Screen Printing vs. Digital Printing Shirts

Whether you need custom shirts for a business, team, corporate event, political campaign / political activism group, school or charity drive, custom shirts are a great way to get your message seen. There are a lot of options, but screen printing and digital printing are the fastest and cheapest.

So what’s the best method for you?

which is better shirt printing

For the sake of keeping this a quick review, we’re focusing on the two most popular methods that are best for most needs.

Learn the Advantages of Each Printing Method

1. Screen Printing

While technically inaccurate, this process is sometimes referred to by the old fashioned term silk screen printing and is still the most common and most popular method for printing custom shirts—especially t-shirts.


  • Fast
  • Inexpensive
  • Looks Good
  • Long Lasting


  • Quality Varies Greatly Depending on Reputation of Printer
    Screen printing is inexpensive, fast, and can look amazing and last a long time. Depending on the company printing the shirts! Not to sound like a sales pitch but it’s a simple truth, many custom shirt printing companies subcontract out your order and never review a single print, optimize designs, run test prints, thoroughly quality check physical prints, or review orders before they ship.  We review every shirt, optimize designs for clarity and only use quality leading brands and fabrics. The good news is, we’ve been doing this for so long (over fifteen years) that our system is far more advanced and perfected than the competition so our prices are on par or even better than lesser quality organizations.
The Best thing you can do is thoroughly research a company’s consumer reviews and Better Business Bureau (BBB) standings!

2. Digital Printing

Digital printing is a new cutting edge way to print custom t-shirts. Thanks to digital printing any image can be printed in full color with beautifully vivid details onto fabric of varying colors and even optimized to look best on that color.

You’re sold? Not so fast. It has nice results but is still quite costly for smaller orders. Of course for larger orders there is an economies of scale that can make it worth while but it still more costly and takes longer than traditional screen printing.


  • Beautiful Results of Full Color Pictures
  • Cost Effective in Large Quantities


  • More Expensive than Screen Printing (Especially for small or medium orders)
  • Longer Process Means Your Shirts Won’t be Ready as Fast

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