Rex. It has a little book in its tiny T-Rex arms.

So if you’re like me, an English teacher or just a grammar nerd, maybe you can make up some fun shirts for your class or even your book club. With Rush Order Tee’s Design Studio you can easily make the perfect punctuation pullover.  I took the liberty to design a few shirts and hope the give you a little grammar giggle.

Thesausus RexOxford Comma Karma Chameleon Commas Save Lives

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