Fundraising with Custom Printed Tees

Fundraising is a hard job. Sometimes it seems that no matter how many bake sales you put on, you can never seem to generate enough cash to meet your fundraising goals. It also seems that year after year every different group in town puts on the same exact fundraisers. Cookies are being sold all over town. Cars are being washed. However, there are alternative fundraising practices that could help you finally raise a decent amount of money so your group can plan on doing all the activities you want. For example, have you ever thought about selling custom printed tees?

Custom printed tees will draw a large crowd into your fundraiser. First of all, t-shirts are an immensely popular commodity. No matter what his or her personal fashion style, everyone owns a t-shirt. T-shirts make it possible for people to have nice looking clothing that is comfortable and flexible. They allow for movement, making them wonderful shirts to wear while exercising and doing hard work. T-shirts are also very reasonably priced. If you sell t-shirts to fundraise for your group, you will be providing people with a product that can be just as cheap as a box of cookies but will last them for an extended period of time. T-shirts can be used and worn for years after their purchase.

Custom printed tees are also a great way to promote your message. You can write anything you’d like on your custom printed tees. You can advertise a business, support a sports team, or even just place silly pictures or phrases on your shirts that will appeal to a large audience of buyers. For example, if you are fundraising for an animals rights group, you could sell custom printed tees with pictures of dogs, cats, or other animals. You will get your group’s message across the to public and provide your buyers with a cute t-shirt that will put a smile on their faces.

As you can see, there are many benefits to selling custom printed tees for your fundraisers. Selling t-shirts is a great way to mix up old and tired fundraisers like bake sales. You can also use the t-shirts you sell to advertise your group or business. If you contact your local t-shirt company, together you can work to make a batch of custom printed tees that will help you raise a great amount of money for your group or business.